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UCTE grid
UD Connect
UD Connect source
UD Connect source object
UFO list
UI command
UI component
UI element library
UI element tree
UI pattern configuration data
UI pattern element
UIC code
ultimate consignee
umbrella organization
UME Provider Service
UN number
unaddressed objective value
unaddressed spending value
unallocated fee
unambiguous blended code page
unapproved overtime
unary operator
unassigned portfolio
unauthorized overdraft of an external limit
unavailability reason
unbilled revenue amount
unbilled revenue reporting
unbind operation
unchangeable agreement
unchecked delivery
unclaimed balance
unclassifiable conflict
unconditional pension key date
unconstrained forecast
unconsumed budget
undefined partner
undefined step
under 24-hour case
underconfirmation alert
underdelivery tolerance
underinsurance rate
underlying component
underlying document
underlying right
underlying software component version
underlying transaction
undo (BC-FES-GRA)
undo (BC-FES-GUI)
undo (IS-H)
undocumented check presentment
unduplicated headcount
unemployment benefit II
unemployment state
unfound object
Unicode character representation
Unicode check
Unicode Conversion
Unicode Conversion Process
Unicode fragment view
Unicode program
unicode sequence identifier
unicode signature
Unicode Standard
Unicode system
unification (EP-UNI)
unification (SAP)
Unification Server
unified identification code (FI)
unified identification code (FI)
Unified Modeling Language
unified rendering
Unified Rendering Framework
Unifier for BW
unifier for Oracle Applications
Unifier for SAP Applications
Unifier Management Console
uniform assessment standard
Uniform Code Council
Uniform Contract Format
Uniform Naming Convention
Uniform Resource Identifier
Uniform Resource Locator
uniform tax
uniform valuation
uninterruptible power supply
union shop
unique German location number
unique identification
unique index
unique item identifier
unique taxpayer reference
unique treatment certificate identifier
unique worker identification code
unit (BC-MID)
unit (QM)
unit category
unit conversion
unit costing
unit ID
unit object
unit of entry
unit of issue
unit of measure
unit of measure group
unit of measurement
unit price
unit price contract
unit testing
unit to be inspected
unit-of-measure load category (LE)
unit-of-measure load category (SCM-EWM)
United Nations Standard Products and Services Code
United Nations/Standard Products and Services Code
universal agreement
Universal Discovery, Description and Integration
universal process instruction category
Universal Product Code
Universal Unique Identifier
Uniwagnis risk-rating system
unloading date
unloading point (IS-A-GR)
unloading point (SD)
unloading rule
unloading zone
unlock resource
unoccupied position
unpacked format
unpacked goods movement quantity
unplaced attendee
unplaced participant
unplanned consumption
unplanned delivery costs
unplanned depreciation
unplanned downtime
unplanned withdrawal
unqualified down payment
unrestricted shipment phase
unrestricted-use stock
unsatisfied claims coverage
unscheduled billing
unscheduled correspondence
unscheduled meter reading
unscheduled processing
unscheduled repayment
unsecured exposure
unsecured loan
unserviceable part
unsolicited applicant
unsolicited application group
unstructured content
unstructured document
untagging check
untagging condition
untagging phase
unthreaded nomination
untied empties
UNTIL loop
unusable land
unused collaterals
unused portion of collateral
unvested awards
unweighted sales volume
unworked days
UoM code
update (BC-CST-UP)
update (FS-PM)
update (IS-B-RA-CL)
update (MM-IM)
update (PA-CM)
update counter
update data
update dispatching
Update form
update function module
update group
update header
update key
update management
update model
update module
update of application
update owner
update profile
update queuing
update rate
update read
update record
update request
update server
update statistics (BC-CST-UP)
update statistics (BC-DB)
update status
update table
update task
update termination
update tracker
update type
update work process
upgrade (BC-DOC)
upgrade (BC-UPG)
Upgrade Assistant
upgrade Customizing
upgrade monitor
upgrade path
upgrade strategy
upgrade unit
uplift factor
upload (EC-CS)
upload (FIN-SEM-BCS)
upload (PT)
upload method (EC-CS)
upload method (FIN-SEM-BCS)
upper threshold critical zone
upper threshold normal zone
upstream settlement procedure
upward compatibility
urgent correction
URI permission table
URL Access for Content
URL Capture
URL Editor
URL filter
URL iView
URL map table
URL prefix
URL rewriting (BC-CST-IC)
URL rewriting (BC-JAS-WEB)
usability feature
usage (AP-BE)
usage (CRM)
usage (EHS)
usage (IS-HMED)
usage balance of PIN limit
usage category
usage context
usage decision
usage factor
usage frequency type
usage list
usage object (CRM-MKT)
usage object (RE)
usage rate
usage rights
usage site
usage type (BC-BMT-BTM-FWK)
usage type (CRM-MKT)
usage type (FS-CMS)
usage type (IS-DFS)
usage type (IS-U-BI)
usage type (KM-KW)
usage type (NW)
usage type (RE)
usage variance
usage view
use access
Use and exposure coverage
Use and exposure determination
use dependency
use symbol
use tax
used asset value
used instances model
used part return
useful life
user (BC-JAS)
user (CRM-BTX)
user (EP-PIN-USM)
user access review
user action
user administrator
User Assignment Configurator
User Assignment Pattern
user budget
user buffer
user change
user code
user context
user data
user data file
user decision
user department (LO-MD)
user department (SV-ASA)
user department representative
user documentation
user element
user exit (BC-DWB-CEX)
user exit (EHS)
user group (BC-SEC-USR)
user group (BC-SRV-QUE)
user group (EC-EIS)
user group (IS-M-SD)
user ID
user ID icon
user interface (BC-FES-GUI)
user interface (FIN-SEM-BPS)
User Interface API
user interface building block
user interface element
User Interface Framework layer
user interface pattern (BC-WD-PTN)
user interface pattern (CA-GTF-TS-XSS)
user interface pattern library
user list
user management
user management engine
user mapping
User Mapping tool
user master record
user menu
user message
user mitigation
user mode
user name
user package
User Preferences Editor
User Principal Name
user profile
user role
user session (BC-ABA)
user session (BC-FES-ITS)
user shelf
user status
User Storage Service
user store
user template
user time view
user trace
user wage type
user-definable area
user-defined character
user-defined data type
user-defined fields
user-defined objects
user-defined period split
user-defined selection screen
user-defined text
user-defined type
user-readable format
user-specific distribution list
user-specific room role
utility master
utility product
utility product set
utility product set type
utility server
utilization (FS-MCM-FAC)
utilization (IS-B-RA-CL)
utilization (SCM-APO-MSP)
utilization of guarantee
UWV company number (FI)
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