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You can use checkboxes to select or deselect an option. A checkbox consists of a square checkmark element and a descriptive text.


When the checkbox has the focus, you can use [Space] or [Enter] to select or deselect the box.


In addition to being selected or deselected, a checkbox can also have an undefined status. This is used if multiple items are displayed in a summary dialog and the checkbox cannot display the values of all elements.

If all items’ values are true, the checkbox is checked; if they are all false, the checkbox is not checked. If the result is unclear (for example, 10 true values and seven false values), the system displays the checkbox in an undefined state. If you now choose the checkbox, the checked status will be applied to all selected elements.


Sequential element navigation works for checkboxes, which means you can move the focus forwards to an input field using [Tab] or backwards using [Shift]+[Tab].

Help Functions

If the checkbox has a tool tip, you can call it up by choosing [Ctrl]+[q].


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