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wage area
wage element
wage group
Wage ledger
wage type (PP)
wage type (PY)
wage type characteristic
wage type class
wage type group
wage type model
wage type split
wage type statement
wait step
wait step work item
wait symbol
wait time (BC-BMT-WFM)
wait time (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
wait time (PP)
wait time (PP-KAB)
wait time (SCM-APO-VS)
waiting list level
waiting list management
waiting list status
waiting list type
waiting period (FS-PM)
waiting period (PA-BN)
waiting period (PA-CM)
waiting period (PA-PF)
waiting-list booking (PE)
waiting-list booking (PE-LSO)
waived deductible
waiver condition (CA-FIM-FCO)
waiver condition (RE)
waiver of premium
waiver of underinsurance
waiver of underinsurance flat rate
waiver order
walking card
WAP application
WAP device
WAP gateway
WAP report
WAP server
warehouse (LE-WM)
warehouse (SBO)
warehouse activity monitor
warehouse balance report
Warehouse Cockpit
warehouse code
warehouse complex
warehouse control unit
warehouse document
warehouse entry summary
warehouse funds center
warehouse inventory
warehouse inventory list
warehouse keeper (SLL)
warehouse keeper (SLL)
Warehouse Management system
warehouse master
warehouse material document
warehouse number
warehouse operation
warehouse order (IS-R)
warehouse order (SCM-EWM)
warehouse order activity area
warehouse procurement
warehouse product
warehouse release order
warehouse request
warehouse space savings
warehouse stock
warehouse stock valuation
warehouse task
warehouse withdrawal
warm transfer
warm transfer call
warning limit
warrant bond
warranty category (CS)
warranty category (IS-A-DBM)
warranty claim
warranty claim type
warranty control
warranty counter
warranty management
warranty processing
warranty profile
warranty type
wartime establishment
waste amount
waste approval
waste billing category
waste billing factor
waste catalog
waste code
waste disposal
waste disposal calendar (IS-U-WA)
waste disposal calendar (IS-U-WA)
waste disposal facility
waste disposal object
waste disposal order
waste disposal service
waste generation
waste level
waste life-cycle analysis
waste management
waste management business partner
waste management concept
waste transport
water pollution class (EHS)
water pollution class (LE)
wave pick
wave template
wave template option
WBS element
WBS forecast date
WBS scheduling
WCD template
WCM object
WCM-relevant operation
WCM-relevant order
weak reference
weapon system ID
Web activity
web administration interface
Web application
Web Application Builder
web application development
Web application object catalog
Web Application Server
Web AS Java
Web Auction
Web Auctions Administration
web broker
web broker type
Web catalog
Web client
Web component
Web Container Service
Web Dynpro
Web Dynpro application
Web Dynpro Client for Java
Web Dynpro Client for Windows
Web Dynpro component
Web Dynpro component controller
Web Dynpro component interface
Web Dynpro Explorer
Web Dynpro Foundation
Web Dynpro meta model
Web Dynpro metadata
Web Dynpro metadata API
Web Dynpro mode
Web Dynpro perspective
Web Dynpro rendering
Web Dynpro Tools
Web flow
web folder
Web form
Web form task
Web interface (FIN-SEM-BPS)
Web interface (SCM-EM)
Web Interface Builder
Web interface user profile
Web item
Web item paging
Web object
Web Page Composer
Web report
Web Reporting
Web Reporting Browser
Web request
Web request printout
Web service (BC-BMT-WFM)
Web service (BC-DWB)
Web service client proxy definition
Web service configuration
Web Service Connector
Web service creation wizard
Web service definition
Web service model
Web Services Container Service
Web Services Description Language (BC-MID-BUS)
Web Services Description Language (EP-PIN-GP)
Web Services for Remote Portlets
Web Services Security Service
Web shop
Web site
Web switch
Web Target Editor
Web target iView
Web telephony
Web template (BW-BEX)
Web template (BW-BEX)
Web tools
Web transaction
Web Transaction API
Web Transactions
Web work item
Web Workplace
Web-Based Distributed Authoring and Versioning
Web-based training
Web-based user management
web-ready file
WebDAV service
WebEx meeting
WebEx session
WebFlow (BC-BMT-WFM)
WebFlow (SAP)
WebFlow Engine
WebFlow rule
WebRFC application
WebRFC Gateway Interface
week program
weekday-dependent transportation zone
weekend rule
weekly lot size
weekly payroll
weight (CPM-BPC)
weight (MP-APP-DPE)
weight EAN
weight group
weight unit
weight/volume ratio
weighted amount
weighted average (FS-CM)
weighted average (IS-U-BI)
weighted average (PA-CM)
weighted average price
weighted expected sales volume
weighted sales volume
weighted score
weighting (CRM-ANA)
weighting (IS-U-DM-MR)
weighting (LO)
weighting (PA-PD)
weighting factor
weighting group
weighting key
weighting portion
weighting procedure
weighting profile
weighting share
weighting unit
well data store
well facility
well maintenance
well maintenance schedule
well portal
Western Electric Rules
wet stock business
Wf-XML document
WFD attribute set
WGate instance
What If Prediction
what-if analysis
what-if forecast
what-if scenario
where-applied indicator
where-used list
where-used list for restrictions
WHILE loop
white noise
Who Rates Whom
wholesale acquisition cost
wholesaler bookstore
wholesaler bookstore code
