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Every user can manage his or her own spool and output requests in the Output Controller. You can call the output controller with transaction SP01 or by choosing System Services Output Control.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying textTo access the requests of other users, you require the corresponding authorizations from your administrator.

Call the output controller in the following cases:

     You have sent a print request, but did not select Print Out Immediately.

In this case, the system creates a spool request and stores it temporarily. It only sends an output request to the printer when you release the spool request for printing from the output controller.

     You want to check whether your output request has already been printed.

NoteIf you have chosen immediate printing and also selected the option Delete immediately after printing, the spool requests do not appear in the output controller if the print was successfully completed. Your administrator can predefine the option Delete immediately after printing for you through your user data.


In the output controller, you can:

Specify selection criteria for displaying spool and output requests. A list of spool or output requests that match these criteria appears.

Output spool requests, that is, print them.

Display detailed data about a spool or output request and change certain attributes, such as destination printer and number of copies

Display the data to be printed and export it in different formats.

Delete requests.


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