Start of Content Area
IAC Object Receiver
IATA location
IC elimination
ICM analyst
ICM monitor
ICM package
ICM participant
ICM server cache
ICM server clipboard
ICM service
ICMS complement
ICMS tax law
ICO number (FI)
ICO number (FI)
icon (BC-DOC)
icon (BC-FES-GUI)
icon zone
ID mapping (AII)
ID mapping (MDM)
ID number (EHS)
ID of filter
ID transaction
idea action
Idea and Concept Management
idea approval
idea bucket
idea editor
idea management
idea owner
idea permission
idea pool
idea pool manager
idea submitter
idea team
identical master data object
identically maintained area of validity
identification (EHS)
identification (SD-FT)
identification category (AP-MD-BP)
identification category (EHS)
identification number (AP-MD-BP)
identification number (EHS)
identification number (FS-BP)
identification number category
identification number of institution
identification point
identification scheme
identification type (AP-MD-BP)
identification type (EHS)
identification verification
Identified Stock
identifier (BC-XI)
identifier (EHS)
identifier (IS-DFS)
identifier (PY)
Identity Management integration
idle-capacity cost variance
IDoc adapter
IDoc Interface
IDoc type
IHC financial status
IHC Payment Order
IIOP Provider Service
Illustrated Parts Catalog
image block
image document
image variant
IMG activity
IMG Info system
IMG note
IMG project
IMG project documentation
IMG structure
IMG structure attribute
immediate dose
immediate order
immediate requirement
immediate service
immediate writeoff
impact analysis
impairment test
imparity principle
imparting role
implementation (BC-CUS)
implementation (BC-FES-GRA)
Implementation Assistant
implementation book
Implementation Guide (BC-CUS-TOL)
Implementation Guide (BC-DOC)
implementation model
implementation program
implementation project (BC-CUS)
implementation project (SV-ASA)
implementation proposal for check
implementation status
implementation strategy
implementing iView
implicit archive path
implicit classification
implicit support
import (BC-SRV-COM)
import (SD-FT)
import (XAP-CQM)
import broker
import check
import code
import costs
import data
import fee
import into the Community
import license
import parameter
import process
import queue
import turnover tax
importance cost
importance of a characteristic
imported interface
importing country
improper invoice
imputed income
imputed interest
imputed vacancy costs
in approval
in negotiation
in renewal
in stock
in transit quantity
in yard
in-force business
in-force business maintenance
in-force business management
in-house production
in-house production order
in-house production time
in-house service catalog
in-period view
in-process inspection
in-transit (IS-OIL)
in-transit (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
in-transit entry
in-transit quantity
inactive account
inactive customer
inactive flag
inactive item
inactive work relationship
inactivity period
inbound call
inbound controller
inbound correspondence (CA-GTF)
inbound correspondence (FS-CMS)
inbound delivery (IS-A-GR)
inbound delivery (LE)
inbound delivery (LO-SPM)
inbound delivery (SCM-ECT-DLP)
inbound delivery group
inbound delivery monitor
inbound delivery notification
inbound delivery on hold
inbound delivery process
inbound error
inbound file
inbound interface (BC-XI)
inbound interface (PA-EC)
inbound partner profile
inbound plug
inbound posting
inbound process agent
inbound processing (BC-SRV-EDI)
inbound processing (BC-XI)
inbound processing (SCM-APO-PPS-CDS)
inbound sequenced JIT call
Inbound Telesales
inbound type
inbox item
incapacity to work
Incentive and Commission Management
Incentive and Sales Force Management
incentive fee
incentive wages (LE)
incentive wages (PY)
inception to date
incident type
incident/accident log
incident/accident management
include menu
include program
included document
inclusion into inventory of a bank
inclusive bonus quantity (IS-R)
inclusive bonus quantity (SD)
inclusive rule
inclusive rule strategy
income approach
income statement
income tax
income threshold
income threshold deficit
incoming document
incoming employee
incoming grant
incoming inspection lot
incoming invoice
incoming orders quantity
incoming payment date
incoming payment order
incoming post
incoming post book
incoming royalties
incoming student
incomplete (BC-CCM-ADK)
incomplete (MP-APP-DPE)
incompletely specified standard condition
incompleteness procedure
incompletion analysis
Incoterms (SBO)
Incoterms (SD)
increase in capitalization (EC-CS)
increase in capitalization (FI-LC)
increase novation
incremental conversion
incremental funding
incremental funding request
incremental optimization
incremental quantity
indefinite delivery contract
indefinite delivery type
