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You can measure system performance if problems occur while using SAP MI on the mobile device. All the relevant activities are written in a log file that can be analyzed by the administrator.


Only activate this option if you are experiencing problems, and only do so for a short period of time since logging all activities requires a large amount of storage capacity.



Only activate the performance trace in agreement with the administrator.


       1.      On the SAP MI start page choose Trace Performance Trace.

       2.      Activate the option Activate Trace and save your entries by choosing Change.

       3.      Repeat the activities in which the previous performance problems occurred.

The performance is measured and written to a log file.

       4.      Activate the option Deactivate Trace and save your entries by choosing Change.

       5.      To send the file to system administration with the next synchronization, choose Send Trace to Server.

The system sends the file to the server with the next synchronization.


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