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Procedure documentation Displaying and Printing PDF-Based Forms  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can display and print spool requests of PDF-based forms from an SAP system.

Since printing of PDF-based forms is based on a different technology, the output controller (transaction SP01) has been adjusted.


To print from the spool request list or from the part list described below, you must have a PostScript, PCL, or ZPL printer, since print files can currently only be created for these printer types from the PDF-based forms. You cannot use a printer with the device type SAPWIN/SWIN.



       1.      In the output controller (transaction SP01), display the list of spool requests.

Documents that were created using the new PDF-based form solution are marked with the PDF icon. If you choose the print icon in the spool request list, the entire spool request is immediately output.

If you choose Display Contents or the PDF icon, the part list of the spool request appears. A part corresponds to a print document. A spool request contains multiple parts if the add function was used when printing and multiple documents were assigned to one spool request. The system displays the individual parts of a spool request in the part list, together with their size, creation time, and number of pages.

       2.      You have two options for printing:

     You can send the spool request or the part or parts to the printer from the part list.

If you print from the part list, you can select and print a part or any number of successive parts (such as parts 4-6).

     You can display the PDF files and print from these.

If you print the PDF file using the print functions of the PDF plug-in, the file is printed locally on your Microsoft Windows printer. No output request is generated in the SAP system when printing in this way.




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