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If the data in your list can be changed, you can add UI elements to the cells that make it possible to change specific values. Your application can provide the following UI elements:

      Input field

      Dropdown list box


      Toggle button

Completing Data Entry

It is important that any changes you make to the data in your application be checked at specific times to ensure that certain rules are followed; this includes, for example, checks for the data format and fixed values.


Dates entered in your application require the formats DD.MM.YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY.

You can change the date in the Date column. The system then checks whether you have entered the date in one of the permitted formats, or whether you inadvertently entered a decimal point instead of a comma.

Exactly when the system checks the data for correctness is specified by your application. However, the data is always checked in the following cases:

      If you choose one of the following pushbuttons from the application toolbar of the list:


       This graphic is explained in the accompanying text with the quick info text Open Settings Dialog or Close Settings Dialog

       This graphic is explained in the accompanying text with the quick info text Display Filter Row or Delete Filter and Close Filter Row

      If you choose another view

      If you sort the list by choosing one of the column headers

Your application can also specify other times at which a check is to be triggered.


In addition to the general prerequisites for changing data (see Changing Data), you must also ensure the following:

      The list contains the UI elements listed above.

      The UI elements are active and can therefore be used.



       1.      To change the value of a specific cell in the list, enter the new value.

       2.      If you want to complete data entry, choose Check or one of the other pushbuttons or functions listed above from the application toolbar.


The system checks your entries. If the check is successful, the new data is saved. Otherwise, an error message is displayed.


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