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You can call various filters to filter the data by choosing Filter in the context menu. The system displays the restricted or expanded area of the data.


By default, the following functions are available in the context menu under Filter.

Standard Functions for Filtering Data



Keep Filter Value

To see the data for one characteristic value only, choose Filter Keep Filter Value. The characteristic itself is removed from the drilldown.

Filter and Drill Down By <Characteristic>

Choose Filter Filter and Drill Down By to fix a characteristic to a value in one step (to filter it) and to drilldown according to another characteristic on the same axis (row axis or column axis).

Select Filter Value

To filter the Web application according to specific values, choose Filter Select Filter Value. For more information, see Selecting Filter Values.

Remove Filter Value

Choose Filter Remove Filter Value to remove a selected filter value and display the Web application unfiltered.


In the analysis grid or navigation pane of a Web application, choose Filter in the context menu for the text in a particular cell.


Keep Filter Value

The drilldown contains the characteristic Country. From the characteristic value Germany, you choose the function Keep Filter Value. The table data is filtered for Germany, and the characteristic value, Germany in this case, is no longer displayed in the drilldown. You can only see that the table is filtered for Germany in the filter pane or in the info field.

Filter and Drill Down By <Characteristic>

You choose the function Filter and Drill Down By Region for the characteristic value Germany. The data is filtered for Germany. Germany is a value for the characteristic Country. The characteristic Country is removed from the drilldown. Simultaneously, the characteristic Region is drilled down.



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