Start of Content Area
P table
P&L close
P&L statement account type
P11d form
P4 Provider Service
PA transfer structure
pack-size-oriented rounding method
package (BC-DWB-TOO)
package (BC-MID-BUS)
package (CRM-IM-IPM)
package (CRM-MD)
package (EC-EIS)
package (EP-VC)
package (FS-BA)
package (IS-A-DBM)
package (IS-EC-CEM)
package (PY-RU)
Package Builder
package category
package component
package creation method
package element (BC-DWB-TOO)
package element (CRM-IM-IPM)
package heuristic
package integration file
package interface
Package Manager
package object
package product (CRM-MD)
package product (FS-PM)
package quotation
package size
package type (FS-BA)
package type (IS-A-DBM)
package type (IS-BEV-VSO)
package type (PY-RU)
package variant
Packaged Solution
packaging (EHS)
packaging (LO-HU)
packaging (SCM-APO-MSP)
packaging code
packaging hierarchy
packaging layer
packaging material (LE)
packaging material (LE-YM)
packaging material (SCM-EWM)
packaging specification
packaging unit
packed format
packed goods
packed goods movement quantity
packed number
packet size
packet switching
packet type
packing group (EHS)
packing group (IS-BEV-VSO)
packing instruction
Packing Instruction Number
packing list
packing mode
packing proposal type
packing proposal with closed packing
packing steps
packing transaction
packing transaction profile
page (BC-DB)
page (BC-SRV-SCR)
page (CRM)
page (EP-PIN-NAV)
page area
page attribute
page block
page break
Page Builder
page content panel
page control
page counter
page element
page fault rate
page faults
page footer
page format (BC-CCM-PRN)
page format (IS-M-AM)
page fragment
page header (BC-ABA)
page header (BC-WD)
page history
Page Layout View
Page List View
page orientation
page pattern
page title bar
page-in rate
page-out rate
page/column format
paging (BC-CST-MM)
paging (CRM-CIC)
paging (EP-COP)
paging buffer
paging file
paid nonwork
pair formation
pair type
pallet note
pallet position
pallet type
Palm Pilot
pane container
panel dentist association
panel group
panel physician association
panel physician association billing
par rate
paragraph attribute
paragraph format
paragraph style
paragraph tag
parallel discontinuation
parallel processing
parallel processing control
parallel sequence
parallel workflow
parameter (BC-ABA)
parameter (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
parameter area
parameter area determination grouping
parameter configuration
parameter dictionary
parameter effectivity
parameter group
parameter hierarchy
parameter interface
parameter line
parameter object
parameter optimization
parameter record
parameter transaction
parameter variant
parameter-dependent ATP safety stock
parameterized setting
parcel map
parcel tracking
parcel update
parent account
parent bucket
parent category
parent company
parent finder
parent folder
parent item
parent location
parent object
parent product price
parent purchase order
parent requirement
parent segment
parent template
parent unit
parental leave
parenthetical expression
pareto analysis
park (MM-IV)
park (PSM-FM)
parked invoice document
parking space (LE)
parking space (SCM-EWM)
part (CA-GTF-RCM)
part (IS-A-DBM)
part availability information
part availability inquiry
part number change
part of line network
part of storage bin
part period balancing (PP)
part period balancing (PP-MRP)
part provided
part to be returned
part-day absence
part-inclusive rent
part-time absence
part-time insurance agent
part-time student
part-time work
partial bill
partial cancellation
partial cancellation of goods receipt
partial clearing
partial confirmation
partial cost efficiency analysis
partial delivery
partial goods receipt
partial HU
partial invoice
partial limit
partial liquidation
partial load cross-docking
partial order
partial pallet
partial pallet quantity
partial payment
partial period factor
partial period parameter
partial pricing
partial purchase order
partial quantity (LE-WM)
partial quantity (MP-APP-DPE)
partial revaluation at retail
partial right
partial settlement (CRM-RB)
partial settlement (MM)
partial surrender
partial tax amount
partial use
partially active object
participant (BC-DOC)
participant (FIN-FSCM-BC)
participant (ICM)
participant (MP-APP-DPE)
participant (PE-LSO)
participant (PY-JP)
participant (SRM-EBP-VE)
participant account (FS-AM-CM-CA)
participant account (FS-AM-CM-MC)
participant account (FS-MCM-MC)
participant appraisal
participant card
participant group
participant list
participant master contract
participant role
participant type
participation (ICM)
participation (PA-BN)
participation agreement
participation condition
participation group
participation ID
participation menu
participation monitor
participation overview
participation role
participation service
participation transfer
participation type
participation-ineligible person
participation-waiting person
particulars of examination carried out
partition (BC-CCM)
partition (BC-CCM-ADK)
partition (MDM)
partly exempt organization
partner (BC-SRV-EDI)
partner (CO-PC)
partner (CRM)
partner (FIN-FSCM-BC)
partner (ICM)
partner agreement
partner ascertainment
partner ascertainment controller
partner ascertainment instruction
partner ascertainment method
partner ascertainment rule
partner ascertainment strategy
partner authorization group
Partner Connectivity Kit
partner cost component split
partner determination
partner determination log
partner determination procedure
partner function (CRM)
partner function (FS-CMS)
partner function (IM)
partner function (SD)
partner function (SRM)
partner function category
partner list
Partner Manager
partner message
partner number
partner of a partnership
partner overview
partner portal
partner profile
partner role
partner role assignment
partner role technical category
partner sales activity
partner schema
partner screen
partner service advisor
Partner Shop
partner team
partner type
partner unit
partner version
partner-dependent data
partner-dependent location data
partner-dependent partner data
partner-dependent partner description
partner-dependent partner number
partner-dependent product category
partner-dependent product data
partner-specific location description
partner-specific location number
partner-specific product description
partner-specific product number
partner/product range
partner/product range listing
partner/product range ranking
partner/product range rule
partner/product range type
partnership business
partnership type
parts interchangeability
parts package
party liable to duty
party responsible for settlement
pass by reference
pass by value
pass on rate
pass phrase
pass-on percentage rate
passed value
passenger accident insurance
Passenger Name Record
passive account
passive attack
passive document splitting
passive means of transport
passive return
passive subscription
passthrough funding
passthrough grant
password authentication
password self-service
past exposure examination
past period
patch integration file
patch level
patch system
path extension
path symbol
patient assignment
patient category
patient class
patient classification system
patient consent
patient day
patient demographics
patient healthcare identifier (for data exchange)
patient in hospital beyond specified key date
