Start of Content Area
t-logo object
tab area
tab bar
tab index
tab layout
tab order
tab page (BC-ABA)
tab page (BC-FES-GUI)
tab page display area
tab page display element
tab page title
tab pages
tab title
table (BC-DOC)
table (BC-DWB-DIC)
table (BW-BEX)
table (EP-VC)
table (SCM-APO-FCS)
table access statistics
table body
table buffer
table category (BC-DWB-DIC)
table category (BC-I18-UNI)
table cluster
table control
table dependency
table element
table generation
table group
table hit list
table index (BC-ABA)
table index (BC-DWB-DIC)
table index (BC-TRX)
table key (BC-ABA)
table key (BC-DWB-DIC)
table kind
table manual
table of contents
table parameter
table pool
table screen
table section
table structure
table type (BC-ABA)
table type (BC-ABA)
table variable
table work area
table-driven dynamic parallel processing
table-specific Fallback Code Page
tabstrip control
tabular reporting
tactical planning
tag (BC-MID-BUS)
tag (CRM)
tag (PM-WCM)
tag column
tag handler
tag interface (BC-ABA)
tag interface (BC-ABA)
tag library descriptor
tagged history
tagging (BC-I18)
tagging (PM-WCM)
tagging condition
tagging cycle
tagging phase
tail number
tailored measurement service
take rate
takt (AP-PPE)
takt (PP-FLW)
takt area
takt load
takt offset
takt time (AP-PPE)
takt time (PP-FLW)
takt-based scheduling (AP-PPE)
takt-based scheduling (PP-FLW)
talent consultant
talent development specialist
talent group
Talent Management
Talent Review Meeting
tangible asset
tank protection
tank strapping
tank strapping table
target account
target achievement
target activity
target agreements
target attribute (FS-AM-PR-PR)
target attribute (FS-BA-AN-PA)
target category
target chart of accounts
target classification category
target classification type
target classification value
target code page
target commission (ICM)
target commission (ICM)
target component
target cost version
target costs (CO-OM-ABC)
target costs (CO-OM-CCA)
target costs (CO-PC)
target costs (IS-EC-BOS)
target credit
target currency
target date
target days' supply
target document
target external ID
target folder
target group (BC-CTS)
target group (CRM)
target group (FS-BP)
target hours
target input quantity
target investment
target level
target line
target list
target message
target model
target object (EP-PCT-MGR-HR)
target object (EP-PIN)
target object (EP-UNI)
target plan
target planning step
target premium
target profile
target QM system
target quantity (IS-EC-BOS)
target quantity (SD)
target quantity based on components
target range of coverage (IS-R)
target range of coverage (PP-MRP)
target range of coverage stock
target route
target rule
target sales ratio
target scrap quantity
target stock
target stock level (PP-MRP)
target stock level (SCM-APO-PPS)
target system
target time
target time for labor value
target to date
target type
target utilization
target value (FS-BA-PM-HP)
target value (ICM)
target value (IS-HT-SW)
target value (SD)
target value field
target version
target=actual activity allocation
targeted ideation
tariff premium
Tariffs, Duties & Permits
task (AC)
task (BC-BMT-WFM)
task (BC-CTS)
task (BC-FES-GUI)
task (BW-BCT)
task (CRM)
task (CRM-MT)
task (EC-CS)
task (FS-CM)
task (IS-A-DBM)
task (IS-U-WM)
task (KM-ITU)
task (LE-TRM)
task (PA-OS)
task (PLM-CPR)
task (PM)
task (SCM-EM)
task (SCM-SOP)
task (SRM-CM)
task (SV-ASA)
task (SV-ASA)
task (XAP-OSP)
task (XAP-PD)
Task and Resource Management
task bundle
task catalog
task category
task component
task confirmation
task container
task context
task dashboard
task dependency
task family
task function
task group (AC)
task group (BC-BMT-WFM)
task group (EC-CS)
task group (FIN-SEM-BCS)
task group (PA)
task icon
task ID
task in master project
task in team entry
task level (BC-FES-GUI)
task level (CA-TS)
task level menu
task list (BC-FES-GUI)
task list (CA-GTF)
task list (IS-AD-MPD)
task list (LO)
task list for functional location
task list group (PM)
task list group (PP)
task list header
task list scenario
task list type
task management
Task Manager
task of a worklist
task organization
task owner
task panel
task profile (BC-BMT-WFM)
task profile (CPM-BPC)
task profile (CPM-BPC)
task profile (PA)
task queue service
task selection in team entry
task skip
task template
task type (BC-CCM)
task type (BC-CTS)
task type (CA-TS)
task type (LE-TRM)
task type (SRM-CM)
task version
task-panel toolbar
tax account
tax amount
Tax and Revenue Management
tax area
tax authority
tax base amount
tax calculation procedure
tax category (AP-TTE)
tax category (SD)
tax class (IS-OIL-PRA-REV)
tax class (PY-US)
tax classification (AP-TTE)
tax classification (IS-OIL-PRA-REV)
