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Function documentation Personalizing Folder Presentation  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can change the appearance of folders and define which data is to be displayed.



To change the presentation of folders, you can use predefined layout profiles. In a layout profile, a set of settings are grouped together that determine the appearance of the user interface.

You can make additional settings on tab pages for some layout profiles. Depending on the selected layout profile, different tab pages are displayed. Some examples:

        Initial sorting

        Number of rows

        Properties to be displayed

In the standard system, your setting affects only the current folder in the current iView. If you want to use the same presentation in other folders or iViews as well, activate the following checkboxes:

        Apply settings to subfolders

        Use settings for all iViews (preferred presentation)



To personalize your folder presentation, proceed as follows:


       1.      Open the Details dialog box for a folder.

       2.      Choose Settings Presentation to do this.

       3.      Choose Select Profile.

       4.      Select a profile and choose OK.

       5.      Depending on the profile selected, the system displays various tab pages on which you can make further settings. For example, in some profiles, you can specify which document properties are to be displayed in the columns of the list.

       6.      Choose Save.



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