patient management (IS-H)
patient management (SAP)
patient merge
patient overview
patient record ID
patient traffic list
patient type
patient viewer
patient viewer mode
pattern (BC-ESI)
pattern (EHS)
Pattern Matching System
pattern wizard
Patterson Job Grading System
paused (MP-APP-DPE)
paused (SRM-LA)
pay rate determinant
pay scale area
pay scale group
pay scale grouping
pay scale jump due to age
pay scale jump due to seniority
pay scale structure
pay scale type
pay type
payable account
payables/receivables aging report
payer (FI-CA)
payer (FIN-FSCM-BC)
payer (IS-CHN)
payer (SD)
payer invoice
payer with customer account
paying bank
payload (BC-SRV-PMI)
payload (BC-XI)
payload interface
payment advances
payment advice
payment advice note
payment agreement (FI-CA)
payment agreement (ICM)
payment arrears
payment bank ID
payment behavior summary
payment block
payment block reason
payment blocking indicator
payment budget
payment card (IS-R)
payment card (SD)
payment card category
payment card company (IS-R)
payment card company (SD)
payment card details
payment card plan
payment card plan item
payment card type
payment category
payment condition offset method
payment data (PY)
payment data (RE)
payment data (RE)
payment date
payment details
payment device
payment directive (FS-MCM)
payment directive (PSM-FM)
payment directive category
payment directive object
payment directive type
payment distribution
payment distribution directive
payment distribution proxy
payment distribution system
payment due
Payment Engine (FS-PE)
Payment Engine (SBO)
payment fee
payment form (FS-AM-IM)
payment form (RE)
payment form identification number
payment form number
payment frequency
payment guarantee procedure
payment history analysis
payment instruction for clearing
payment item
payment item category
payment lot
payment matching
payment means
payment medium format
payment medium format supplement
Payment Medium Workbench
payment method (FI)
payment method (FS-AM-IM-IT)
payment method (ICM)
payment method (SBO)
payment notes category
payment notice
payment office
payment on account
payment on written-off receivables
payment option
payment order
payment order proxy
payment period (SBO)
payment period (SCM-ICH-IV)
payment plan (FS-CD)
payment plan (IS-U-IN)
payment plan category
payment plan item
payment plan reversal
payment plan subitem
payment plan type
payment priority
payment program
payment provision
payment recipient (FS-PM)
payment recipient (IS-R)
payment reference category
payment reference number (SBO)
payment reference number (SD)
payment reference type
payment relationship type
payment release agreement
Payment Release List
payment report for residence tax
payment request (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
payment request (PSM-FM)
payment request claim
payment run
payment schedule (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
payment schedule (FS-CM)
payment scheme
payment specification
payment statistical sampling
payment status
payment target
payment term code
payment terms
payment tolerance
payment transaction counter
payment transactions
payment type
payment wizard
payout date
payroll account
payroll area
payroll control record
payroll driver
payroll form
payroll infotype
payroll journal
payroll number
payroll period
payroll periodicity
payroll program, accounting program
payroll reporting
payroll simulation
payroll type
PC connection
PC download
PC editor
PC mode
PCA lock duration
PD band
PDA application
PDA report
PDF module
PDF object
PDF renderer
PDL type
peacetime establishment
peak sales rule
peak test
peculiarity code
pegged order
pegged requirement
pegged requirements display
pegging (IS-AD-GPD)
pegging (IS-OIL-DS-TSW)
pegging (PP-MRP)
pegging (PS)
pegging (SCM-APO-PPS)
pegging area
pegging horizon
pegging interval
pegging overview
pegging quantity
pegging relationship
pegging strategy
pegging structure
pegging type
penalty cost group
penalty cost group profile
pending cases
pending hedging relationship
pending item
pending obsolescence date
pending sale
pendulum list
pension account
pension fund
pension office
pension plan (PA-BN-FB-GB)
pension plan (PA-PF)
pension product
pension selling
pension-relevant condition
pensionable earnings
pensionable income
pensionable working hours
pensioner certificate
per diem and flat rate settlement
per diem benefit scale
per-project view
percentage based liquidation
percentage deadband
percentage increase
percentage of completion
percentage rate of increase
percentage smoothing
percentage value
percentage write-down
percentage-based offset method
Performance Assessment Workbench
performance attribute
performance category
performance data (BC-CCM)
performance data (BC-DWB-TOO)
performance data (LE)
performance data file
performance database
performance document
performance efficiency rate
Performance Indicator
performance log
Performance Measurement
performance overview
performance parameter
performance profile
performance-based amount
performance-based campaign
performance-based equipment
performance-based maintenance plan
performance-related remuneration
performer role
performing organizational unit
performing work center
period (AC)
period (ICM)
period accounting
period balance
period basic category
period budget
period category
period closing program
period code
period consumption
period control (FI-AA)
period control (IS-U-BI)
period control (SBO)
period control method
period determination (IS-OIL-DS-MAP)
period determination (PY-DE)
period determination rule
period end date
period factoring method
period for general terms of utility service
period hours to date
period indicator
period key
period length
period lock
period lot-sizing procedure (PP-MRP)
period lot-sizing procedure (SCM-APO-PPS)
period management
period number
period of adjustment
period of notice
period of responsibility
period of use
period package
period package creation
period parameter
period pattern
period pay to date
period profile
period rate
period regulation
period rule
period rule version
period split (PP-MRP)
period split (SCM-APO)
period start date
period status
period tax
period type
period version
period work schedule
period-based encumbrance tracking
period-based validity
period-end billing
period-end billing schema
period-end closing (CO)
period-end closing (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
period-end closing (SBO)
period-end partner
period-specific condition
periodic allocation
periodic appointment
periodic bank statement
periodic billing
periodic budget
periodic closing balance
Periodic Declarations
periodic examination
periodic extract
periodic fee
periodic inventory
periodic material
periodic payment
periodic posting
periodic reduction of goodwill
periodic replacement
periodic reposting
periodic resource view
periodic unit price
periodicity (ICM)
periodicity (IS-R)
perishables EAN
permanent authentication
permanent extension
permanent file
permanent generation
permanent marker
permanent parameter
permission group
permit category
permit class
permit group
permitted transition
permitted user
Peromnes Job Grading System
persist duration
persistence adapter
persistence layer (EP-PIN)
