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Your complete portal content consists of the minimum default content of the standard user, and the iViews and pages assigned to your role(s). These iViews and pages can be individual nodes in your navigation panel, or parts of folders and worksets.

This section details the operations you can perform in order to have personalized content in your portal.



        An iView is a program that retrieves data from an information source in your company and on the Internet, and displays it in the portal content area.

        All areas that comprise your portal desktop are iViews.


        A page consists of the totality of iViews assigned to it, which can be several or one, and a layout, which determines the physical arrangement of the iViews.


        In order to create a visually harmonious and balanced layout, and provide flexibility for browser font settings and window sizes, the portal supports nine different predefined page layouts.

        Each page may have more than one layout available to it.

        You may have access to custom layouts created by your administrator.


        Related iViews are usually organized on the same page for easier task performance.

        Depending upon your permissions, you can personalize each page by choosing which content to display and its placement on the page.



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