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By default, data in lists is displayed in multiple columns. You can view the data and apply different functions to the data, such as sorting, filtering, and making calculations. The data can also be displayed in the list in different ways. Exactly which interface elements (UI elements) are used to display the data depends on your application.

UI Elements for Displaying Data

The following formats can be used to display the data in the list:

      Text display


      Progress bar

      Value comparison

Interactive UI Elements

In your list, you can display UI elements that you can use to achieve certain objectives:

      Pushbutton that triggers a certain action

      Hyperlink that points to and displays the contents of a specific Internet address in the browser

      Hyperlink that triggers a specific action

      Hyperlink that downloads a specific file

      Various UI elements that you can use to change the data in the list

       Input field


       Toggle button

       Dropdown list box


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