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You can save any settings you make for a list in the Settings dialog box as views and reload them at a later stage. This allows you to tailor the list according to your needs and always work with the same view. You can save any number of views for a list.


Each view is tailored to a specific list. If an application contains multiple lists, for example, you can save a separate view for each of these lists.

User-Specific and Global Views

When you save a view, it is automatically available for you to use. The system also provides additional views. These views are available to all users of the current list.

Standard Views and Initial Views

By default, the system uses the standard view when the application is started. You can change the standard view as part of general personalization.

You can deviate from the standard view and specify an alternative view that is to be used automatically when the application is started. This view is called the initial view.


When you change the standard view, you reset the Initial View property of another view. The standard view - which has been changed - is now used when your application is started.


The following functions are available for views:

      Select a view

      Create, copy, or rename a view; set the initial view (see Creating and Changing Views)

      Delete a view


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