persistence layer (MP-APP-CR)
persistence manager
persistency indicator
persistent class
persistent data
persistent document
persistent object
persistent object ID
Persistent Staging Area
person (CRM-IPS)
person (PA)
person affected
person group
person grouping
person involved
person responsible
person responsible for role
person responsible for shift
person subgroup
personal calendar
personal catalog
Personal Digital Assistant
personal enforcement title
personal folder
personal ID (FI)
personal ID (FI)
personal identification number (FI)
personal identification number (IS-H)
personal identification number (PA-PA)
personal identification number (SD)
personal item
personal ledger account
personal note (EP-KM-COL)
personal note (SRM-SUD)
personal object worklist
Personal Security Environment
personal toolbar
Personal View
personal-type defined contribution pension plan
personalization (BC-DWB-CEX)
personalization (EP)
personalization and roles
personalization application
personalization characteristic
personalization data
personalization dialog
personalization framework
personalization hierarchy
personalization profile
personalized mail
personalized product recommendation
personalized response code
personnel action
personnel action type
personnel area
personnel assignment (IS-DFS)
personnel assignment (PA-CE)
personnel assignment grouping reason
personnel assignment grouping rule
personnel assignment grouping value
personnel calculation rule (PT)
personnel calculation rule (PY)
personnel calculation schema (PT)
personnel calculation schema (PY)
personnel categories
personnel change request
personnel cost plan
Personnel Cost Planning (PA-CM)
Personnel Cost Planning (PA-CP)
personnel cost savings
personnel country grouping
personnel file
personnel information
personnel number substitution
Personnel Office Identifier
Personnel Office Indicator
personnel order
personnel planning
personnel planning component
personnel structure
personnel subarea
personnel subarea grouping for attendance/absence types
personnel subarea grouping for daily work schedules
personnel subarea grouping for substitution types/availabili
personnel subarea grouping for time quota types
personnel subarea grouping for time recording
personnel subarea grouping for work schedules
personnel upper limit
perspective (CA-GTF-TS)
perspective (FIN-SEM-CPM)
petroleum tax
petty cash
PF function
PFO archiving
PFO version
phantom assembly
phantom balancing
phantom change number
phantom item
phantom object
pharmaceutical central number
pharmaceutical technology
pharmacy benefit manager
pharmeceutical form
phase (CA-GTF-ECM)
phase (CAF-GP)
phase (PLM-CPR)
phase (PM)
phase (PP-PI)
phase (SV-ASA)
phase (XAP-IEP)
phase-in forecasting
phase-in group
phase-in profile
Phase-in substance
phase-out forecasting
phase-out group
phase-out profile
phased check
phone call calendar
phone call cycle
phone call list
phone call overwiev
phonemic writing
phonetic search
phonetic search term
phrase (BC-SRV-KPR-RET)
phrase (EHS)
phrase group
phrase item
phrase library
phrase reference
phrase set
physical asset
physical blocking
physical collateral
physical document
physical info object
physical inventory (LE)
physical inventory (MM-IM)
physical inventory area
physical inventory count
physical inventory count document
physical inventory document
physical inventory planning object
physical inventory planning object number
physical inventory price
physical inventory status
Physical Markup Language
physical measurement ticket
physical object category
physical order
physical path
physical provisioning
physical sample
physical stock
physical-sample container
physical-sample drawing
physically withdrawn quantity
physician fee catalog
physicians' chamber
PI sheet
PI-PCS interface
pick and pack (SBO)
pick and pack (SCM-EWM)
pick document
pick from goods receipt
pick list (IS-A-JIT)
pick list (MDM)
pick list (SBO)
pick list report
pick part
pick point
pick quantity
pick request
pick sequence
pick transfer order
pick-handling unit
pick-up and drop-off point
pick-up business
pick-up list
pick, pack, and pass rule
pick/pack time
picked items location
picker (CAF-GP)
picker (SBO)
picking area
picking bin
picking from fixed storage bin
picking load
picking technique
Picture Archiving and Communication System
piece list
piecework wage (PT)
piecework wage (PY)
pipeline (BC-XI)
pipeline (CRM-ANA)
pipeline (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
pipeline controller
pipeline material
Pipeline Performance Management
pipeline service
pipeline shipment
pipeline transport
place into a customs status
Plain Old Telephone Service
plain text
plan (FS-MCM-PDM)
plan (PE)
plan (PE-LSO)
plan (SAP)
plan (SCM-APO)
plan (SCM-SOP)
plan activity quantity
plan approval and review time
plan category
plan characteristic
plan clearing account
plan cost splitting
plan credit
plan data
plan debit
plan indicator
Plan Monitor
plan number
plan option
plan payment agreement
plan payment details
plan reconciliation
plan scenario
plan simulation
plan statement
plan status
plan structure
plan submission horizon
plan task
plan type
plan version (CO)
plan version (CO-OM-CCA)
plan version (IM)
plan version (IS-R)
plan version (PA-OS)
plan-driven procurement
planned (PA)
planned (SBO)
planned activation date
planned article
planned budget
planned budget/resources
planned capacity requirement
planned capital
planned completion date
planned completion period
planned consumption
planned cost of goods manufactured
planned costs
planned counter reading
planned cross-docking
planned cumulative delivered quantity
planned data
planned date
planned delivery time
planned demand
planned downtime
planned finish date
planned growth
planned independent requirement
planned input quantity
planned item
planned lot size (CO-PC)
planned lot size (PP)
planned markup
planned material
planned objective value
planned order (PP-MRP)
planned order (SCM-APO-PPS)
planned order for stock transfer
planned order quantity
planned price iteration
planned price release
planned principle
planned product costs
planned production unit
planned profit
planned purchase order
planned rate
planned receipt (MM-IM)
planned receipt (SCM-ICH)
planned receipts before deployment
planned record
planned results analysis
planned revenue
planned sales
planned scrap
planned scrap quantity
planned scrap quantity based on components
planned shipment
planned spending value
planned start date
planned takt time
planned time pair
planned TO processing time
planned to pull
planned to push
planned total duration
planned withdrawal
planned working time
planner (GRC)
planner (IS-U-WA)
planner (SRM-SUP)
planner profile (CO)
planner profile (FI-SL)
planning account
planning activity area
planning and simulation
planning application
planning area
planning board (PE)
planning board (PE-LSO)
planning book
planning buckets profile
planning by visual inspection
planning calendar (PP-MRP)
planning calendar (SCM-APO-MD)
planning characteristics
planning context
planning cycle
planning document (CO)
planning document (LE-WM-CD)
planning duration
planning element (CO)
planning element (EP-PCT-EXP)
planning element (IS-A-S2L)
planning feature
planning file
