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You can call various functions under Change Drilldown in the context menu to change the drilldown of the data.


By default, the following functions are available in the context menu under Change Drilldown.

Standard Functions for Changing the Drilldown



Drill Down By <characteristic>

To add a characteristic (such as Region) in a specific position in the drilldown, in the context menu for a characteristic value or a characteristic description, choose Drill Down By Region, for example. The selected characteristic is inserted after the characteristic whose context menu was called.

Swap <Characteristic 1> / <Structure 1> with  <Characteristic 2> / <Structure 2>

You use this function to swap a characteristic or a structure with another characteristic or structure.

Remove Drilldown

To remove a characteristic from the drilldown, choose Remove Drilldown.

Swap Axes

You use this function to swap the axes for the query. For example, if the characteristics are in the rows and the key figures are in the columns and you choose Swap Axes, the key figures are displayed in the rows and the characteristics in the columns.


In the analysis grid or navigation pane of a Web application, use the right mouse button to choose Change Drilldown in the context menu for the text in a particular cell.



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