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Procedure documentation Watching Categories, Forums, Threads, and Users  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can watch a category, forum, or thread. If you do so, you receive a notification e-mail in your e-mail inbox as soon as a user adds a new thread or message or changes an existing thread or message.

You can also watch users. You are then notified if the user you are watching creates or changes threads or messages.


You can also use the Watch function to create a message in a forum. If you receive a notification e-mail and reply to the e-mail in your e-mail system, your e-mail is automatically posted as a reply in the forum. This feature is only available if the forums application is configured appropriately.


Watching Categories, Forums, and Threads

The function for watching a category, forum, or thread is available in the item you want to watch. Choose the Watch Category/Forum/this Thread function. To turn off the function, choose Stop Watching Category/Forum/Thread.

Watching Users

If you want to watch the activities of another forum user, click in a post by that user. You reach the user details view. Choose Watch this User or Stop Watching User.

Getting an Overview of Watched Items

The control panel gives you an overview of the items you are currently watching. The control panel also has settings that allow you to choose to watch all the threads that you create or all the threads you reply to. This means that you no longer need to activate the Watch functions in each forum you use.

These settings are in the control panel in the Your Watches section.

For more information, see Using the Control Panel for Forums.



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