Start of Content Area
Macaulay duration
machinery and equipment companies
made for market
magazine tracking number
magnetic stripe reader
magneto-optic disk
mail form
mail system group
mail template
mailing header
mailing item
mailing list
main account
main asset number (FI-AA)
main asset number (RE)
main authorization switch
main budget
main card
main card pool
main carriage
main client
main client inbox
main commitment
main component
main condition
main contract (FS-AM-CM-CA)
main contract (RE)
main contract type
main cost efficiency analysis
main criterion
main destination
main due date
main entity
main import
main insurance
main insurance relationship
main item (CRM)
main item (IS-AD-MPN)
main item (IS-EC-BOS)
main master contract
main memory size
main memory synchronization
main menu
main menu level
main mouse button
main object (EP-PIN)
main object (FS-AM-PPO)
main order
main package
main part of a structured financial instrument
main partner
main personnel assignment
main portal
main process
main production line
main profile
main program (BC-ABA)
main program (LO-MD)
main program group
main rating
main reference object
main relationship
main rent statement
main requirement catalog
main resource
main scenario
main screen (LO-MD)
main screen (PA-PA)
main session
main software component
main supplier
main table
main tariff
main transaction
main tree
main usage type
main vendor
mainline controller
maintaining partner
maintenance activity type
maintenance and service interval
maintenance and transport object
maintenance area
maintenance attribute
maintenance bill of material
maintenance call
maintenance call date
maintenance call object
maintenance check
maintenance cycle (PM)
maintenance cycle (SCM-APO-MSP)
maintenance cycle (SV-SMG)
maintenance demand
maintenance document
maintenance group
maintenance item (PM)
maintenance item (SCM-APO-MSP)
maintenance item interval
maintenance level (FI-AA)
maintenance level (IS-HT-SW)
maintenance location
maintenance mode
maintenance notification
maintenance notification in process
maintenance object
maintenance object group
maintenance object without reference
maintenance order
maintenance package
maintenance package hierarchy
maintenance plan (IS-AD-MPD)
maintenance plan (PM)
maintenance plan category
maintenance plan creation reporting
maintenance plan notification
maintenance plan restart reporting
maintenance plan scenario
maintenance plan scheduling
maintenance plan start reporting
maintenance plan type
maintenance plan update reporting
maintenance planner group
maintenance planning group
maintenance planning object
maintenance planning plant
maintenance plant
maintenance priority
maintenance processing
Maintenance Program Definition
maintenance relationship
maintenance request
maintenance reserve
maintenance schedule
maintenance staff
maintenance status (BC-DWB-DIC)
maintenance status (LO-MD)
maintenance strategy
maintenance system
maintenance task list (PM)
maintenance task list (SCM-APO-MSP)
maintenance tree
maintenance variant
maintenance view
maintenance work package
major customer group
major defect
major diagnostic category (IS-H)
major diagnostic category (IS-H)
major diagnostic category code
major interval
major record
major tick mark
make-to-order planned independent requirement
make-to-order production
make-to-stock inventory (CO-PC)
make-to-stock inventory (CO-PC)
malfunction report
managed code
Management Cockpit
management code
management contract
management control
Management Dashboard
management data
management of global employees
management of internal controls
manager (CPM-BPC)
manager (MP-APP-DPE)
manager (PA-ER)
manager (SRM-EBP-CON)
manager company code
manager factory
manager view
Manager's Desktop
mandate company code
mandate lock
mandate type
mandatory activity
mandatory contract
mandatory customer business partner role
mandatory event
mandatory examination
mandatory group
mandatory partner function
mandatory provident fund plan
mandatory segment
mandatory task
mandatory vendor business partner role
manipulation method
manual cost allocation
manual download
manual firming date
manual issue method
manual lot maintenance
manual MRP
manual ordering
manual output (PE)
manual output (PE-LSO)
manual part
manual product assignment
manual rating
manual relation
manual renewal
manual reorder point planning
manual reserve
manual retention process
manually applied charges
manually entered price
manufacture date
manufacture of co-products
manufacturer book part number
manufacturer code
manufacturer EAN
manufacturer number
manufacturer part
manufacturer part number (MM-PUR)
manufacturer part number (XAP-CQM)
