Start Level 1 Node: Working with Business Intelligence ApplicationsWorking with Business Intelligence ApplicationsEnd Level 1 Node: Working with Business Intelligence Applications
   Start Level 2 Node: Navigating in BI ApplicationsNavigating in BI ApplicationsEnd Level 2 Node: Navigating in BI Applications
      Start Level 3 Node: Information Consumer PatternInformation Consumer PatternEnd Level 3 Node: Information Consumer Pattern
      Start Level 3 Node: Analysis PatternAnalysis PatternEnd Level 3 Node: Analysis Pattern
      Start Level 3 Node: Using BI Documents in BI ApplicationsUsing BI Documents in BI ApplicationsEnd Level 3 Node: Using BI Documents in BI Applications
      Start Level 3 Node: Context Menu FunctionsContext Menu FunctionsEnd Level 3 Node: Context Menu Functions
         Start Level 4 Node: FilterFilterEnd Level 4 Node: Filter
            Start Level 5 Node: Selecting Filter ValuesSelecting Filter ValuesEnd Level 5 Node: Selecting Filter Values
         Start Level 4 Node: Change DrilldownChange DrilldownEnd Level 4 Node: Change Drilldown
         Start Level 4 Node: Broadcasting and ExportingBroadcasting and ExportingEnd Level 4 Node: Broadcasting and Exporting
   Start Level 2 Node: Functions for BI ApplicationsFunctions for BI ApplicationsEnd Level 2 Node: Functions for BI Applications
      Start Level 3 Node: Printing BI ApplicationsPrinting BI ApplicationsEnd Level 3 Node: Printing BI Applications
      Start Level 3 Node: Broadcasting BI Applications with the Broadcasting WizardBroadcasting BI Applications with the Broadcasting WizardEnd Level 3 Node: Broadcasting BI Applications with the Broadcasting Wizard
         Start Level 4 Node: Broadcasting by E-MailBroadcasting by E-MailEnd Level 4 Node: Broadcasting by E-Mail
         Start Level 4 Node: Broadcast to the PortalBroadcast to the PortalEnd Level 4 Node: Broadcast to the Portal
         Start Level 4 Node: Broadcasting to the PrinterBroadcasting to the PrinterEnd Level 4 Node: Broadcasting to the Printer