planning file entry (PP-MRP)
planning file entry (SCM-APO-PPS)
planning function
planning function type
planning group (FI)
planning group (SCM-APO-PPS)
planning hierarchy (IS-R)
planning hierarchy (PP)
planning horizon (IS-A-S2L)
planning horizon (IS-U-WM)
planning horizon (PP-MRP)
planning ID
planning interval
planning key
planning key figure
planning layout (CO)
planning layout (FI-SL)
planning length
planning level
planning location
planning material
planning menu (PE)
planning menu (PE-LSO)
planning mode
planning object (IS-H)
planning object (SCM-APO-FCS)
planning object (SCM-EWM)
planning object structure
planning of available stock
planning of open to buy
planning package
planning package type
planning period (CO)
planning period (PA-CM)
planning period (PP-FLW)
planning period (SCM-APO-PPS)
planning period (SCM-EWM)
planning plant (LO)
planning plant (PM)
planning plant (PP)
planning profile (CO)
planning profile (FIN-SEM-BPS)
planning profile (SCM-BAS-PSM)
planning run type
planning scenario (IS-R)
planning scenario (PA-CP)
planning scenario (PM)
planning scope
planning segment (AP-PPE)
planning segment (PP-FLW)
planning sequence (BW-PLA)
planning sequence (FIN-SEM-BPS)
planning service
planning step
planning step link
planning table
planning table profile
planning template
planning time fence
planning tool
planning type
planning unit
planning variance
planning variant (IS-B-SA-ALM)
planning variant (LO-VC)
planning version (PP)
planning version (SCM-APO)
planning view
planning with aggregated resources
planning with original batch purity
Planning Workbench
planning-related minimum interval
planning-related offset
planning-relevant event
plant and equipment
plant assignment
plant class
plant consumption
plant data collection
plant group
plant ID card
plant layout
plant maintenance (PM)
plant maintenance (SAP)
plant master
plant master record
plant section
plant storage area
plant-specific material view
plant-specific purchasing organization
platform test
plausibility check
PLM document
PLM document category
PLU number
plug-in interface
PM structure element
PMI Service
PO Package
POC method
point of delivery
point of delivery category
point of delivery group
point of delivery ID
point of delivery service
point of delivery type
point of generation
Point of Presence
point of receipt
point of sale (IS-M-SD)
point of sale (IS-R)
point table
poisonous by inhalation
policy and product management
policy configuration
policy data
policy expiration date
policy issue
policy loan
policy management system
policy product
policy snapshot
policy status
policy validation
policyholder change
political entity
political regional structure
poll (EP-KM)
poll (MP-APP-CR)
polygon overlay
pool (FS-BA-PM-HP)
pool (MM)
pool category
pool contract (CRM-BTX-CTR)
pool contract (FS-AM-CM)
pool formation type
pool layer
pool linkage
Pool Manager
pool markdown
pool merging
pool of instances
pool of orders/operations
pool of receivables
pool printer
pooled capacity
pooled sample
pooled space
pooled table
pooling group
pooling of interests
pooling type
pooling-of-interest method
poorest quality land
pop-up level
popin (BC-FES-GUI)
popin (BC-WD-ABA)
popup menu
porfolio model for default risk
port (BC-FES-GRA)
port (BC-MID-BUS)
port (BC-NET)
port (BC-SRV-EDI)
port (EP-VC)
port definition
port number
portable data capture unit
Portable Document Format
Portable Interactive Graphics
portal (EP)
portal (EP)
Portal Activity Report
Portal AdminCenter
portal administrator
portal application
Portal Archive file
Portal Catalog
portal component
portal component name
portal component profile
Portal Connection Framework
portal content
portal content area
Portal Content Directory
Portal Content Studio
Portal DB Assistant
portal desktop
portal desktop template
Portal Display Rules Editor
portal federation
portal header area
portal integration and information deployment
portal monitoring
portal object
Portal Object Model
portal registry
portal role
Portal Runtime
Portal Runtime Container Service
Portal Runtime Technology
portal server
Portal Server Monitor
portal system database
portal tenant
portal title bar
portal Web server
portfolio (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
portfolio (ICM-PFO)
portfolio (IS-R)
portfolio (XAP-RPM)
portfolio assignment
portfolio assignment object
portfolio category
portfolio fair value hedging relationship
portfolio graphic
portfolio header
portfolio hedge calculator
portfolio hierarchy
portfolio item (FS-BA-PM-FC)
portfolio item (XAP-RPM)
portfolio item administration
portfolio item analytics
portfolio item category
portfolio item dashboard
portfolio item dependency
portfolio item ID
portfolio item name
portfolio item owner
portfolio item role
portfolio item staffing
portfolio item status
portfolio item subcategory
portfolio item template ID
portfolio item template name
portfolio item type
portfolio lifecycle
portfolio management
portfolio manager
portfolio model
portfolio phase
portfolio prioritization
portfolio prioritization scenario
portfolio reassignment
portfolio review
portfolio type
portfolio-item run
portion (FS-CMS)
portion (IS-U-BF-PS)
Ports Manager
POS aggregate
POS controller (IS-R)
POS controller (IS-R)
POS interface
POS interface - inbound
POS interface - outbound
POS plant
POS system
position (BC-SRV-RM)
position (BW-BCT)
position (FS-BA-SD)
position (FS-PM)
position (IS-B-DP)
position (PA-OS)
position (XAP-CQM)
Position Budgeting and Control
position calculation
position calculation indicator
position change
position class
position component
position hedge
position indicator (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
position indicator (IS-B-DP)
position management
position management procedure
position master data
position object
position responsible
position restriction
position sensitivity
position value
positioning column format
positive payment
positive threshold value
positive time recording
possible agent
possible entries
possible write-up from impairment
possibly temporarily inconsistent entity
post depreciation
Post Distribution Forecasting
post office bank current account indicator
post processing
Post Processing Framework
post to a prior period
post XML
post XSL
post-evaluation period
post-flex salary
post-flight inspection
post-run update
postal city
postal order
postal regional structure
postal service district
postal unit
postdated check
postdischarge hospital treatment
postdischarge treatment (IS-H)
postdischarge treatment (IS-H)
posted tax
posting (FI)
posting (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
posting (MP-APP-CR)
posting activity
posting address
posting area
posting block
posting calendar
posting category
posting change
posting change notice
posting channel
Posting Control Desktop
posting control group
posting control order
posting control rules
posting date (AP-TTE)
posting date (FI)
posting date (PSM-FM)
posting date (SBO)
posting date for end-of-day processing
posting date-based balance
posting deadline
posting document
posting gross
posting indicator
posting instance
posting item
posting journal
posting key (FI)
posting key (SBO)
posting key figure
posting key figure class
posting key figure type
posting level (EC-CS)
