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Function documentation Printing  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Using the SAP output system, you can output many types of documents, such as delivery notes, payroll documents, and report lists. The SAP system differentiates between the following types of document:




SAPscript/Smart Forms documents

For all documents for which a form is filled with data

Purchase orders, invoices

Report lists

For the output of a database selection

Cost center list

Business graphics

For overview graphics

Table relationships in the ABAP/4 Dictionary

Documents with print data that has already been formatted


PDF documents



If you choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Print in an SAP application, a selection window, known as the print window, appears. You can make all specifications for your desired output in this print window, such as the output device and number of pages. For more information and an example of printing, see Print Window.


See also:

Navigation: describes you how to use the most important printing interfaces.

Personalization: describes how to set default values, such as your default printer.





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