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Procedure documentation Displaying and Changing Spool Request Information  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You want to display and, if necessary, change the header information for a spool request or an output request.



Select the spool request in the List of Spool Requests or in the List of Output Requests.

You can also select multiple spool requests.

       1.      Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Request Attributes.


The system displays information, some of which you can change.

You can change the following attributes:

     Output Device: If possible, only send the output to an output device that uses the same device type as the output device for which the request was originally created. The device type in the SAP system is the type of printer used, such as PostScript.

     Deleted On: After the spool request has passed the expiration date, it is marked for deletion. The request is deleted when you next reorganize the spool database.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying textTo retain a spool request in the database, change the date specified in the Delete date field. You can also do this after the expiration date as long as the database has not yet been reorganized.

     Delete After Printing if No Errors: If this field is selected, the spool request, output request, and output data are deleted automatically after the request has been successfully printed.

The spool system retains spool requests that contain errors. You need to delete requests of this type manually. Otherwise, they are automatically deleted during a reorganization of the spool database after the expiration date.

The delete option is set in a user's master record and can be changed:

-       When a spool request is created

-       In the request attributes (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) for the spool request




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