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You can access the UWL user interface to orientate yourself when new or existing tasks need action. From here, you can start with the actual processing of the work items.


The following are the major user interface features:


From this category you can view:

      New tasks

      Tasks in progress

      Tasks received on behalf of someone

      Tasks forwarded to someone

      Tasks for resubmission

      Today’s due tasks

      Overdue tasks

      Rejected tasks

      Completed Tasks

For more information, see Tasks.


From this category you can view:

      New alerts

      Alerts in progress

      Alerts received on behalf of someone

      Alerts delegated to someone

      Alerts for resubmission

      Completed alerts


Notifications are missed deadline messages from SAP Business Workflow and KM notifications.

From this category you can view:

      New notifications

      Notifications in progress

      Notifications received on behalf of someone

      Notifications for resubmission

      Completed Notifications


The category Tracking contains items from collaboration tasks, forwarded items, those items you have chosen to resubmit (Resubmission Items), items that have been sent on behalf of you (On behalf of me), and items that you have chosen to track (Tracked Items).

From this category you can view:

      Items in progress

      Items received on behalf of someone

      Items for resubmission

      Approved workflows you started

      Rejected workflows you started

      Completed workflows you started


Substitution is a feature of the UWL that allows you to take over items from other users (on a due-course basis as well as in case of an emergency) and to assign items to other users (that is, to give other users permissions to take over items). These cases are defined by certain substitution rules, which you manage on the Substitution screens.

For more information, see Substitution.

Resubmission (Follow-Up)

From the details area, you can resubmit a task. From the resubmission UI, you can enter a date manually or choose date to assign for follow-up on the task.

For more information, see Resubmit Tasks.

Managing Attachments

On the Manage Attachment screen, you can add and remove an attachment.

For more information, see Managing Attachments.

Adding a Memo

You can add additional information to a business workflow task by submitting a memo.

For more information, see Adding a Memo.

Forwarding an Item

You can forward a task / item to another user.

For more information, see Forwarding a Task.

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