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The list provides the layouts that you can save.


  1. Choose Save layout or Settings ® Layout ® Save.
  2. In the dialog box, enter a name and a description for your layout.
  3. Note

    You cannot give the layout a name that begins with a number, since this type of name is reserved for the standard layouts in the standard system.

  4. In general, layouts are available for all users as client-specific standard layouts.
  5. In lists in which you can save layouts as user-specific, you can select User-specific.


    User-specific layouts must begin with a letter (A-Z).

    Non-user-specific layouts (client-specific standard layouts) must begin with "/".

  6. If you have entered sort criteria, subtotals criteria or filter conditions, you can save the layout with these criteria by selecting the criteria.
  7. Specify the summation level to which the list should be broken down when calling the layout. With the entry 0, all the non-totals rows are displayed in addition to the totals rows and subtotals rows.
  8. Choose Save to save the layout with the criteria entered and exit the dialog box.
  9. If a layout with the same name already exists, the system will inform you of this and you can either overwrite the existing layout (Continue) or enter another name (New entry).