tax classification (SD)
tax code
tax community
tax company
tax component
tax concession period
tax consultant
tax date
tax declaration box
tax deducted at source
tax deduction number
tax definition
tax depreciation
tax determination
tax determination procedure (LO)
tax determination procedure (PP)
tax document
tax element
tax event
tax event type
tax exemption
tax exemption classification
tax file number
tax form
tax form field
tax form group
tax group (IS-OIL-DS-TDP)
tax group (SBO)
tax ID
tax incidence
tax interface table
tax invoice
tax invoice number
tax jurisdiction
tax jurisdiction code
tax jurisdiction type
tax license
tax location
tax name
tax number (AP-TTE)
tax number (FI)
tax number (FI)
tax number (FI)
tax number category
tax number indicator
tax number type
tax office (PA)
tax office (SBO)
tax origin
tax payment voucher
tax processing allowance
tax rate
tax rate element
tax rebate
tax registration number
tax report
tax reporting currency
tax return level
tax scale
tax situation
tax status (IS-OIL-DS-TDP)
tax status (SBO)
tax table
tax territory
tax transfer document
tax type (AP-MD-BP)
tax type (AP-TTE)
tax type (CRM-MD)
tax type (PY-US)
tax type combination
tax value of inventory
tax warehouse
tax warehouse number
tax warehouse type
tax-exempt revenue
tax-levying authority
tax-type-specific function
taxability model
taxable benefit
taxable country
taxable person
Taxation Interface
taxes on sales/purchases
taxes on sales/purchases group
taxonomy (BC-TRX)
taxonomy (FIN-SEM-BCS)
taxonomy (MDM)
Taxonomy Query Builder
Taxonomy Trainer
taxpayer identification number (FI)
taxpayer identification number (PY)
taxpayer identification number (SBO)
TCP/IP port
TDO list
TDP material
TDS return
teaching activity
teaching activity grouping
teaching and studies
teaching hours
teaching method
teaching workload
team (MP-INF)
team (XAP-RPM)
Team Calendar
team ID
Team Management
team member (XAP-PD)
team member (XAP-RPM)
Team Members
team purchasing
team room
team shopping cart
Team Tasks
tear down
teardown time
technical adapter
technical age
technical amendment
technical completion
technical content component
technical data
technical date
technical debriefing
technical delivery terms
technical design
technical device installation
technical device removal
technical document class
technical field
technical field for position
technical installation
Technical Integration Model
technical limit
technical mode
technical name (BC-CUS-TOL)
technical name (KM-KW)
technical object
technical position
technical process
technical reference object
technical results analysis cost element
Technical Review
technical routing
technical scenario
technical settings
technical settlement
technical source of application
Technical Specification
technical start
technical status
technical step
technical term
technical topology
technical type (MP-APP-CR)
technical type (PP-BD)
technical type property
technical validity (AP-MD)
technical validity (ICM)
technical view
technical work item display
technical workflow log
technology type
telecommunications network
telecommunications network edge
telecommunications network node
telecommunications service object
telemarketing (SAP)
telemarketing (SAP)
telephone number management
telephone sales (IS-BEV-LO-TS)
telephone sales (IS-OIL-DS-OGSD)
telephony controls
telephony function bar
telephony middleware
telephony server (BC-SRV-COM)
telephony server (CS)
telephony software
telesales (IS-T)
telesales (SAP)
telesales agent
Telnet Provider Service
template (AP-MD)
template (BC-JAS)
template (BC-SRV-FP)
template (CA-GTF-DOB)
template (EHS)
template (EP-PIN)
template (FS-BA-SD)
template (IS-M-AMC)
template (LO-PDM)
template (SCM-EWM)
template account
template allocation
Template Builder
template card
template category
template claim
template code
template configuration
template definition
template description
template framework
template group
template hierarchy
template installer
template library administrator
template management
template modeler for search object connectors
template relationship
template responsible
template storage path
template type (AP-MD)
template type (SBO)
template version
template wizard
template-driven project
temporal join
temporal method of currency translation (EC-CS)
temporal method of currency translation (FI-LC)
temporal posting difference
temporal translation difference
temporal validity
temporary account
temporary admission
temporary alien
temporary alien code
temporary budget billing plan
temporary document
temporary duty
temporary import under bond
temporary inbound delivery
