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Procedure documentation Using the Control Panel for Forums  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The control panel contains your profile, settings for your forum pages and watches, and your resolved and unresolved questions. It also allows you to edit drafts.

You can call the control panel from anywhere in the application, regardless of which forum page you are currently viewing. The control panel link is located in the upper right-hand corner of the page.


Click the control panel to check the following information or make the following settings:

      View your profile: You can view your forums profile and display posts and messages that you created recently.

      Make general settings: You can make general settings such as the number of threads displayed per page and the number of messages displayed per page for each thread. You can also choose a forum theme. Note that the portal theme that you choose in the portal personalization area has no effect on the forum theme.

      Make settings for watches: You can choose to watch all threads that you created or all threads you replied to in all forums.
This area also contains an overview of categories, forums, threads, and users. You can stop watching any of the items listed by clicking the relevant box here.
You can also define an e-mail address here. This address is used to notify you when new or changed messages appear for any of your watched items.

      View resolved and unresolved questions: This area provides an overview of all of your resolved and unresolved questions. If you click an unresolved question, you are taken directly to the forum where you created the question.

      Edit drafts of forum threads and post them to the forum: You can either post threads directly to the forum or save them as drafts. If you save a message as a draft, the draft appears in the control panel and you can check and revise it before posting it in a forum.


You cannot change the language used for forums using the control panel for forums. The language set in the portal personalization area is always used for forums, too.



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