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A tree is a hierarchical arrangement of elements. Top level elements are called roots and the subordinate elements are called nodes. The nodes relate to each other by being defined as subnodes, higher-level nodes, or same-level nodes. A column tree consists of a node area and a column area where more detailed information about the selected node is displayed.


Trees can be used to display and hide items at lower levels.


Sequential element navigation works for trees, which means you can move the focus forwards in the tree using [Tab] or backwards using [Shift]+[Tab].

Help Functions

If a help function is available for a selected node element, you can call it by pressing F1 You can open the context menu for a focused node element by choosing the [ContextMenu] key or [Shift]+[F10].

Internal Navigation

To navigate forwards and backwards between all expanded nodes and node elements, choose the up and down arrow keys. To open a collapsed tree node, choose the right arrow key or [NumPad+]. To collapse a node, choose the left arrow key or [NumPad-]. To move the focus to the end of the current row, choose [End]. To jump to the start of the row, choose [Home]. To move the focus to the last item in the column, choose [Ctrl]+[Down]. To return to the first item of the column, choose [Ctrl]+[Up].

You can use [PageUp] and [PageDown] to browse through the content of a large tree, or one that has been fully expanded.


To activate pushbuttons, checkboxes, or links inside a tree, choose [Enter] or [Space] when the element has the focus.


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