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NA number
name of insurance institution
name range
name resolution
named anonymous user
named data object
named dataset
named driver
named include
named includes
named list of accounts contract
named search (MDM)
named search (SRM-EBP)
named user
namespace (BC-CTS)
namespace (BC-XI)
namespace (EP-PIN)
namespace (XAP-OSP)
namespace browsing
namespace filter
naming rule
naming structure
naming system
narrow iView
national calamity contingency duty
national contributor
national currency
national drug code
national formulary
national health insurance
national healthcare system
National Insurance
national insurance cost neutrality
National Wholesale Druggist Association
native editor format
native function
Native Language Support
Native SQL (BC-ABA)
Native SQL (BC-JAS)
Native SQL interface
NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency
natural account
Nature of Action
Nature of Action code
nature of control
navigation (BC-FES-GUI)
navigation (BW-BEX)
navigation area
navigation attribute (BW)
navigation attribute (EC-EIS)
navigation bar (CRM)
navigation bar (CRM-MSA)
navigation context
navigation event
navigation frame
navigation iView
navigation line
navigation link
navigation list
Navigation Modeler
navigation object
navigation pane
navigation panel
navigation profile (IS-A-DBM)
navigation profile (PP)
navigation profile (PP-MRP)
navigation stack
Navigation Zoom
Navigation Zoom Desktop
Navigation Zoom Point
Navigation Zoom Title
NCM code
negative and premium customer lists
negative credit event
negative goodwill (EC-CS)
negative goodwill (FI-LC)
negative grace days
negative inventory
negative lead time
negative lead-time offset
negative list (SCM-EWM)
negative list (SD)
negative pledge
negative posting
negative report
negative stock
negative threshold value
negative transaction type
negotiable document
negotiated objective value
negotiating bank
negotiation spread
nesting of HUs
net actual cost
net availability
net book value
net business volume
net change planning
net exposure
net inflation rate
net interest margin
net mask
net position
net posting
net present value (CA-FIM)
net present value (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
net present value (IS-B-RA)
net present value (XAP-RPM)
net present value concept
net price (MM-PUR)
net price (SRM-EBP-INV)
net rate
net realizable-value method
net rent
net requirement calculation
net target cost
net total
net unit of measure
net value (SD)
net value (SRM-EBP-INV)
net vote budget
net voting
net worth tax
net, retroactive, and payment grouping
net/net purchase price
netting (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
netting (IS-B-RA-CL)
netting (IS-OIL-DS-EXG)
netting balance
netting cycle
netting document
netting group (FS-AM-IM-GL)
netting group (IS-B-RA-CL)
netting proposal
netting set
netting statement
NetWeaver Business Client
NetWeaver Voice
network (PS)
network (SCM-BAS-DF)
network alert
network and operating system services
Network Design
network graphic
Network Interface
network lead time
network scheduling
network timeout
network type
network view
neutral results availability check
never-exceed period
new business
New Computerised Transit System
New Computerized Transit System
new customer
new customer enrollment list
new entry
new items mode
new product introduction
new remuneration line
new supplier
New Terminology List
new valuation
New Visual Design
new world
newborn non-acceptance indicator
newborn transfer indicator
news item
next dynpro
next item to end
next operation
NF metal key
NF metal processing
NFM rate
NHI dependent
NI handle
NI-able/NI applicable
NIB code
NIF number
night shift
NIP number (FI)
NIP number (FI)
NIT number (FI)
NIT number (FI)
NM system
no additional funding scheme
no claim made
no grid material
no input
no match
no quotation handling
No-longer polymer
no-send qRFC
NODATA indicator
node (BC-BMT-WFM)
node (BC-DOC)
node (BC-FES-GRA)
node (BW-WHM)
node (IS-T)
node (LE-TRM)
node (MDM)
node (PM)
node (SCM-APO-SCC)
node (SV-ASA)
node attribute
node category
node type
NOEXIST indicator
noise threshold value
