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The Page Title Bar iView appears below the header area and contains items related to the identification, personalization, and navigation of the currently displayed page.


You may see any combination of the following links and options:



Description and Usage

Breadcrumb Path

A history of the most recently visited pages displayed in a path format.


A dropdown list of the most recently visited pages.

      The current page in focus is the last item in the list, and appears in bold.

      You can select pages in the list to navigate to them.


      Click to go to the previous or next page in the history.

      Hover the mouse over the Back and Forward links to display the name of the destination page.

Options (menu)

A dropdown list of action items relating to the currently displayed page:

        Add to Browser Favorites. This option is available for Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers only.


To send the bookmarked URL by E-Mail or to add it to an application, manually locate the saved URL in your Favorites folder using your file explorer. You can drag a portal page from the breadcrumb path to save the URL as bookmark or shortcut.

        Add to Portal Favorites. Bookmark the page by adding it to the My Favorites iView in your navigation panel.

        Personalize. Determine which of your assigned content to display on your pages, and with which page layout to display it.

        Open in New Window. Display the page in a new window to enable working with the content of that page while performing other tasks in the portal desktop.

        Refresh. Update the contents of the page.

        Details. Display the portal component name and the page’s full ID name in a separate window. Report this information to administrators if requesting help with a particular iView/page.

        Help. This option appears only when a specific property has been implemented during development.

        Request Support. Report any problems that you encounter while working in the portal.


The Request Support option does not appear by default, it must be enabled by your portal administrator.


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