posting level (FIN)
posting list
posting lock
posting net
posting object
posting overview
posting period
posting rule (CO-PC)
posting rule (IS-OIL-DS-OGSD)
posting run
posting string
posting template
posting to a prior period
posting transaction
posting variant
postponed accounting system
postponed maintenance notification
postprocessing (IS-B-RA-CL)
postprocessing (IS-OIL-DS-OGSD)
Postprocessing Desktop
postprocessing order
postprocessing program
postprocessing record (PP-REM)
postprocessing record (SCM-APO-INT)
potential (CRM)
potential (PA-PD)
potential amount
potential exercise date
power administrator
power dialing
power factor adjustment ratio
power user (SCM-ICH)
power user (SV-ASA)
PP heuristic
PP planning procedure
PP value
PP/DS bucket
PP/DS bucket capacity
PP/DS horizon
PP/DS planning time fence
PP/DS production data structure
pre-flex salary
pre-flight inspection
pre-paid retirement benefits system
Pre-registration status
pre-season safety stock shift
preadmission hospital treatment
preadmission treatment
preallocated stock
preapproved insurance
prebook (PE)
prebook (PE-LSO)
prebook list (PE)
prebook list (PE-LSO)
prebooking (PE)
prebooking (PE-LSO)
prebooking list (PE)
prebooking list (PE-LSO)
preceding batch
preceding transaction
precomposed element
precondition exit
preconfigured client
preconfigured industry system
preconfigured material
Preconfigured System
predecessor (BC-CTS)
predecessor (BC-FES-GRA)
predecessor (BC-SRV-EDI)
predecessor (IS-HMED)
predecessor (PS)
predefined ABAP type
predefined column
predefined data object
predefined data type (BC-ABA)
predefined data type (BC-DWB-DIC)
predefined example portal
predefined function
predefined packing proposal
predefined property
predefined value date
predicate class
predictive dialing (CRM-CIC)
predictive dialing (IS-T)
predistribution of fixed costs
preemptive right (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
preemptive right (RE)
preevaluation period
preference agreement
preference certificate
preference criterion
preference determination
preference document
preference eligibility
preference indicator
preference law
preference model
preference procedure
preference processing
preference rule
preferential customs duty rate
preferential origin
preferential treatment
preferred item
preferred location
preferred plant
preferred storage location
preferred supplier
preferred term
prefixation period
preliminary buffer
preliminary costing (CO-PC)
preliminary costing (IS-B-PA)
preliminary input tax distribution
preliminary material
preliminary order cost estimate
preliminary plan
preliminary purchase order
preliminary request
preliminary run
preliminary settlement
preliminary succession plan
preliminary transport
premise (IS-U-MD)
premise (IS-U-WA)
premium (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
premium (ICM)
premium formula (PT)
premium formula (PT)
premium pension
premium rate
premium reserve fund
premium wage (PT)
premium wage (PT)
premium waiver
premium/benefit clearing account
prenote type
prenotification (FI-CA)
prenotification (PY)
prenumbered form
prepack (IS-AFS-SD)
prepack (IS-R)
prepack product
prepaid balance
prepaid expenses
prepaid permit
preparation bookkeeping table
preparation for consolidation (EC-CS)
preparation for consolidation (FI-LC)
preparation instruction
prepare exit
prepayment (CRM-FM)
prepayment (IS-R)
prepayment approach
prepayment meter
preposted budget
preprocessing (FS-BA-PM-CR)
preprocessing (IS-OIL-DS-OGSD)
preprocessing (SCM-EWM)
preprocessing program
preregistration number
preregistration type
prerequisite (PE)
prerequisite (PE-LSO)
prerequisite plan
prereserved amount
prescribe prescription part
prescription (CA-GTF-DOB)
prescription (FS-CM)
prescription (IS-HMED)
prescription for patient transport
preselection field
present for contract processing
present value
presentation component
presentation context
presentation date
presentation device
presentation form
presentation layer
presentation profile
presentation server
presenting complaint
Pretty Good Privacy
Pretty Printer
prevailing rent
prevention costs
preventive maintenance (PM)
preventive maintenance (PM)
preventive maintenance (PM)
preview (BC-DOC)
preview (BC-SRV-COM)
preview format
preview mode
previous claim
previous day indicator
previous document number
Previous page
previous patient
previous retirement coverage
previous standard cost estimate
previous version
price adjustment clause
price alternative
price band
price bucket
price bucket lot
price calculation
price calculation document
price calculator
price calculator environment
price change document
price class
price code
price comparison list
price content component
price content component hierarchy
price control
price determination indicator
price determiner
price difference (CO-PC)
price difference (MM)
price difference account
price family
price fixing
price group
price history
price index
price level (IS-R)
price level (MM-PUR)
price level group
price level group category
price list
price management
price package
price per price unit
price plan
price planning
Price Planning Workbench
price point
price point range
price proposal (PE)
price proposal (PE-LSO)
price protectable price
price protection (IS-HT-DRM)
price protection (IS-HT-SW)
price protection claim
price protection period
price quantity unit
price quotation record
price reference plant
price resolution
price RFx response
price set
price strategy
price table (CO)
price table (FIN-BAC-INV)
price ticket
price type (CO-PC)
price type (CRM-CHM)
price type (FIN-BAC-INV)
price unit (MM-PUR)
price unit (MP-APP-DPE)
Price Update
price-shop report
price/quantity scale
pricing (IS-R)
pricing (SD)
pricing (SRM-EBP)
pricing code
pricing component
pricing component type
pricing condition
pricing conditions
pricing differential reference code
pricing document (CRM-BE)
pricing document (IS-R)
pricing element
pricing model
pricing overview
pricing procedure (EC-PCA)
pricing procedure (SD)
pricing quantity
pricing reference material
pricing reference product
pricing scale
pricing screen
pricing strategy
pricing table
pricing type (IS-R)
pricing type (SD)
pricing worklist
pricing-procedure results table
prima nota
Prima Nota
primary account (FS-AM-CM-CA)
primary account (SBO)
primary attribute
primary back-end system
primary BOM
primary business transaction
primary buying rate
primary care sector
primary client computer
primary component
primary contact
primary cost center
primary cost component split
primary cost element
primary costs
primary data source
primary database key
primary defective part
primary diagnosis
primary document (FI-AA)
primary document (ICM)
primary e-mail address
primary entry
primary exposure
primary fiscal year variant
primary folder
primary index
primary InfoObject
primary key
primary key integrity
primary language
primary object
Primary Orbian Credit
primary output
primary product (IS-OIL-PRA-REV)
primary product (PP-PI)
primary product allocation processing
primary property
primary recipient
primary resource (PP-PI)
primary resource (SCM-APO-MD)
primary sample
primary script
primary selling rate
primary source system
primary table
primary title
primary wage type
primary window