indefinite quantity
independent characteristic (EC-CS)
independent characteristic (SCM-APO-FCS)
independent data reference
independent formula
independent renewable document
independent slot
independent validation
index (AP-BE)
index (AP-CAT)
index (BC-DWB-DIC)
index (BC-SRV-KPR-RET)
index (BC-TRX)
index (CRM-MD)
index build program
index category
index category attribute
index category ID
index characteristic
index class
index clause (RE)
index clause (RE)
index delete program
index entry
index function
index ID
index insurance
index LIFO procedure
index line
Index Management Service
Index Management Service API
index of empty storage bins
index rate
index series (FI-AA)
index series (RE)
index server API
index snapshot
index storage ID
index synchronously
index table
index value
index-based currency
index-linked rent
index-linked rent adjustment
indexing layer
indexing service
indicator field
indicator for display of cash flows
indicator for fictitious cash flows
indicator for prospective effectiveness
indicator for retrospective effectiveness
indicator group
indirect account
indirect activity allocation
indirect child object
indirect coinsurance
indirect costs
indirect distribution rule
indirect entitlement
indirect exchange rate
indirect labor
indirect labor task
indirect method
indirect participant
indirect procurement
indirect quotation
Indirect Rebate Agreement
indirect relationship
indirect remuneration
indirect remuneration type
indirect sale
indirect sales
indirect search result
indirect trade promotion
indirectly assigned BOM
indiscreet dose
individual account (CRM-MD)
individual account (IS-A-RL)
individual account (PA-PF)
individual agreement (CRM-RB)
individual agreement (ICM)
individual and bulk consumable goods
individual appraisal
individual approval
individual ARun
individual attendee
individual billing
individual business partner
individual capacity
individual condition (FS-AM-PR-CD)
individual condition (IS-B-BCA)
individual confirmation
individual consumable goods
individual correction
individual customer requirement
individual determination
individual development plan
individual dunning
individual execution
individual financial statements
individual incentive wages
individual index
individual length
individual length level
individual overview
individual participant
individual picking
individual processing
individual purchase order
individual requirement
individual requirements inventory
individual requirements stock segment
individual resource
individual signature
individual simulation
individual slip
individual spread
individual standing order
individual synchronization
individual test
individual time
individual value adjustment
individual view
individualization condition
individualized condition
industrial hygiene and safety measure
industry (AP-MD-BP)
industry (IS-U)
industry model
industry month
industry sector
Industry Solution - SAP Telecommunications
industry system
industry template (CRM)
industry template (CRM-MSA)
industry terminology
industry version
ineffective hedging relationship
ineligible costs
infeasible solution
infinite resource
infinite scheduling (SCM-APO-PPS)
infinite scheduling (SCM-APO-PPS-RSP)
infinite sequencing
inflation adjustment account
inflation adjustment amount
inflation adjustment document
inflation adjustment interval
inflation adjustment split
inflation gain or loss
inflation index
inflation index date
inflation index format
inflation index value
inflation index version
inflation key
inflation method
inflow type
influencing class
influencing factor
influencing factor type
info broker
info channel
info field
info group
info item
info line
info object status
Info Object Viewer
info parameter
info set
InfoCube tree
InfoPackage group
informal entry
Information and Content Exchange
information area (KM-KW)
information area (PA-ER)
information block
information category (FS-BP)
information category (KM-KW)
information category (PA-ER)
information container
information field
information flow model
information flow view
information flowchart
information flows
information help desk
information menu (PE)
information menu (PE-LSO)
information message
information object (EP-UNI)
information object (KM-KW)
information object (PA-AS)
information quality
Information Quality Management
information security
information structure
Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria
information type (FS-BP)
information type (FS-CD)
informational cadastral classification
informative date
InfoSet (BC-SRV-QUE)
InfoSet (BW-WHM)
InfoSet (FS-BA-SD)
InfoSet Builder
InfoSet Query
infotype framework
infotype layout
infotype screen version
infotype view
infrastructure (PSM-FM)