manufacturer part number MRP set
manufacturer part profile (IS-AD-MPN)
manufacturer part profile (MM-PUR)
manufacturer plant
manufacturer's recipe
manufacturer's recipe number (SD-FT)
manufacturer's recipe number (SLL)
manufacturer's serial number
manufacturing costs
manufacturing order
map (AP-CAT)
map (BC-MID-BUS)
map (BW-BEX)
map (IS-AFS-BD)
map (MDM)
map layer
mapping (AP-CAT)
mapping (BC-CUS-TOL)
mapping (BC-SRV-EDI)
mapping (BC-WD)
mapping (BC-XI)
mapping (IS-U-WM)
mapping (MDM)
mapping (SCM-APO-INT)
mapping (SCM-EM)
mapping format
mapping module
mapping of SAP services
mapping of wage types
mapping profile (IS-AFS-BD)
mapping profile (SCM-EM)
mapping program
mapping rules
mapping table
mapping template
margin split
margin taxation
marginal costs
marginal default probability
marine pollutant
mark-for store
mark-to-market valuation
mark-to-market value
mark-to-model valuation
markdown (IS-R)
markdown (IS-R)
markdown plan
markdown profile
markdown rule
marker (BC-DWB-UTL)
marker (IS-AFS-PP)
marker ID
marker number
marker section
market area
market basket analysis
market cleared, ask
market cleared, bid
market data
market data area
market data criterion
market data scenario
market data scenario record
market data set
market data shift
market data shift method
market data specific to counterparty/issuer risk
market development fund
market hierarchy
market interest rate date
market movement rate
market price
market rate pricing
market risk
market value (FS-BA-PM-CR)
market value (FS-CMS)
market value (FS-CMS)
market value (FS-MCM-PDM)
market value (RE)
market value change period
market value determination
market-basket price calculation
market-value-based portfolio model
Marketing Calendar
marketing cost tax allowance
marketing document
marketing group
marketing journal
marketing organization
marketing plan
marketing plan element
Marketing Planning
marketing profile
marketing program
marketing project
Marketing Retail Network
marketing segment
marketing spends
Marketing, Accounting & Pricing
Marketing, Contracts & Order Entry
marketplace hosting
MarketSet Order Management
mask (MDM)
mask (SRM-EBP)
mass activation
mass activation program
mass activity (CA-GTF)
mass activity (FI-CA)
mass change (CRM-PCC)
mass change (IS-DFS)
mass change (PSM-GPR)
mass characteristic value
mass command
mass correction
mass customer change
mass data change
mass document change
mass editing
mass operation
mass processing
mass processing job
mass production on the basis of sales orders
mass reversal
mass synchronization
mass test
mass transport
mass-change procedure
mass-object controlling
Master Accounts File
master agreement (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
master agreement (IS-U-BI)
master area
master bill of lading
master catalog
master characteristic
master company code
master condition
master conditions
master contract (FS-AM-CM-MC)
master contract (FS-MCM-MC)
master contract charge
master contract hierarchy
master contract proxy
master contract termination
master contract-managing system
master data (BC-DWB)
master data (EC-CS)
master data (FI-LC)
master data (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
master data (FIN-SEM-BCS)
master data (SBO)
Master data & customizing approach
master data catalog (PE)
master data catalog (PE-LSO)
master data completion
master data completion method
master data framework
master data generator
master data hierarchy
master data ID
master data manager
master data of a characteristic
master data repository
Master Data Server
master data template
master data template category
master document
master equipment
master folder
master graphics proxy
master grid
master host
master index
master index server
master inspection characteristic
master iView
master location for contract packager
master name server
master parts list
Master Parts List
Master Patient Index
master planning object structure
master policy
master policy type
master production scheduling
master project (PLM-CPR)
master project (XAP-RPM)
master queue server
master recipe
master record
master repository
master schedule item
master service specifications
master settlement unit
master system
master tooth notation
master transportation lane
master Web item
master Web template
master-slave architecture
match class
match factor
match function
match level
matchcode field
matchcode ID
matchcode object
matchcode pool
matchcode record
matchcode selection
matchcode utility
matching confirmation
matching group
matching set
material (CRM-BF-CFG)
material (IS-R)
material (LO)
material (PP-PI)
material aliasing
Material assessment
material availability check
material availability date
material BOM