temporary marker
temporary medical record
temporary object
temporary parameter
temporary part-time employment
temporary PP/DS order
temporary price reduction
temporary quantity assignment
temporary refusal
temporary replacement
temporary sequential file
temporary storage facility
temporary storage location
temporary untagging phase
temporary work relationship
TemSe header
TemSe object
TemSe part number
TemSe storage
tenancy in common
tenancy law
tenant alias
tenant settlement
tenant user
tenant with customer account
tenant without customer account
term (BC-CUS)
term (BC-DOC-TER)
term (CRM-BF-CPE)
term (LO-VC)
term (PP)
term category
term deal
term item
term of rating procedure
term option
term rule
term type
term weighting
terminal access identification number
terminating event
termination (PA)
termination (PA-BN)
termination flag
termination grouping
termination message
termination rule (ICM)
termination rule (PA-BN)
termination rule variant
terminology entry
terminology excerption
terminology identification
terminology mining
terminology profile
terms and conditions for remuneration
terms of payment
terms of payment key
territory (CRM-IM-IPM)
territory (CRM-MD-TM)
territory (SBO)
territory assignment function category
territory hierarchy
territory hierarchy ID
territory ID
Territory Management
test (BC-CTS)
test (BW)
test (PE-LSO)
test author
test automation
test case
test catalog
test coverage
test cycle
test cycle check
test data
test density
test drive
test environment
test equipment
test item
Test Mode
test module
test module hierarchy
test package (BC-TWB)
test package (BW)
test person
test plan (BC-TWB)
test plan (GRC-SPC)
test plan administration tool
test procedure (BC-TWB)
test procedure (SV-ASA)
test project (XAP-RPM)
test project (XAP-RPM)
test run
test status
test system
test tag
test temperature
Test Workbench
Testing proposal
testing schedule
text (BC-DOC)
text (BW-BEX)
text access
text attribute
text block
text box
text control
text corpus
text determination (CRM-BF)
text determination (SCM-ECT-DLP)
text determination procedure (CRM-BF)
text determination procedure (SD)
text editor
text element (BC-ABA)
text element (BC-DWB-TOO)
text element (BC-I18)
text element (BW-BEX)
text environment
text field
text field literal
text file
text foreign key
text format
text item (LO-HU)
text item (PP)
text item (SD)
text language
text management
text mining
text mode
text module (FS-PM)
text module (MM-SRV)
text object (CRM-BF)
text object (SCM-ECT-DLP)
text pool
text processing
text profile (BC-SRV-CM)
text profile (SCM-ECT-DLP)
text qualifier
Text Replacement Tool
text schema
text snippet
text string
text symbol (BC-ABA)
text symbol (BC-DWB-TOO)
text table
text to speech
text type (CA-GTF-DOB)
text type (CRM-BF)
text type (PS)
text type (SCM-ECT-DLP)
text type (SD)
text type (SRM-EBP)
text variable (BC-TWB)
text variable (PE-LSO)
text variable for characteristics
text variable for selection parameters
text-like data type
text-mining engine
text-mining index
textual cross-reference
The National Archives
Theil coefficient
theme (BC-BSP)
theme (BC-FES-ITS)
theme (CRM-ISA-AUC)
theme (EP)
theme (IS-AFS)
theme (SBO)
theme category
Theme Editor
theoretical shrinkage
therapeutic class
therapy frequency
thermal gas billing
thickness of tranche
third country
third party service provider
third-party business transaction
third-party logistics
third-party logistics location
third-party logistics provider
third-party management
third-party order processing
third-party partner integration
third-party payer
third-party planned independent requirement
third-party provision of components
third-party purchase order
third-party rights
third-party settlement risk
third-party share of collateral value
third-party suit against legal action
third-party wage type
thread (BC)
thread (EP-KM-COL)
Thread Manager
thread resource protection
thread system
threaded nomination
three-phase model
three-step stock transfer procedure
threshold (SBO)
threshold (SRM-CM)
threshold (XAP-CQM)
threshold consumption
threshold period
threshold value (CO-PC)
threshold value (EP-PCT-MAN)
threshold value (PLM-CPR)
threshold value (RE)
threshold value for remaining liability
threshold value for reserve
threshold value for retention
threshold value reserve
threshold value violation
thrift savings plan
throughput agreement
thumbnail plug-in
thumbnail repository
ticket verification library
Ticket Verifier for Lotus Domino
ticketing/labeling text type
tickler process
tickler process subtype
tickler process type
tickler type
tied bids
tied empties
tier (BC-CST)
tier (CRM-MKT)
