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When you start a search query, it is often advisable to enter more than one search term in order to get more precise search results.

The results list normally only contains documents in which all search terms appear. This corresponds to an operation with AND.


business software

Finds documents that contain both the term “business” and the term “software.” The terms need not appear in the given order in the documents.


Linking Search Terms

You can link more than one term with the Boolean operators OR and AND. You can also use lowercase (and, or).


business AND software

Only finds documents that contain both search terms. Since a group of search terms are linked with AND by default, you do not have to specify the AND operator explicitly.

business OR software

Finds documents containing only the term „business“ or only the term „software“ or both terms.

AND has priority over OR.



business AND software OR SAP

Corresponds to (business AND software) OR SAP

The parentheses above are only present for visualization purposes. They are not to be used in search queries. This query finds documents that

-         contain both „business“ and „software“


-         contain „SAP“


-         contain all three terms („business“, „software“, „SAP“)


Excluding Terms

You can use the operator NOT to define that the search results only contain documents that do not contain the terms specified.


Mouse NOT Computer

Finds documents that contain the term ‘mouse’ but not the term ‘computer.’


Searching for Groups of Words

If you want to search for a group of words, write these words in quotation marks.


"business software"

Finds documents containing the group of words “business software.”

The inverted commas are used to enclose a phrase. The search method (linguistic, fuzzy, or exact) determines whether the system finds only exact matches or whether it also looks for similar terms or language variants.

Groups of words are treated like single words and can be linked with Boolean operators.


"business software" AND SAP

Finds documents containing both the group of words “business software” and the term “SAP.”



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