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This topic describes basic guidelines for users participating in an application sharing session.


Guidelines for the Session Host

The session host is the portal user who initiates the application sharing session. The shared application or desktop, which is the focus of the sharing session, is run directly from the session host's machine.

        Before sharing your portal desktop, make sure that any private and sensitive information is not displayed on the screen.

        If a specific application is being shared, as opposed to the entire desktop, it must be active and fully visible in the foreground on the desktop of the session host, at all times. It must not be partially or fully hidden by other application windows, otherwise the session guests will not be able to view the shared application.

Participants will receive a notification on their screen when the shared application is not in focus on the session host's desktop. For example, when the host accesses another application, or even when using the message window built into the sharing session.

        The screen resolution of the session host must be configured so that the product of the X and Y resolution (in pixels) is equal to or lower than 1310720 pixels.

For example, the following screen resolutions are acceptable since their product is equal to or lower than the 1310720 pixel threshold:

        1280*1024 (=1310720)

        1024*768 (=786432)

        1440*900 (=1296000)  

The following screen resolutions are not acceptable since their product is greater than the 1310720 pixel threshold:

        1600*1200 (=1920000)

        1344*1792 (=2408448)

        The session host may give control of his or her cursor to other participants in the session only when a session guest has made a formal request through the session console.

        The session host may take back control of the cursor from another participant either by force or when a participant voluntarily relinquishes control.


Guidelines for Session Guests

Session guests are the users who were invited by the session host to participate in an application sharing.

        A session guest may take control of the host's cursor only after he or she sends a formal request to the session host from his or her session console. The session host must subsequently grant him or her permission using the user interface controls in the session console.

        To give control of the cursor back to the session host, participants may voluntarily relinquish the control, or the session host may forcibly take it back without the consent of the participant.

        Session guests may minimize the session console to maximize the application viewing area on their screen.


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