wholesaler code
wholesaler split
wide area network
wide area pricing zone
wide iView
widening cast
width of a loading bay
wildcard character (BC-ABA)
wildcard character (SCM-APO-ATP)
wildcard search
win a conflict
winding group
window (BC-FES)
window (BC-SRV-SCR)
window (BC-WD)
window (PY)
window element
window title
Windows Installer
winner determination
winter maintenance
winter maintenance level
Winters' method
WIP Account
WIP batch
WIP calculation
WIP clearing
WIP curve
WIP journal
WIP layer
WIP object
WIP posting logic
WIP quantity
WIP revaluation
WIP stock
WIP Variance Account
wire company
Wireless Application Protocol
Wireless Bitmap
wish list (CRM-ISA)
wish list (SBO)
With Purchasing
With Time Recording
withdrawal (IS-HER-CM)
withdrawal (PA-PF)
withdrawal lump-sum benefits
withdrawal point
withdrawal with settlement
withdrawn (MP-APP-DPE)
withdrawn (SRM-EBP-CON)
withdrawn (XAP-OSP)
withholding agent
withholding amount
withholding tax
withholding tax adjustment
withholding tax key
withholding tax statement/payment report
withholding tax type
witness necessary
wizard framework
WM unit
Wobbe factor
won opportunity
word separator
work (CRM-IM-IPM)
work (LO)
work (PLM-CPR)
work approval
work area (AP-PPE)
work area (BC-ABA)
work area (BC-FES-GUI)
work area (CRM)
work area (CRM-RPL-ICS)
work area (EHS)
work area (IS-BEV-ED)
work area (IS-HMED)
work area (PLM-CFO)
work area (SCM-APO-PPS)
work area (SCM-APO-SCC)
work area reluctance profile
work area title
work area toolbar
work break
work break schedule
work breakdown
work breakdown structure
work center (BC-SRV-COM)
work center (CRM)
work center (CRM-IC)
work center (LE-TRM)
work center (LE-WM-VAS)
work center (LO)
work center (PT)
work center (QM)
work center (SCM-EWM)
work center (SRM-CM)
work center (SV-SMG)
work center (XAP-PD)
work center capability
work center data
work center group
work center hierarchy
work center operation set
work center role
work center substitution
work clearance application
work clearance document
work clearance management (PM-WCM)
work clearance management (SAP)
work client
work content (AP-PPE)
work content (PP-FLW)
work environment
work finish
work in process (CO-PC)
work in process (SCM-APO-PPS-FOT)
work in process based on components
work in progress
work instruction
work instructions
work item
work item container
work item display
work item ID
work item manager
work item preview
work item text
work item type
work level
work management
work on project
work order (IS-U-WM)
work order (PP)
work organizer
work organizer management
work organizer type
work package (PS)
work package (SV-ASA)
work permit
work plan
work process
work process load monitor
work process type
work queue
work queue work item
work rule
work rule template set
work schedule (PT)
work schedule (PT)
work schedule rule
work scheduler group
work span
work start
work state
work status reporting
work step (IS-AD-PRM)
work step (SCM-EWM)
work tax area
work week
Workbench Manager
Workbench Organizer
workbench request
worker thread
workflow (BC-BMT-WFM)
workflow (SBO)
Workflow Builder
workflow configuration
workflow container
workflow definition
workflow definition version
workflow developer
Workflow Engine
workflow inbox
Workflow Information System
workflow log
workflow manager
workflow modeler
workflow outbox
workflow proxy
workflow resubmissions
workflow step
workflow system administrator
workflow system element
workflow task
workflow template
workflow trace
Workflow Wizard
Workflow Wizard Explorer
Workflow Wizard Repository
workflow work item
workflow-controlled transport
workflow-relevant release code
workforce deployment
Workforce Deployment - Limited Access for Manager
Workforce Deployment - Open Access for Manager
workforce forecast
workforce management
workforce requirements (PA-RC)
workforce requirements (PT)
workforce requirements planning
workforce schedule
working area (LE-TRM)
working area (PP-BD)
working conditions environment
working context
working day
working day check
working day shift
working environment
working group media info on professional and special magazin
working hours
working item
working time
working time attribute
working time based
working time model
worklist (BC-BMT-WFM)
worklist (BC-DOC)
worklist (BC-DOC-TTL)
worklist (BC-I18-UNI)
worklist (BC-MOB)
worklist (CA-TS)
worklist (CRM)
worklist (LE-TRM)
worklist (LO)
worklist (PP-BD)
worklist (RE)
worklist category
worklist for initial commission case
worklist for object assignment
worklist monitor
workload (BC-BMT-WFM)
workload (CRM-RPL-ICS)
workload (SCM-EWM)
workload collector
workload distribution
workload document
workload monitor
workload reassignment
Workplace user
Workset Map iView
workshop planner
workspace (BC-CTS)
workspace (BC-FES-ITS)
workspace (BW-WHM)
workspace (CRM-CIC)
workspace (EP-VC)
workspace folder
World Trade Organization Agreement on Government Procurement
World Wide Web
WPBP split
wrap up
wrap-up list
write off
write phase (BC-CCM-ADK)
write phase (BC-ILM)
write program
write-down category
write-off (CRM-CLA)
write-off (FI-AA)
write-off notification
write-protect mode
write-up category
writing direction
writing system
WS-Security identity
WS-Security PSE
WSRP application sharing
WSRP consumer
WSRP producer
WWI generation server
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