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The standard toolbar contains elements such as:


Toggle Buttons

Radio Buttons

Configurable Buttons

Combo Box


The items in the toolbar can be selected using the keyboard as described under Pushbuttonsapurl_link_0006_0006_0009, Combo Box and Dropdown List Box, and Input Fieldsapurl_link_0006_0008_0009.


Toolbars support sequential element navigation. You can move the focussapurl_link_0001_0001_0002 forwards to a toolbar using [Tab], or backwards using [Shift]+[Tab].

Help Functions

If the toolbar elements have tool tips, you can call them up by choosing [Ctrl]+[q].

Internal Navigation

You can use the arrow keys to navigate in the elements of a toolbar. If the toolbar has more than one section, you can use [Ctrl]+[Right/Left/Up/Down] to jump between these sections.



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