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The room calendar provides you with access to all scheduling functions of the groupware framework. You access the calendar from a collaboration room by choosing Calendar and Sessions from the detailed navigation area. It contains the views Appointments, Availability, and My Appointments. You navigate between these views using the tabs with the respective labels.



You can only use the room calendar in a collaboration room that you have created using a template containing the room calendar. For more information, see Room Creation.

User mapping has to be configured correctly in order for the calendar features to work. If the user and password have not been maintained correctly for the system in question, the link Change User Mapping appears. Clicking on this link takes you directly to the user mapping dialog box, where you can change your settings. For more information, see Mapping Your User.



The time zone for the room calendar iViews is taken from your user profile for the portal. To change this setting, choose Personalize User Profile and change the value in the Time Zone field.


Accessibility variants of the room calendar iViews Appointments, Availability, and My Appointments are now available. To activate these views, choose Personalize User Profile and select the checkbox Activate Accessibility Features. Then save your settings and refresh the iView in question.




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