tiered growth rebate
tight coupling
tightened inspection
tile portrayal
tile set
time account
time allocation
time allocation type
time and labor data
time balance
time base
time base and exposure to inflation variant
time between two DRP planning runs
time bucket
time bucket object
time buckets profile
time category (PT)
time category (SCM-EM)
time confirmation
time constraint (PA)
time constraint (PT)
time control
time data
time data ID
time decomposition
time dependency
time dependency by means of planned changes
time deposit agreement
time document
time evaluation
time evaluation data
time evaluation for concurrent employment
time evaluation message
time evaluation schema
time event
time fence
time field
time identifier
time interval (BC-SRV)
time interval (PS)
time interval (SCM-APO-PPS)
time leveling (CA-TS)
time leveling (PT)
time limit
time limit for error message
time limit for warning message
time limit sequence
time logic
Time Management
time model
time model function
time of loss/claim
time over target
time pair
time periods
time portion
time pricing
time profile (BC-CCM)
time profile (SCM-ICH)
time proportionality
time quota
time recording (IS-A-DBM)
time recording (PT)
time recording ID card
time restriction
time scale (BC-FES-GRA)
time scale (BC-FES-GRA)
time scale (PP-CRP)
time schedule
time series (FS-BA-PM-HP)
time series (SCM-APO-PPS-RSP)
time series (SCM-BAS)
time series data area
time series data management
time series data type
time series horizon
time series model
time series type
time since new
time since overhaul
time since repair
time slice (AP-MD)
time slice (IS-U-BI)
time slice (PSM-GM)
time slice generator
time slot (IS-H)
time slot (IS-U-WM)
time slot (LE)
time slot duration
time slot profile
time specification type
time stamp (BC-ABA)
time stamp (IS-A-DBM)
time statement
time statement form
time stream
time substitution
time ticket
time ticket for individual incentive wages
time tracking balance
time transfer specifications
time type
time unit (ICM)
time unit (SAP)
time unit (SCM-EWM)
time wage
time wage type
time wage type selection
time-based aggregation
Time-based approach
time-based constraint
time-based equipment
time-based field
time-based maintenance plan
time-based price
time-based scenario
time-continuous capacity
time-dependent address usage
time-dependent condition
time-dependent data
time-dependent limit
time-dependent master data
time-dependent parameter
time-dependent product determination
time-dependent project version
time-dependent publishing
time-dependent view
time-frame check
time-independent condition
time-independent event
time-now line
time-off request
time-phased materials planning
time-related supply limit
time-sensitive drug
Timeout Service
timeslot group
TIP entry
title (BC-FES-GUI)
title (SBO)
title area
title bar
title carrier route
title code
title element
title group
title master
TLB profile
TLB shipment
TMS Trusted Services
to be archived
TO item processing time
TO splitting
to-bin strategy
today scheduling
toggle button
toggle hold
tolerance (FI)
tolerance (PM)
tolerance (QM)
tolerance change
tolerance group
tolerance interval
tolerance key
tolerance lane
tolerance level
tolerance limit (IS-A)
tolerance limit (MM-IV)
tolerance limit for reducing an invoice
tolerance period
tolerance profile
tolerance range
tolerance value check
tolerance window
tolerated credit limit
tone mark
Tonnage band
tool area
Tool Business Information Warehouse system
tool menu
tool set
tool set management
toolbar (BC-ABA)
toolbar (EP-PIN-NAV)
tooth history
tooth notation
tooth number
top consolidation group
top down budgeting
top event handler
top include
top n item
top n product list
top node
top settlement unit
top-down fixing
top-level component
top-level navigation (EP)
top-level navigation (EP-KM)
top-level navigation bar
top-level work item
topic (CRM-MSA)
topic (EP-PIN-PSL)
topic (MP-APP-CR)
topic (XAP-PD)
total accrual value
total available
total cash compensation
total claim expenditure
total commitment
total compensation statement
total confirmation
total consumption
total demand
total DRP/deployment lead time
total float
total lead time
total package scheme
total position
total rate
total receipts
total record range
total replenishment lead time
total required capacity
total revaluation at retail
total shelf life (LE-WM)
total shelf life (SCM-APO-SNP)
total time
total variance
total weight of a means of transportation
total weight of a packing proposal
totals item (EC-CS)
totals item (FI-LC)
totals record (CO)
totals record (FI)
totals table
tour (IS-BEV-DSD)
tour (IS-BEV-LO-RP)
tour - activity type
