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You can use this function to send feedback to the person responsible for a document or folder. This person then receives a notification in his or her universal worklist.



This function is only available if the feedback service is active for the repository. This setting is made by an administrator.



Creating Feedback

All users with read permission for an object can create feedback for this object as long as they can see the command for creating feedback on the user interface.


Automatic Notification

As soon as someone creates feedback, the owner receives a notification in his or her universal worklist. If no person responsible is entered, the notification is sent to the person who created or last changed the item in question.


You can define the person responsible for the item in the document properties. In the standard delivery, choose Settings Properties Miscellaneous from the Details dialog box for the item in question.


Who Can Read Feedback?

You can display the feedback for an item in its Details dialog box.

If you have read permission for an item (document or folder), you can only see the feedback that you created yourself.

If you have write permission for an item, you can see the feedback created by all users. If a document is subject to an approval process, the feedback for the document in question can also be read by the approvers.


To contact the user who created the feedback, click that user's name. The User Details iView is displayed.


Deleting Feedback

You can delete feedback that you wrote yourself in the Details dialog box for the document in question.


The service authorization Collaboration is required in order to be able to delete the feedback of other people (see Service Permissions).


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