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Business Intelligence applications (BI applications) enable portal users to evaluate and analyze current and historical company data at various levels of detail and from different viewpoints.


The following table provides an overview of the terms used in this section:



BI application

Application that displays the relevant business data to the employees of a company, particularly members of management. The data can be produced as formatted reports or as analytical applications that allow detailed data analysis.


Program that retrieves data from content sources within your company (such as from the BI system) or from the Internet, and displays the data in the content area of the portal.

Portal page

A portal page consists of layout and assigned content (for example, iViews).

Portal role

A role defined in the portal. A role is a collection of tasks, services, and information available to groups of users. The role determines which services can be accessed. The role also provides the visualization of the content and the navigation structure.

KM folder

Container for documents and folders in Knowledge Management. Knowledge Management enables unstructured information from various sources in the portal to be integrated, provided in an organized way, and managed uniformly.

Collaboration Room


Portal-based room that enables users to organize themselves in teams and projects regardless of their physical location.

It supports teamwork through shared use of project-related applications and information that only room members have access to. If required, you can publish information gathered or created for public access.

BI applications can be made available in the portal in the following form:

Format of BI Application

Storage in Portal


BI application as iView

Portal roles

Portal pages

Displays the current data and enables extensive navigation options for data analysis.

BI application as a precalculated document

KM folder

Collaboration Room

Contains historical data and, if applicable, provides restricted navigation options. You can also use this to work with Knowledge Management and Collaboration functions.

Online link to BI application

KM folder

Collaboration Room

Enables you to link directly to the BI system and displays the current data with extensive navigation options. You can also use this to work with Knowledge Management and Collaboration functions.

BI document with unstructured content (such as texts or notes)

KM folder

Allows documents created in the BI system to be displayed. You can also use this to work with Knowledge Management functions.





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