material categories
material category
material check (FS-AM-IM-IT)
material check (FS-PM)
material class
material component
material confirmation
material container
material cost estimate
material costs
material credit memo
material description
material determination
material document
material error
material exclusion
Material exemption
material explosion
material flow system action
material for manufacturer part
material for manufacturer part number
material for settlement
material group (IS-R)
material group (LO)
material group hierarchy
material group hierarchy level
material group material
material group reference material
material grouping (IS-R)
material grouping (PP-MRP)
material grouping for shipping materials
material handling group
material ID
material indicator
material inflation class
material information
material ledger
material ledger master data
material ledger settlement
material ledger type
material ledger update
material list (PP-MRP)
material list (PP-PI)
material listing
material master
material master record
Material nature
material number
material object
material order number
material overhead costs
material owner
material package
material planning group indicator
material planning object
material planning object view
material price determination
material proposal
material quantity calculation
material range of coverage
material ranking list
Material relevance
material relevant for preference
material replacement
material requirements planning (PP-MRP)
material requirements planning (PP-MRP)
material requirements planning run
material requisition
material set
material shortage
material sorting
material specification
material staging
material start
material status
material stock
material storage master
material substitution (IS-R)
material substitution (SD)
material temperature
material tree
material type
material update structure
material urgency level
material valuation
material valuation document
material variant
material where-used list
material-dependent production rate
material/plant discontinuation
materiality limit
materials list
materials planning
materials planning procedure
maternity leave
maternity protection
maternity protection period
mathematical function
mathematical notation
matrix compensation method
matrix dimension
matrix guideline
matrix organization
matrix segment
matrix substitution
matrix validation
maturation time (SCM-APO-PPS)
maturation time (SCM-APO-SNP)
maturity band
maturity band hierarchy
maturity evaluation
maturity gap (FIN-CGV-MIC)
maturity gap (IS-B-SA-ALM)
maturity group
maturity structure
Max. tonnage band
MaxAttention OnSite
MaxAttention ServiceLevel
maximum amount
maximum amount for variable amount
maximum batch
maximum calculation period
maximum capacity (PE)
maximum capacity (PE-LSO)
maximum chain
maximum commitment
maximum contingent size
maximum contribution
maximum contribution amount
maximum costs
maximum coverage period
maximum denominator
maximum exposure
maximum FTE ranges
maximum gross safety weight
maximum integration model
maximum interval
maximum length of stay (IS-H)
maximum length of stay (SCM-APO-VS)
maximum lot size (PP-MRP)
maximum lot size (SCM-APO-PPS)
maximum object
maximum patient contribution
maximum process
maximum production rate
maximum quantity
maximum range of coverage
maximum rate for meals
maximum rate per diem
maximum required shelf life
maximum response time
maximum risk
maximum stock level (PP-MRP)
maximum stock level (PP-MRP)
maximum subsidized premium
maximum subsidy premium
maximum target stock
maximum total rounding result
maximum value
MDB as a bank
MDB as a state
MDF program
MDI Directory
MDI Repository
MDM Console
MDM Data Manager
MDM Image Manager
MDM Import Manager
MDM Import Server
MDM port
MDM Server
MDM Syndication Server
MDM Syndicator
MDMP system
ME Deployment
meals per diem
mean absolute deviation
mean dispersion
mean elasticity
mean reversion
mean value
mean value method of depreciation
mean-value chart
mean-value estimation
means of transport (LE)
means of transport (LE-YM)
means of transport (SCM-APO-VS)
means-of-transport combination
means-of-transport type
measure (EP-VC)
measure (FIN-SEM-CPM)
measure (IM)
measure (IS-DFS)
measure (PSM-EC)
measure area
Measure Builder
measure catalog
measure subarea
measure type
measured value
measurement document
measurement group
measurement item
measurement method
measurement position
measurement project
measurement range
measurement reading
measurement reading entry list
measurement service builder
measurement technique
Measuring interval
measuring point (CRM-BF)
measuring point (PM)
measuring point category
measuring point object
