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The Universal Worklist enables SAP portal users to manage their work by bringing together assignments from different workflow systems, including:



        Knowledge Management (KM) notifications

        Collaboration Tasks

The Universal Worklist is used as the central access point to tasks, alerts, notifications. You can access the UWL to manage and track your tasks.


The Universal Worklist:

        Gives you a unified and centralized way to access your work and the relevant information

        Aggregates workflow task items from multiple and different systems in one universal list

        Displays additional information as required from document and object repositories, including attachments and other details

        Enables you to make direct decisions and actions

        Helps you to personalize how work items are presented

        Enables you to assign another user to your work items as a substitute in case of planned or unplanned absence

Collaboration Task allows you to spontaneously create work items by using task definition wizards.

In this guide you will find:

     How to navigate through the UWL user interface and to use the functions on the user interface

     The various features UWL offers

     How to personalize the UWL display

     How to use Collaboration Task to create a new task and requests

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