primary-risk-reducing effect
principal authorization report
principal diagnosis
principal input
principal investigator
print action record
print authorization code
print character
print control (BC-CCM-PRN)
print control (IS-BEV-ED)
print dialog
print format
print immediately
print landscape
print layout
print list
print object
print output program
print preview
print summary
print workbench
print/debit entry date
printed text
printer control language
printer font
printer writer
printing of dunning notice
printout of changes
prior charge
prior period notification
prior vendor
prioritization horizon
prioritization of deployment stock transfers
prioritized equal distribution
priority (BC-BMT-WFM)
priority (EP-OBN)
priority (FS-CMS)
priority (LO-ECH)
priority (PSM-EC)
priority (PY)
priority (XAP-RPM)
priority class
priority factor
priority iteration
priority mode
priority of collateral
priority of inpatient admission
priority point
priority tier
PRIV mode
private (BC-ABA)
private (BC-FES-GRA)
private address book
private auction
private branch exchange
private distribution list
private folders
private key
private trash
private work area
private-use area
privately used room
pro forma invoice (IS-A-DBM)
pro forma invoice (IS-H)
pro forma invoice (SD)
pro rata interest
pro rata liability
pro rata temporis (FI-AA)
pro rata temporis (ICM)
pro rata temporis (SBO)
pro re nata medication
probability of acceptance
probability of drug allergy
probability of rejection
probable degree of confidence
probationary period
problem class
problem distribution
problem message
problem notification
problem window
procedural info parameter
procedure (BC-ABA)
procedure (CA-GTF-BS-MC)
procedure (IS-H)
procedure (PE)
procedure (PE-LSO)
procedure (SCM-APO-PPS-MMP)
Procedure (BC-DOC)
Procedure (PA)
procedure and diagnoses-oriented hospital financing
procedure coding tool
procedure for additionals
procedure profile
procedure type
procedures surcharge
process (BW-WHM)
process (CAF-GP)
process (CRM-MT)
process (PA-AS)
process (PA-ER)
process (PP)
process (PSM-FM-BCS)
process (PY)
process (SV-ASA)
process (XAP-OSP)
Process (BC-SRV-EDI)
process action
Process Activity
process agent
Process Analysis
process assembly
process audit
process batch
process batch level
process batch merge
process batch split
process block
process block profile
process block type
process capability
process capability index
process category
process chain (BW-WHM)
process chain (SV-ASA)
process class
process code (BC-SRV-EDI)
process code (EHS)
process configuration
Process Consultant
process context
process control (BC-BMT-WFM)
process control (ICM)
process control (PP-PI)
process controller
process cost allocation
process costs
process data calculation formula
process data documentation
process data request
Process Design
process documentation (BC-CUS-TOL-NAV)
process documentation (CORPORATE-SPO)
process driver
process event log
process executor
process flow (CAF-GP)
process flow (CORPORATE-SPO)
Process Flow
process flow view
process framework
process goal
Process Governance
process group (CRM-MT)
process group (SV-ASA)
process hierarchy
process ID
process identifier
process indicator
Process Information API
process inspection
process instance (BC-SRV-PMI)
process instance (BW-WHM)
process instruction (PLM-RM)
process instruction (PP-PI)
process instruction assistant
process instruction category
process instruction characteristic
process instruction type
process interface
process interim account
process level
process library
process management
process management framework
Process Management Lifecycle
process manager (GRC-SPC)
process manager (PY)
process manufacturing
process manufacturing cockpit
process material
Process Maturity
process message
process message category
process message characteristic
process message evaluation
process message subscription
process meta store
process method
process mode
process model (PY)
process model (SV-ASA)
Process Model
process model validation
process model verification
process modeling
process monitor
Process Monitoring Infrastructure
process name
process object (CORPORATE-SPO)
process object (FS-MCM-CSL)
process operation
process operations management
process operator
process operator cockpit
process or function
process order
process order merge
process owner
process parameter (FS-BA-PM-CR)
process parameter (PP-PI)
process path
Process Performance Indicator
process planning
process profile (SCM-BAS-PSM)
process profile (SCM-EWM)
process result category
process role (CAF-GP)
process role (CORPORATE-SPO)
process route
process route item
process rules
process scenario
Process Scenario
process schema
process selection matrix
process stage
process step (PP-PI)
process step (SCM-SOP)
process step (SRM-EBP-WFL)
process step (SV-SMG)
process step element
process store
process structure
process template (CAF-GP)
process template (CO-OM-ABC)
process template (PA-ER)
process template (XAP-OSP)
process time
process type (BC-DWB-TOO)
process type (BW-WHM)
process type (FI)
process type (ICM)
process type (IS-BEV-VSO)
process variant (BW-WHM)
process variant (SV-ASA)
Process Workbench Engine
process-optimized results recording
process-oriented storage control
process-related minimum interval
processed exit
Processed substance
processing area
processing block
processing category (CO)
processing category (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
processing category (FS-MCM-CSL)
processing class
processing control
processing date
processing framework
processing group
processing identifier
processing indicator
processing instruction
processing level
processing lock
processing medium
processing method
processing mode (BC-TWB)
processing mode (FS-MCM-CSL)
processing mode (ICM)
processing mode (QM)
processing mode (SCM-EM)
processing number
processing package
processing path
processing period
processing priority
processing schema
processing service provider
processing status (BC-DOC-DTL)
processing status (BC-I18-UNI)
processing status (BC-UPG-OCS)
processing status (CA-GTF)
processing status (CA-TS)
processing status (FS-MCM-CSL)
processing status (FS-MCM-MC)
processing status (PM)
processing step
processing time (CRM-MD)
processing time (PA-AS)
processing time (PP)
processing timeout
processing type (BC-CUS-TOL-NAV)
processing type (FS-MCM-CSL)
processing type (PT)
processing type (PY)
processing type (SV-ASA)
processing under customs control
processor (FI-AP)
processor (FS-AM-CM-CA)
processor (SCM-EWM)
procurement alternative
procurement card
procurement catalog
procurement document
Procurement Document Objects layer
procurement indicator
procurement lead time
procurement monitoring
procurement planning heuristic
procurement process
procurement proposal (PP-MRP)
procurement proposal (SCM-APO)
procurement quantity
procurement scheduling agreement
procurement surcharge
procurement type (MM)
procurement type (XAP-CQM)
procurement type indicator
procurement variant
procurement via broker
produced entity
producer alias
producer portal
product (AP-PPE)
product (BC)
product (CO-PC)
product (CRM-BF-CFG)
product (CRM-MD)
product (FS-AM-PR-PR)
product (FS-CMS)
product (FS-PM)
product (ICM)
product (SCM-BAS)
