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Background documentation Using Business Client (NWBC with Portal Connection)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

This documentation contains information about the following topics:

End User Documentation



Logging On and Logging Off

To log on to and use the Business Client, you need to have a Business Client shortcut on your desktop. Once your system administrator has installed the Business Client on your machine, you can make your own settings and start performing your daily tasks.

High-Level layout

Structure of the home area and of the application content area


First and second level navigation in the home area; session tabs and scrolling

Session Management

Information about sessions


Favorites, system, and help menu



The graphics in the following documentation are examples of prototypes only. The design of the Business Client is developing continually. For this reason, the UIs may vary from one Business Client version to the next. The components and user interfaces in your Business Client may differ depending on how your system administrator configures the system.



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