tour determination
tour master
trace (BC-FES-ITS)
trace (BC-JAS)
trace (EP)
trace file
trace function
trace level
trace location
trace logging
tracing (BC-JAS)
tracing (IS-MP)
tracing document
tracing factor
tracing table
track connection
tracked time view
tracking (IS-M-AMC)
tracking (LE)
tracking agent
tracking attribute
tracking ID
tracking ID code set
tracking identification
tracking limit
tracking number
tracking partner
tracking point
tracking record
tracking service provider profile
tracking service provider profile registration
tracking signal
tracking-related event type
tract of land
trade marketing manager
trade planning
trade promotion
trade promotion agreement
trade promotion guideline
trade promotion management
Trade Promotion Management
trade to sales ratio
trade-off zone
trader authorization
trader's & schedulers's workbench
trading contract
Trading Execution Workbench
trading expense type
trading expenses
trading goods category
trading partner
trading transaction
trading unit
trading unit order
traditional Chinese
traditional securitization
traffic light
trailer (BC-TWB)
trailer (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
trailer (SCM-APO-VS)
trailer record
trailing leaf NULL
Train-the-Trainer Workshop
training activity
training data
training date
training document
Training Management
training needs analysis
training provider
training session
tranche (FI)
tranche (FS-TXS)
tranche index
transaction (BC-ABA)
transaction (BC-DWB)
transaction (CA-FIM)
transaction (FI)
transaction (FI-AF-DPC)
transaction (FS-PM)
transaction (ICM)
transaction (SD)
transaction authorization
transaction category
transaction code (BC-DWB)
transaction code (SBO)
transaction completed
transaction condition
transaction count
transaction count item
transaction counter
transaction currency (CA-EUR)
transaction currency (CO)
transaction currency (EC-CS)
transaction currency (FI-LC)
transaction currency (FS-AM)
transaction data
transaction data measurement
transaction date
transaction demarcation
transaction difference
transaction document
transaction figures (FI)
transaction figures (FS-AM-IM-BC)
transaction form
transaction group
transaction hedge
transaction history (CRM)
transaction history (CRM-BTX)
Transaction ID
transaction journal
transaction launcher
transaction number (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
transaction number (SBO)
transaction number (SD)
transaction record
Transaction Recorder
transaction register
transaction report
Transaction Service
transaction synchronization
transaction tax
Transaction Tax Engine
transaction type (CRM)
transaction type (EC-CS)
transaction type (EC-PCA)
transaction type (FI-AA)
transaction type (FI-LC)
transaction type (FIN-CGV-MIC)
transaction type (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
transaction type (FIN-SEM-BCS)
transaction type (FS-AM)
transaction type (FS-SR)
transaction type (IS-A-RL)
transaction type (IS-EC-CEM)
transaction type (SBO)
transaction type (SRM-EBP)
transaction type (XAP-OSP)
Transaction type
transaction type category
transaction type symbol
transaction valid until further notice
transaction variant
transaction-based allocation
transaction-related billing
transaction/event type
transactional buffer
transactional Remote Function Call
transactional user
transactions for commission contract
transfer (CA-TS)
transfer (EC-CS)
transfer (FI-LC)
transfer (IS-H)
transfer (PA-PM)
transfer (PS)
transfer (PSM-FM)
transfer amount
transfer business transaction
transfer contract
transfer control
transfer costs
transfer grouping
transfer method
transfer of reserves
transfer order (LE-WM)
transfer order (SCM-EWM)
transfer order for multiple deliveries
transfer order split
transfer period
transfer posting (FI)
transfer posting (FI-CA)
transfer posting (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
transfer posting (MM-IM)
transfer posting document
transfer price (CO-PC)
transfer price (EC-PCA)
transfer price (IS-R)
transfer price agreement
transfer price allocation
transfer price variant
transfer quantity
transfer request
transfer requirement
transfer rule (BW-WHM)
transfer rule (FS-AM-CM)
transfer rule (FS-AM-IM-CC)
transfer share
transfer structure (BW-WHM)
transfer structure (CO-PC)
transfer time
transfer tracking
transfer type
transfer variant
transfer wage type
transfer, direct
transfer, indirect
transferred condition
transferred quantity
transferred remuneration line
transformation (BC-SRV)
transformation (BW-WHM)
Transformation Editor
transformation file
transformed price
transformer group
transhipment location
transient transition
