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This document contains information about accessibility in an SAP environment. It includes background information, such as the software environment required to benefit from SAP accessibility features, and describes how to use the accessibility features.


The declarations about accessibility in the SAP disclaimers apply in particular to all accessibility documentation.

The primary audience for this document is SAP users with visual impairments and/or SAP users with motor impairments, and also administrators (responsible for both clients and servers). It includes information for users who use assistive technology, as well as for users who do not use it but do require full keyboard access.

Implementation Notes

To enable accessible use of SAP applications, you must meet the following software requirements:

      SAP GUI for Windows 7.10 or higher (standard GUI for applications based on the ABAP / Dynpro environment).

This requires you to configure the accessibility mode.

      Windows 2000 or Windows XP

      Microsoft Internet Explorer 6

      To display SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, you require the newest version of Adobe Reader. Information about the Adobe Reader configuration required for previewing forms is available in SAP Note 989147.

      Information about screen readers is available in SAP Note 1139953.

By exposing the SAP GUI object model, SAP has met the technical requirements for screen readers to work together with SAP GUI for Windows.


SAP does not itself provide the user with any of the assistive technology (for example, screen readers, screen magnifiers, and dedicated hardware resources) required for working in accessibility mode.





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