product (SRM)
product activity
product activity message
product allocation (SCM-APO-ATP)
product allocation (SCM-APO-ATP)
product allocation determination procedure
product allocation group
product allocation object
product allocation procedure
product allocation quantity
product allocation step (SCM-APO-ATP)
product allocation step (SD)
product allocation time series
Product and Production Management System
product assignment type
product association rule
product audit
product availability check
Product Availability Matrix
product balancing agreement
product bundle
product catalog (CRM-MD-PCT)
product catalog (IS-R)
product catalog (IS-T)
product catalog management
product category (FS-AM-PR-PR)
product category (FS-BA-PM-FC)
product category (SRM-EBP)
product category hierarchy
product category in Credit Exposure
product CFOP category
product change (FS-AM-OM-CP)
product change (FS-PM)
product change (SCM-APO-PPS-FOT)
product class (AP-PPE)
product class (FS-PM)
product class hierarchy
product combination
product configuration (CRM-BF-CFG)
product configuration (SD)
product control
Product Cost by Order
Product Cost by Order or Period
Product Cost by Period
Product Cost by Responsibility Area
Product Cost by Sales Order
product cost collector
Product Cost Controlling
Product Cost Planning
product costing
Product Data Management
product decomposition
product designer
product determination (CRM)
product determination (SCM-ICH)
product development
product element
Product Engine
product entity category
product family (MDM)
product family (SCM-SOP)
product filter
product flow
product freight group
product group (EC-CS)
product group (FS-CD)
product group (LO-LIS)
product group heuristic
product group hierarchy
product group procurement
product group type
product heuristic
product hierarchy (CO-PC)
product hierarchy (CRM-MD)
product hierarchy (IS-R)
product hierarchy (LO)
product ID (BC-CST)
product ID (CRM-MD)
product interchangeability
product life-cycle analytics
Product Lifecycle Management
product line
product line master
product linkage
product list
product list eligibility
product listing rate
product load category
product maintenance
product management
product manager (MP-APP-DPE)
product manager (SV)
product manager ID
product master
product mix
product model (FS-PM)
product model (LO)
product modeling
product modeling environment
Product Modeling Environment for Variant Configuration
product module
product module group
product object
product on aggregate level
product origin
product overview
product planning table
product property
product property type
product proposal (CRM-BTX-SVO)
product proposal (SD)
product relationship
product responsibility
product role
product segment
product service letter
product set
product structure (CRM-BF-CFG)
product structure (LO)
product structure browser
product subfamily
product substitution (CRM)
product substitution (SCM-FRE)
product substitution order
product substitution procedure
product substitution reason
product tax group (AP-MD-PRO)
product tax group (AP-TTE)
product taxability
product that is easy to configure
product to be provided
Product Tracking & Authentication
product transfer order
product transition
product tree
product type (CRM-MD)
product type (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
product type (FS-BA-PM-CR)
product type (FS-BA-PM-FC)
product type group
product unit of measure
product usage
product variant (CRM)
product variant (IS-B-PA)
product variant (SCM-APO-MD)
product variant structure
product version (LO-CM)
product version (SV)
product version change
product view (SCM-APO-PPS)
product view (SCM-APO-PPS-PPT)
product with dependent components
product-element level
product-specific transportation lane
Production and Revenue Accounting
production approach
production bill of material
production campaign
production campaign processing
production confirmation
production cost collector
production costs
production cycle
production data structure
production end date
production horizon
production line (LO-MD)
production line (PP)
production location
production lot
production manager
production mode
Production Mode
production model
Production Optimization Interface
production order (PP)
production order (SBO)
production order (SCM-APO-PPS)
production overhead
production plan
Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling
production planning run
production preparation client
production printer
production printing
production process
production process model
production rate (AP-PPE)
production rate (PP-FLW)
production rate (PP-FLW)
production record
production resource
production resource/tool
production run
production scheduling
production series
production session
production sharing accounting
production shrinkage
production shrinkage rate
production storage bin
production storage location
production supply area
production supply delivery
production system (BC-CUS-TOL)
production system (SV-ASA)
production tracking
production unit
production unit of measure
production unit variant type
production variance
production version
production view
productive contract
productive time
professional legal contract creator
profile (BC-SEC)
profile (CRM)
profile (IS-U-EDM)
profile (LO)
profile (PS)
profile category
profile comparison
Profile Generator
profile module
profile object type
profile schema
profile set
profile type (IS-HMED)
profile type (IS-U-EDM)
profile value category
profile value import
profile view
profit and loss account
profit and loss adjustment (FI)
profit and loss adjustment (FI)
profit and loss simulation
profit and loss statement
profit and loss statement budget report
profit and loss statement comparison
profit center
profit center area
profit center code
profit center consolidation
profit center report
profit center transfer price
profit center valuation view
profit decrease
profit increase
profit order
profit percentage
profit position
Profitability Analysis
profitability report
profitability segment
program (PLM-CPR)
program (SRM-CM)
program and project management
program attribute
program category
program check
program constructor
program constructor event
program graphic
program income
program index
program name
program objective category allocation
program of study
program period
program status
program structure
program symbol
program title
program type (BC-ABA)
program type (BC-DWB-TOO)
program type (IM)
program type (IS-HER-CM)
programmable logic controller
programmatic authentication
programming exit
programming utility
progress analysis
progress assignment
progress classification
progress confirmation
progress payment
progress payment request
progress snapshot
progress status setting
Progress Tracking
progression (FS-CM)
progression (FS-PM)
progression of market data scenarios
progression result
project (BC-FES-ITS)
project (BC-WD)
project (CO)
project (EP-UNI)
project (MP-APP-DPE)
project (PS)
project (PS)
project (SV-ASA)
project (XAP-RPM)
project activity
project administration
project administration data
project analyses
project analytics
project category (PLM-CPR)
project category (XAP-RPM)
project charter (SV-ASA)
project charter (SV-ASA)
project code
project dashboard
