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This documentation contains information about the following topics:  



First Steps

This documentation contains an overview of logging on to SAP systems, navigating on the user interface, personalizing user settings, and information about accessibility.

There are various ways to access data in SAP systems: 

      Using the Portal

      Using SAP NetWeaver Business Client

      Using SAP GUI

      Using SAP NetWeaver Mobile


Working with Tools and Features

There are some basic tools and features that you can find in many different places: 


      Working with Lists

      Using Universal Worklist

      Working with Folders

      Collaborating with Other Users

      Working with Business Intelligence Applications


Help on Help

For more information about the different types of help in SAP systems, see Help on Help.



This documentation describes standard SAP systems. The components and user interfaces in your system may be different, depending on exactly how your system administrator configures the system.




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