nominal capital
nominal load
nominal value
nominal value of a hedging relationship
nominal voltage
nomination to a special function
non-aligned winding factor
non-Annex I goods
non-Annex-I license
non-appropriated fund
non-appropriated fund instrumentality employee
non-approved overdraft
non-balance-changing posting
non-branching action
non-calendar fiscal year
non-commercial transportation
non-compressed view
non-consumable goods
non-credentialed remuneration line
non-critical activity
non-cumulative key figure
non-cumulative value
non-deductible input tax
non-delivery receipt
non-dependent veteran
non-DG empty transport
non-DG full transport
non-dialog work process
non-edited table
non-exclusive right
non-execution time
non-hazardous waste
non-industrial accident insurance
non-interval customer
non-leading ledger
non-linear display order
non-mixed storage
non-negotiable document
non-pay scale employee
non-posted day
non-posted days rule
non-price bidding
non-public service station
non-qualified stock option
non-recurring engineering
non-recurring loan undertaking
non-rejectable posting
non-repudiation (BC-SEC)
non-repudiation (BC-XI)
non-resident alien
non-resident taxpayer
non-spacing mark
non-spec home
non-standard object
non-stock item
non-store retailing
non-time-based aggregation
non-tracked events view
non-transition zone
non-unique index
non-valuated stock
non-working shift
non-working time
nonchargeable node
nonclaim case
nonconformity costs
nonmonetary item
nonproductive time
nonrequired activity
nontransparent matchcode
nonvaluated project stock
nonvaluated sales order stock
normal booking (PE)
normal booking (PE-LSO)
normal inspection
normal invoice
normal planned independent requirement
normal tax invoice
normal working time
normal year end adjustment
normalization form
normalized price
normed hedge ratio
North American Free Trade Agreement
North American Industry Classification System
not affecting net income
not otherwise specified
not ready
not under notice
nota fiscal (FI)
nota fiscal (IS-U-CA)
nota fiscal category
nota fiscal entrada
nota fiscal item type
nota fiscal tax type
notch element
note (BC-SRV)
note (CRM-BF)
note (FS-CM)
note (IS-U)
note (IS-U-WA)
note (MP-APP-BB)
note (PLM-CPR)
note (SRM-SUD)
Note (BC-DOC)
Note Assistant
note from the meter reader
note log
note to payee
note to the meter reader
note type
note-only confirmation
noted item
notes editor
notice (FS-CML)
notice (RE)
notice lock period
notice of assessment
notice on amount
notice period (FS-AM-OM-AC)
notice period (PA)
notice rule
notice type
notification (BC-SRV-EDI)
notification (ICM)
notification (MP-APP-CR)
notification (PM)
notification abbreviation (PE)
notification abbreviation (PE-LSO)
notification approval
notification category
notification code
notification comment
notification criteria
notification frequency
notification group
notification interval
notification limit
notification mode
notification of admission
notification of completion
Notification of Social Insurance Premium Payment
notification profile
notification rule (ICM)
notification rule (IS-M-SD)
notification status
notification type
notifications manager
notified chemical substance
notional salary
novation (FS-PM)
novation (SRM-EBP-CON)
NPPKP number
NPV key figure
NPWP number
null reference
null value
nullification type
number assignment
number conversion rule
number for obtaining an outside line
number format
number of cycles
number of periods for seasonal moving average smoothing
number of run-in lengths
number of samples
number of time units
number range (AII)
number range (CA-GTF)
number range buffer
number range group
number range interval
number range object (AII)
number range object (CA-GTF)
number range object maintenance
number range server
number type
numeric data object
numeric data type
numeric literal
numeric material number
numeric product ID
numeric text
numeric value property
numerical expression position
numerical function
nursing acuity
nursing assignment
nursing organizational unit
nursing plan
nursing report entry
nursing service
nutrient (PLM-RM)
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