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In BEx Web Applications, you can call the context menu in the analysis grid and navigation pane by right-clicking the text or value of a cell (characteristic, characteristic value, key figure).


The context menu offers various functions depending on the cell context, the Web item, and the settings used when designing the BEx Web Application.

By default, the following functions are available in the context menu:

Standard Functions in the Context Menu




To undo a navigational step in the underlying data provider, choose Back.


You can filter the data according to various criteria. For more information, see Filters.

Change Drilldown

You can change the way data is displayed by using various functions. For more information, see Change Drilldown.

Print Version

You can create a PDF file as a print version for the Web application. For more information, see Printing BI Applications.

Broadcast and Export

You can broadcast the Web application to other users by e-mail or broadcast it to the portal. You can also schedule the Web application for printing or export it to Microsoft Excel. For more information, see Broadcasting and Exporting.


Choose Goto <Jump Target 1>, if you want to access jump targets using the report-report-interface.

Depending on the report type the author of the query selected in the sender-receiver assignment, the following jump targets are available:

     Start another query or additional Web application, where the input variables are filled by the context-sensitive information from the selected cells of the sender query.

     Start Web-enabled reports, functions, and transactions from within and outside the BI system.


In the analysis grid or navigation pane of a Web application, use the right mouse button to choose the required function in the context menu for the text of a cell.


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