measuring section
media issue
media object
media player
media product
media product family
media product master browser
media type
medical bill review
medical bill review fees
medical category
medical certificate
medical device
Medical First Aid Guide
medical record
medical record management
medical record type
medical risk factor
medical service
medical specialist
medically indicated
Medicare levy
medication class
medication dispensed
medication history
medication side effects
medium (CA-DMS)
medium (FS-AM-IM)
medium for recruitment instrument
medium iView
medium text
medium-term planning
medium-term planning horizon
meeting activity
meeting request
Melting Group
melting point
member access profile
member lookup
member of a partnership
member state
member type
membership period
memo pad (FS-CM)
memo pad (IS-A-DBM)
memory index
Memory Info Service
memory management system
memory pipe
memory protection
memory snapshot
memory status
memory tuning
memory type
memory use statistics
memory-resident database monitor
menu (BC-FES)
menu (SCM-EWM)
menu bar (BC-FES-GUI)
menu bar (BW-BEX)
menu bar (SBO)
menu bar option
menu button
menu exit
menu option
Menu Painter
merchandise category article
merchandise category reference article
merchandise clearing
merchandise distribution
merchandise label
merchandise-distribution adjustment
merchandise-driven flow-through
merchant bank
merchant ID
merge item
merge object
merge operation
merge period
merge relation
merged customer
merging of parcels
merging order (IS-HT-MES)
merging order (SCM-APO-PPS-FOT)
merging service
message (BC-ABA)
message (BC-DOC)
message (BC-FES-GUI)
message (BC-SRV-EDI)
message (BC-XI)
message (PY-RU)
message area
message bar
message class
message code
message control
Message Control
message control record
message data type structure
message default
message determination
message digest
message dispatcher
Message Editor
message explanation
message function
message handler (AP-MD-BP)
message handler (BC-SRV-BRF)
message header
Message Info Service
message log
message maintenance
message mapping
message number
Message Pool
message recipient for completion
message recipient for missed deadline
message security
message sequence
message server
Message Server communication
message server monitor
Message Service
message type (BC-ABA)
message type (BC-FES-GUI)
message type (BC-SRV-ARL)
message type (BC-SRV-EDI)
message type (BC-XI)
message type (IS-H)
message type (SBO)
message variable
message-driven bean
messaging BDoc type
meta commission case
meta model
meta search engine (EP-UP-ES)
meta search engine (FIN-SEM-BIC)
meta search interface
metadata (AP-BE)
metadata (BC-DWB-DIC)
metadata (BC-ILM)
metadata (BW)
metadata (EP-VC)
metadata (FS-BA-SD)
metadata (SCM-EM)
metadata (SRM)
metadata (XAP-OSP)
metadata API
metadata cache
Metadata Cache Manager
metadata database
metadata extension
Metadata Loader
metadata model
metadata publisher
metadata publishing
metadata scope
Metadata Service
metadata service provider
metadata tag
Metamodel Repository
Metamodel Repository Designer
meter (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
meter (RE)
meter agreement
meter correction factor
meter reader payment
meter reading
meter reading announcement
meter reading category
meter reading document
meter reading duration
meter reading interval
meter reading order
meter reading order creation
meter reading result
meter reading time
meter reading type
meter reading unit
method (BC-ABA)
method (BC-CCM)
method (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
method (CO-OM-CCA)
method (FS-PM)
method call
method chaining
method change
method comparison
method container
method environment
method invocation descriptor
method of distributing commission
method parameter (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
method parameter (FS-BA)
method reserved for ADK
method schema (CRM)
method schema (FS-BA)
method signature
method type C of a logical service
methodology (SRM-CM)
methodology (SV-ASA)
methodology step
methodology step folder
methodology-driven initiative
methodology-driven project
metric (CA)
metric (PLM-INM)
metrics group
Metrics Management
metrics value type
metropolitan indicator
metropolitan statistical area
micro eligibility
Microsoft Excel form
Microsoft NT LAN Manager
Microsoft NT LAN Manager Security Service Provider
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Windows service
mid-term trial planning
mid-year consolidation
middle rate
Middleware Object Navigator
midnight patient census
midnight rule
midpoint activity
midpoint scheduling
migration cockpit
migration object
migration plan
milestone (PP)
milestone (PS)
