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Procedure documentation Setting the Trace for Error Correction  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


If errors occur in the client (SAP MI Client Component), you can use the SAP MI trace functions to correct them. The trace function is active by default.


If SAP MI performance problems occur, you can also measure system performance (see Measuring System Performance) after consultation with your administrator.



       1.      On the SAP MI start page, choose the link Trace.

       2.      In the Trace Level dropdown box, choose All or another suitable trace level. Error is selected by default.

       3.      Switch on the trace by choosing Trace On.

       4.      Choose Change.

       5.      Look for the error.

       6.      Choose the link Trace again and choose Send Trace to Server.


After your mobile device has synchronized again, the system administrator can display and analyze the trace.  For more information about correcting errors, contact your system administrator.


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