project definition
project dependency
project directory
project documentation
project element
Project Estimator
Project Generator
project ID
Project IMG
project IMG view
project language
project lead
project leader
project management (BC-CUS-TOL)
project management (PS)
project management planning tool
project manager (MP-APP-DPE)
project manager (XAP-RPM)
project member (MP-APP-DPE)
project member (PLM-CPR)
project member (XAP-RPM)
project name
project object
project order
project organization structure
project owner
project participant
project phase
project plan
project planning board
project portfolio
Project Preparation
Project Resource Planning
Project Review
Project Review timeline
project role (PLM-CPR)
project role (SV-ASA)
project role type
project scope (BC-CUS)
project scope (SV-ASA)
Project Self-Service
project staffing
project standard
project status
project status report
project stock
project structure
project subcategory
project summarization
project system
Project System
project team member
project template ID
project template name
project type (PLM-CPR)
project type (PS)
project type (XAP-RPM)
project version (PLM-CPR)
project version (PS)
project view (BC-CUS-TOL)
project view (BC-FES-ITS)
project-oriented business structure
Project-Oriented Procurement
project-related incoming orders
project-related open orders
project-related service specifications
projected benefit
projected customs
projected pay
projected stock
projected wastage quantity
projection view
prolongation order
promise to pay
promotion (IS-R)
promotion (SD)
promotion allocation table
promotion module
promotion planning (CRM-MKT)
promotion planning (IS-R)
promotion planning (SCM-APO-FCS)
promotion purchase price
promotion sales price
promotion tracking
promotion wind-up
promotional markdown
Prompt Payment Act
Prompt Payment Incentive (PPI)
prompting text
proof of export
proof of treatment
propagated permissions
propagation definition
propagation level
propagation range
properties file
properties manager
properties pane
properties window
property (BC-CCM-ADK)
property (BC-JAS)
property (CA-QIE)
property (EHS)
property (EP)
property (IS-U-WA)
property accumulation saving
property code
property configuration service
Property Editor
property filter
property group
property index
property indicator
property manager
property master
property metadata service
property ownership per storey
property portion
property renderer
property sheet (BC-FES-GRA)
property sheet (BC-JAS)
property structure
property structure service
property tax
property tax category
property tax object
property taxable value
property taxes and fees
property XML
property-tied loan
proportion of equity method (EC-CS)
proportion of equity method (FI-LC)
proportion unit
proportional consolidation (EC-CS)
proportional consolidation (FI-LC)
proportional factor
proportional value adjustment
proportionate consolidation
proportionate order quantity
proposal (KM-KW)
proposal (PSM-GM)
proposal horizon
proposal pool entry
propose change
propose change function
proposed budget/resources
proposed condition
proposed order
proration (IS-U-BI)
proration (PA-EC)
prospect (AP-MD-BP)
prospect (SBO)
prospect (SRM-SUS)
prospect (XAP-IEP)
prospect analysis
prospect count
prospective effectiveness test
prospective regression analysis
protected (BC)
protected (BC-ABA)
protected area
protected time period
protection goal
protocol (BC-SRV-ARL)
protocol (EP)
protocol category
protocol type
provider (EP-KM-CM)
provider (PA-BN)
provider (PA-BN-FB)
provider cost
provider package
provider structure
provision element
provision of cover funds
provision period demand
provision stock account
provisional agreement
provisional appointment
provisional inflation index
provisional insurance relationship
provisional invoice (IS-H)
provisional invoice (IS-OIL-DS-MAP)
provisional patient master data
provisional run
provisional serial number
provisional year end adjustment
provisioning (IS-AD-SPC)
provisioning (XAP-OSP)
provisioning math model
provisions package
provisions storage location
proxy (BC-FES-ITS)
proxy (BC-XI)
proxy (MP-APP-DPE)
proxy (SRM-LA)
proxy bid
proxy bidding (MP-APP-DPE)
proxy bidding (SRM-LA)
proxy generation
proxy object
proxy service area
proxy settings
proxy settings manager
proxy user
proxy-to-portlet iView
proxy-to-remote iView
proxy-to-remote role
PRT Bridge Service
prudence factor
PSE as a corporate
PSE as a sovereign
pseudo comment
pseudo component
pseudo header field
pseudo reference
pseudo-hard constraint
PST number
public (BC-ABA)
public (BC-FES-GRA)
Public Administration Human Resources' Database
public and private key pair
public area
public auction
public bid invitation
Public Employment Security Office
public holiday
public holiday calendar
public holiday class
public holiday type
public identifier
public invitation list
public key
public key cryptosystem
public method
public opportunity
public part
Public Support Index
Public Switched Telephone Network
public-key certificate
Public-Key Cryptography Standards
public-key infrastructure
public-key list
public-key technology
public-owned commercial operation
public-sector loan
publication (CRM-MW)
publication (IS-M)
publication (PA-ER)
publication of planning results
publish (BC-DWB-TOO)
publish (BC-FES-ITS)
publish (BC-SRV-COM)
publish (EP-KM)
publish (XAP-CQM)
publish and subscribe
published catalog
publisher insert
publishing pipeline service
pull (EP)
pull (IS-R)
pull deployment
pull deployment horizon
pull derivation
pull list
pull-down menu
pull-down menu option
pull-in horizon
pumping velocity
purchase agreement
purchase analysis
purchase by staff
purchase contract
purchase grid
purchase method (EC-CS)
purchase method (FI-LC)
purchase order (MM-PUR)
purchase order (SCM-APO-CA)
purchase order entry
purchase order grouping
purchase order history (MM-PUR)
purchase order history (SRM-EBP)
purchase order monitoring
purchase order on hold
purchase order price quantity
purchase order price quantity variance
purchase order price unit
purchase order response
purchase requisition (IS-R)
purchase requisition (MM-PUR)
purchase requisition (SCM-APO-CA)
purchase requisition combination
purchase tax
Purchased part
purchased seal
purchaser administrator
purchaser/remitter cross reference
purchasing agreement
purchasing area
purchasing budget
purchasing contract
purchasing document (MM-PUR)
purchasing document (SBO)
purchasing document category
purchasing document delivery schedule
purchasing document type
purchasing factor
purchasing group
purchasing info record
purchasing limits
purchasing list relevance indicator
purchasing organization
purchasing statistics
purchasing team
purchasing value key
pure financial adjustment
pure identity
pure substance
purpose declaration
push (EP)
push (IS-R)
push deployment (SCM-APO-SPP)
push deployment (SCM-EWM)
push deployment horizon
push derivation
push distribution (PP-SOP)
push distribution (SCM-APO-SNP)
push message
push production
push rule
push technology
push-down accounting
pushbutton explanation
putaway delay
putaway for merchandise distribution
putaway near picking bin
putaway strategy (LE-WM)
putaway strategy (SCM-EWM)
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