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Procedure documentation Accepting / Rejecting an Invitation to an Ad Hoc Sharing Session  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


When you have been invited by another portal user to participate in an ad hoc sharing session, you will receive an invitation on your screen. You may choose to accept or reject the invitation.


An ad hoc invitation is recognized by a popup message that is displayed on your desktop. A scheduled invitation is received as a meeting appointment via your e-mail and appears in your calendar when you accept it. For information, on joining a scheduled meeting, see “Starting an Application Sharing Session from a Scheduled Appointment” in Starting an Application Sharing Session.



        You can only be invited to an ad hoc sharing session when you are logged on to the portal. See Availability Status.



When you receive an ad hoc invitation to join a sharing session, do one of the following:

        Choose Accept to confirm the invitation and join the session immediately.

        Choose Reject to decline the invitation.



Accepting an Invitation

When you accept an invitation to join an online session, a window appears on your desktop:

        The left side of the window is the session console. The session console displays information about the session and a messaging area enabling participants to communicate using instant text-based messages.

For more information, see Using the Application Sharing Console.

        The larger right side is the application viewing area. It displays the desktop or an application shared by the session host.


When you participate in a sharing session for the first time you may be prompted to accept the real-time collaboration ActiveX control as soon as you accept the invitation. For more information, contact your system administrator.

You may begin participating in the session. For more information, see Guidelines for Hosting and Participating in a Sharing Session.

Rejecting an Invitation

When you reject an invitation, a message is sent to the session host and the remaining participants in the session.


While you are participating in a sharing session, the system will automatically reject any new sharing session invitations you receive. You can only participate in one sharing session at a time. The sender will be notified with a message on the screen.

You can only participate in one sharing session at a time. The sender will be notified with a message on the screen.



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