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Dynamic navigation iViews are context-sensitive data navigation objects. When you launch an iView or page that has associated dynamic navigation iViews, they appear in your navigation panel, below the Detailed Navigation area.


        A dynamic navigation iView contains user interface controls, such as drop-down lists and links, which retrieve data related to the content displayed in the content area.

The iView may be a list of customers, orders, regions, employees, or anything that accesses a database. Each time you click or choose an option in a dynamic navigation iView, you update the data currently displayed in the portal content area.

        Dynamic navigation iViews appear under their own names; you do not see an area in the navigation panel that is labeled Dynamic Navigation.

        It is possible for the same dynamic navigation iView to be assigned to more than one of your pages/iViews/roles.

In the event that an iView is assigned as a dynamic navigation iView to both a page and an iView on that page, your navigation panel displays only one instance of the assigned iView.



A page containing various vacation-related iViews may have assigned to it a dynamic navigation iView that comprises a list of hotels. Clicking each hotel link could retrieve data such as rates, location, availability dates, and so on, specific to that hotel.




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