milestone (SCM-EM)
milestone confirmation
milestone list
milestone payment
milestone technique
military alphabet
Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures
mill rate
MIME object
MIME Repository
mini agreement
mini Business Partner
mini-template type
minimal operations rule
minimum allowed rounding result
minimum amount for variable amount
minimum bid
minimum capacity (PE)
minimum capacity (PE-LSO)
minimum days' supply
minimum death benefit total
minimum death benefit total percentage
minimum guarantee
minimum interval
minimum inventory level
minimum lot size
minimum processing
minimum quantity (SCM-APO-SPP)
minimum quantity (SCM-EWM)
minimum quota
minimum range of coverage
minimum rent
minimum replenishment quantity
minimum required shelf life
minimum requirement for eligibility of collateral is fulfill
minimum retention period
minimum risk amount
minimum risk amount percentage
minimum rule
minimum send-ahead quantity
minimum stock level
minimum takt time
minimum target stock
minimum value
minimum wait time
minimum waiting period
Ministry of International Trade and Industry
minor defect
minor record
minor tick mark
minor tick mark label
minority interest (EC-CS)
minority interest (FI-LC)
minority interests
minority ownership
MIRDU role
mirror table
mirror transaction
mirrored task
miscellaneous academic work
miscellaneous loan
miscellaneous plan
missed deadline work item
missing part
missing part check
missing quantities calculation
missing quantity (IS-A-S2L)
missing quantity (PP-MRP)
mitigated role
mitigating control
mix ID
mix offer
mix type
mix type definition
mix variance (CO-PC)
mix variance (IS-M-SD)
mixed costing
Mixed Driver
mixed loading check
mixed loading group
mixed loading rule
mixed packing proposal
mixed pallet
mixed price
mixed resource
mixed round trip
mixed shipment
mixed specialized lending pool
mixed storage
mixed storage unit
mixed-price variance
mixed-use purchase order
mixing ratio
mobile application
Mobile Application BDoc
Mobile Application Repository
Mobile Application Studio
Mobile Applications for Handhelds perspective
mobile business applications
mobile client
mobile client application
Mobile Client Companion
mobile client for handhelds
Mobile Client Index Manager
Mobile Client Index Migration
Mobile Client Index Repository
mobile data entry (IS-U-DM-MR)
mobile data entry (LE)
mobile device
mobile GUID
mobile ID
mobile portal
mobile report
mobile results recording
Mobile Sales (CRM-MSA)
Mobile Sales (SAP)
mobile service
mobile service component
mobile service component model
mobile software inventory collector
mobile solution for key account management, sales and servic
mobile technology (SAP)
mobile technology (SAP)
mobile UI component
Mobile Upgrade Console
mobile users
mobile Web Dynpro application
mobile Web Dynpro client
mobile Web Dynpro offline
Mobile Web Dynpro Offline perspective
modal dialog box
mode (AP-PPE)
mode (SCM-APO-MD)
mode combination
mode costs
mode linkage
mode of arrival
mode of transport (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
mode of transport (SD)
mode-dependent tagging
mode-of-transport category
model (BC-BSP)
model (BC-WD)
model (EP-VC)
model (FI-SL)
model (IS-DFS)
model (QM)
model (SV-ASA)
model allocation rule
model binding
model calculation
model catalog
model class
Model Designer
model fund
model initialization
model mix
model mix planning
model node
model order
model parameter
model selection procedure
model serial number
model service catalog
model service specification
model service specifications
model type binding
model usage
Model View Controller (BC-BSP)
Model View Controller (BC-FES-GRA)
Model View Controller (BC-WD)
model wage type
model-driven integration
model-oriented customizing
modeless dialog box
modeling environment
modeling status
modernization measure
modification (BC-CTS)
modification (BC-DWB-CEX)
modification adjustment
modification adjustment transport
Modification Assistant
modification group
modification to previous award notice
modified accrual
modified commercial part
modified duration
modified planning horizon
modified standard cost estimate
modifying software component
modular concept
modularization unit
module (FS-BA-PM-FC)
module (IS-HER-CM)
module (IS-R)
module (PA-PM-PB)
module editor
module exam
module group
module pool
module work
MOLAP aggregate
MOLAP cube
monetary account
monetary budget
monetary item
monitor (CA-GTF)
monitor (GRC)
monitor set
monitoring activity
monitoring architecture
monitoring balance
monitoring component
monitoring configuration
monitoring level
monitoring manager
monitoring object
monitoring procedure
monitoring properties variant
monitoring segment
