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You can delete views that you created.


If you loaded a global view, made changes to it and saved, you only appeared to change the global view; you actually created a copy of this view and saved it user-specifically. If a user-specific copy exists, it is superimposed on the global view with the same name.

If you delete the user-specific view, the global view becomes visible again: when you load this view, the Delete button is disabled.



       1.      To create a view that you created, open the Settings dialog box (see Using the Dialog Box with Settings for the List).

       2.      Choose the view that you want to delete.

       3.      Choose Delete.


If you created the view yourself, it is deleted from the View dropdown list box.

However, if you copied the view from a global view, only the copy is deleted. The original global view is listed again in the dropdown list box.


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