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Multidimensional Tables

Multidimensional tables are a special type of table. The following information about the structure of these tables may be helpful if you use screen readers or screen magnifiers.

Flat tables differentiate between headers and table entries; BI tables, on the other hand, emphasize the difference between key figures and characteristics. The system uses the data cell to show the user the relationship between data cells and the corresponding characteristic cells.

For more information, see Analysis and Analyzing Data in an Analysis Grid (with Navigation and Filter Panes).


The following multidimensional table shows you the corresponding references (lost deals, prices, and internet) for a data cell (EUR 59061).

Multidimensional Table

Reason – Lost Deals


Distribution Channel

Lost Deals

Number of Lost Deals


$ 59 061

16 251 PC


$ 121 863

31 126 PC


$ 29 676

8 149 PC


$ 71 222

20 185 PC


$ 82 835

22 585 PC

Overall Result

$ 364 657

98 296 PC

Graphic Example of a Multidimensional Table

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


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