Monitoring Service
monitoring system
monitoring the forecast model
monitoring tree element
monitoring work area
Monte Carlo simulation
month-end closing
monthly amount table
monthly budget
monthly customer
monthly debits and credits
monthly demand
monthly invoice
monthly invoice recipient
monthly lot size
monthly receipt
monthly standard compensation
MOP order
more (CRM)
more (CRM-PCC)
more than one day
morphemic writing
mortgage loan
mouse pointer
move back
move forward
move plan
move time
move zone
move-in date (IS-U-CS)
move-in date (RE)
move-in notification
move-out date
movement category
movement certificate
movement number
movement rate
movement rate category
movement type (IS-H)
movement type (LE)
movement type (MM-IM)
movement type parameter
movement-based netting
moving average
moving average chart
moving average price (FIN-BAC-INV)
moving average price (MM-IV)
moving average price procedure
moving average sales price
MPI buffer
MPX interface
MRP area
MRP controller (IS-R)
MRP controller (PP)
MRP controller group
MRP element
MRP group
MRP heuristic
MRP indicator
MRP list
MRP lot size
MRP module
MRP planning run
MRP procedure
MRP profile
MRP total requirement (PP)
MRP total requirement (SD)
MRP type
MSE status
MSO explosion
MSO explosion log
MTE class
multi-annual document
multi-borrower facility
multi-branch service
multi-currency account
multi-currency invoice
multi-device Internet
multi-interaction step
multi-language support
multi-level contract
multi-level intercompany billing
multi-line connection
multi-parameter matching
multi-party verification
multi-planning area
Multi-Project Management
multi-store order
multi-store order II
multi-system landscape
multi-value filtering
multiactivity resource
multichannel interface
multichannel retailing (IS-R)
multichannel retailing (SAP)
multidimension set
multidimensional clustering
multidimensional data
multidimensional product cost controlling
multilateral agreement
multilevel actual costing
multilevel ATP check
multilevel BOM
multilevel BOM for sales order item
multilevel categorization
multilevel compatible unit
multilevel packing instruction
multilevel tax code
multilevel where-used list
multilevel worklist
multiline planning
multimixed resource
multimodal shipment
multipart document
multipart e-mail
multipart equipment
multiperiod consolidation
multiple (PE)
multiple (PE-LSO)
multiple account assignment (IS-H)
multiple account assignment (MM)
multiple assignment
multiple BOM
multiple borrower facility
multiple bridges
multiple capacities
multiple classification
multiple code page-dependent
multiple company-single client
multiple condition
multiple counter plan
multiple currency facility
multiple date
multiple inheritance
multiple insurance
multiple item auction
multiple linear regression
multiple loading
multiple meetings
multiple meter reading order creation
multiple option facility
Multiple Output Planning
multiple processing
Multiple Property Search & Replace Wizard
multiple quantity
multiple quantity average
multiple response explicit item
multiple response item
multiple selection list
multiple usage
multiple valuation approaches/transfer prices
multiple value data set
multiple versioning
multiple work center
multiple-contract maintenance
multiple-directory logic
multiple-entry screen
multiple-sampling inspection
multiple-selection mode
multiple-shift depreciation
multiple-unit batch
multiple-value characteristic
multiplexer (BC-FES-GRA)
multiplexer (BC-FES-GRA)
multiplication factor (EHS)
multiplication factor (IS-H)
multiplier (PY-HK)
multiplier (SRM-LA)
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
multipurpose key figure
multisegment planning
Multisite Workforce Deployment
multisource appraisal
multistep replenishment
multistep returns
multistep task
multitask activity
multitenant portal
municipal fee notice
municipal property tax
municipal tax distribution
municipal tax number
municipality (IS-U)
municipality (RE)
municipality group
municipality number
must-change agreement
must-not agreement
mutual help
mutual stock method
My List
My Objects
my portfolio
My Worklist
mySAP CRM Enterprise
mySAP CRM Field Applications
mySAP Customer Relationship Management
mySAP Enterprise Portal
mySAP Enterprise Portal for Dealers
mySAP ERP DMS Connector for KM
mySAP Exchanges
mySAP Financials
mySAP Hosted Solutions
mySAP Human Resources
mySAP Mobile Business
mySAP Product Lifecycle Management
mySAP SCM Supply Chain Event Management
mySAP Services
mySAP Supplier Relationship Management
mySAP Supply Chain Management
mySAP Technology application component solution Trust Center
Myself system (BW-WHM)
End of Content Area