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The Create Appointment function allows you to send appointments to other users. When you click on Create Appointment, a dialog box appears in which you enter values as explained in the table below.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are obligatory.





Name of the user to whom you want to send the appointment

You can use the people finder function (click on Select) to find recipients, or you can enter them manually.


Subject of the appointment



Location of the appointment


Start *

Date and time at which the appointment is to start

Select All Day Event if the appointment is to last for an entire day. The Start and End Time fields are then grayed out.

End *

Date and time at which the appointment is to end



Select the type of online meeting that you want to schedule

For more information on online meetings, see Using WebEx Meeting and Working with Application Sharing.


Click on Recurrence to create a recurring appointment

For more information on creating recurring appointements, see Creating Recurring Appointments

Body text area

Enter any additional information here


Click on Add…to include attachments relevant to the appointment. A dialog box opens providing you with various options for adding attachments or links. Alternatively, you can click on Browse… to navigate to a document that you want to upload. When you have found the relevant document, click on Upload to attach it to the appointment request.

Click on Availabilityto check the availability of participants before creating the appointment. If you have already selected recipients, the Availability function automatically displays the status of these users. For more information on the Availability function, see Availability iView.

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