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A menu is a user interface element that contains application-specific or object-specific functions. Menus can be menu bars such as the main menu bar in an SAP application, or detached menus such as context menus.

Main Menu Bar

The main menu bar is the top line of every primary SAP window and offers you the main application functions. It contains several pull-down menus that can in turn contain submenus.

Context Menu

A context menu displays a list of functions that are available for the objects currently focused or selected. It can contain submenus. The context menu opens up at the position where you call it up, for example next to the mouse cursor or the keyboard focus.


When a menu item has the focus, you can use [Enter] to activate the function of the item. If the item has a shortcut key (underlined character), you can choose [Alt]+[underlined character] to activate the function directly without moving the focus first.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The picture above shows a menu bar with multiple items. The System item has the underlined y as its shortcut key.

To activate the System item, choose [Alt]+[y].

When you choose a menu item, you trigger an action. After you have chosen the menu item, the menu closes again.


To open the main application menu, choose [F10] or [Alt]. To open the context menu with the functions available for a particular item, choose the [ContextMenu] key or [Shift]+[F10] – this corresponds to a single click on the right mouse button.

Internal Navigation

Use the right and left arrow keys to navigate between the items in the main menu bar. To open the pull-down menu of a menu bar item, choose the down arrow key. If a pull-down menu item or a context menu item has a submenu, you can open it with the right arrow key or with [Enter] from the menu item selected.


To leave a menu or to close a pull-down menu, choose [Escape]. To close a submenu and go to the main menu item, press [Escape] or the left arrow key. You need to press [Esc] for each situation in a stacked situation.



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