transit customs office
transit time
transition (BC-SRV-PMI)
transition (CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ)
transition (PY)
transition service
transition speed
transitional collateral
translation (FS-BA-PM-FC)
translation (TR)
translation date
translation difference
translation entry (EC-CS)
translation entry (FI-LC)
translation method
translation ratio (EC-CS)
translation ratio (FI-LC)
Translation Worklist Editor
translator (BC-FES-GRA)
translator (BC-SRV-EDI)
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
transmission grid
transmission grid operator
transmission information
transmission log
transmission medium
transmission protocol
transmission report
transmission system operator
transmitting tax company
transparent flag
transparent matchcode
transparent table
transport application
transport category
transport control program
transport directory
transport documents
transport domain
transport domain controller
transport equipment (IS-R)
transport equipment (LE-YM)
transport group
transport into next system
transport layer (BC-CTS)
transport layer (BC-JAS-SEC)
Transport Layer Security
Transport Load Builder
transport log
Transport Management System
Transport Organizer
Transport Organizer Tools
transport profile
transport proposal
transport request
transport symbol
transport track
transport type (EHS)
transport type (FI-AA)
transport unit (EHS)
transport unit (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
transportable change request
Transportation and Distribution
transportation chain
transportation costs
transportation cross-docking
transportation group (SCM-APO-TP)
transportation group (SD)
transportation lane
transportation lead time
transportation mode
transportation planning
Transportation Planning
transportation planning date
transportation planning point
transportation report
transportation resource
transportation scheduling
transportation service provider
transportation service provider selection
transportation unit
transportation zone (IS-BEV-LO-RP)
transportation zone (SD)
transporter ranking
transshipment location
trash folder
travel costs
travel distance
travel distance calculation
travel expenses assignment specification
travel flat rate
Travel Management
travel privilege
travel profile
treasury confirmation
treasury ID
treasury subclass code
Treasury workstation
treatable exception
treatment and cost plan
treatment category
treatment certificate
treatment certificate category
treatment certificate priority
treatment certificate type (IS-H)
treatment certificate type (IS-H)
treatment context
treatment diagnosis
treatment plan
treatment program
treatment sequence
treatment unit
tree (BC-FES)
tree (IS-T)
tree (SBO)
tree type
trend (CPM-BPC)
trend (QM)
trend dampening profile
trend model
trend value
TREX Cruiser
TREX engine
TREX INI File Editor
TREX Search Engine
TREX service
TREX Text Mining Engine
trial balance
trial balance budget report
trial balance comparison
triangular deal
Trigg's tracking signal
trigger (FS-TXS)
trigger (SCM-BAS-PSM)
trigger date
trigger file
trigger level
trigger of the commission contract type
trigger point
trigger point group
trigger type
triggered report
triggering event (BC-BMT-WFM)
triggering event (FS-BA-AN-PA)
triggering method
triggering object type
trip (SCM-APO-SPP)
trip (SCM-EWM)
trip plan
trip provision
trip provision variant
trip provisions
trip request
trip rule
trip schema
trivial amount
Troubleshooting Roadmap
truck route contract
true full-time employment
trust store
trusted system
trusting system
truth value
tumble duplex printing
turnaround time
turnover class
TV production
twelfth rule
twisted pair
two-date pricing
two-dimensional period management
two-dimensional pricing
two-dimensional time dependency
two-dimensional versioning
two-level rounding
two-step confirmation
two-step picking
two-step production confirmation
two-step stock transfer procedure
two-step transfer
two-system landscape
two-way link
type (BC-ABA)
type (BC-SRV-RM)
type (IS-B-RA)
type category
type conversion
type group (BC-ABA)
type group (BC-DWB-DIC)
type linkage
type linkage table
type name
type of business
type of case end
type of coverage
type of flat rate per case
type of industry
type of input tax distribution
type of loss
type of module correspondence
type of previous document
type of reported data
type of scheduled payment
type of settlement unit
type of stock exchange listing
type of technical object
type one cash flow disturbance
type two cash flow disturbance
typical order lot size
typing (BC-ABA)
typing (BC-DWB-TOO)
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