infrastructure (RE)
infrastructure management
ingredient (EHS)
ingredient (EHS)
ingredient (PP-PI)
ingredient type
inhabitant tax
inherent vowel
inheritance (BC-ABA)
inheritance (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
inheritance (BC-DWB-TOO-DMO)
inheritance (BC-SRV-SCR)
inheritance (MDM)
inheritance (PA)
inheritance hierarchy
inheritance relationship
inheritance share
inheritance template
inheritance tree
initial access (IS-U-DM)
initial access (PE)
initial activity status
initial attribute
initial booking unit
initial buy allocation
initial commission case
initial context
initial cost split
initial data creation
initial datafeed
initial deployment
initial distribution
initial document
initial download
initial draft
initial duration
initial dynpro
initial entry
initial entry of stock balances
initial examination
initial load (CRM-MW)
initial load (IS-B-DP)
initial marker
initial measurement
initial provisioning
initial provisioning data
initial range of coverage
initial record layout
initial registration
initial requirement
initial reserve
initial role assignment
initial room role
initial screen (BC-FES-GUI)
initial screen (IS-T)
initial screen (PA)
initial solution
initial specifications
initial statement
initial status
initial supply
initial supply quantity
initial synchronization
initial transport load
initial value
initial version
initial visit
initialization business transaction
initialization data
initialization iView
initialization phase
initialization posting
initialization reason
initialization task
initiate a release check
initiate process
initiating object record
initiation tape
initiative (CRM-CHM)
initiative (FIN-SEM-CPM)
initiative (SRM-CM)
initiative (XAP-RPM)
initiative creator
initiative management
initiative owner
initiator (CAF-GP)
initiator (GRC)
initiator (MP-APP-DPE)
injury level
injury type
injury/illness log
inline event
inline time
inner packaging
innovation expert
innovation manager
inpatient admission appointment
inpatient cost distribution
inpatient hospital treatment
inpatient scheduling type
inpayment slip with reference number
input area
input batch
input document
input field
input help
input help button
input length
input material
input parameter
input price variance
input processing
input product
input quantity (CO-PC)
input quantity (PP)
input quantity variance
input side
input tax
input tax adjustment
input tax adjustment phase
input tax correction
input tax distribution
input tax processing
input tax revision
input tax treatment
input tokenizer
input type (EC-CS)
input type (FI-LC)
input VAT
input-ready cell
input-ready query
input/output assignment
input/output diagram
input/output field
input/output group
insert (BC-CTS)
insert (BC-FES-GUI)
insert (IS-M)
insert block
insert zone (IS-M-SD)
insert zone (IS-M-SD)
inside zone C limit alarm
insight and idea submitter
inspection (BC-EIM-IQM)
inspection (IS-U-WM)
inspection (PM)
inspection catalog
inspection characteristic
inspection characteristic origin
inspection code
inspection decision
inspection document
inspection duration
inspection during production
inspection instruction
inspection interval
inspection level
inspection list
inspection location
inspection lot
inspection lot origin
inspection method
inspection object
inspection object type
inspection operation
inspection outcome
inspection period
inspection plan (BC-EIM-IQM)
inspection plan (QM)
inspection plan history
inspection point
inspection procedure
inspection processing
inspection property
inspection results request
inspection rule
inspection rule group
inspection sample
inspection schedule
inspection severity
inspection stage
inspection stock
inspection text
inspection type (BC-EIM-IQM)
inspection type (QM)
inspector qualification
installable software unit
installation group
installation location
installation number
Installation Package
installation removal
installation shutdown
installation structure
installed base (AP-MD-IBA)
installed base (CS)
installed base component type
installed base structure gap installation rule
installed seal
installer directory
installment arrears
installment plan
instance (BC-ABA)
instance (BC-CCM)
instance (BC-FES-GRA)
instance (CRM-BF-CFG)
instance change
instance document
instance ID
instance level permissions
instance linkage
instance linkage table
instance name
instance node
instance number
instance object type
instance profile (BC-CCM)
instance profile (BC-JAS)
instance start user
instance type
instant messaging
instant report builder
instantiation (BC-ABA)
instantiation (CRM-BF-CFG)
instantiation (KM-KW)
institute number
institution validity period
instore EAN
instruction (FIN-FSCM-IHC)
instruction (STAGING)
instruction date (FS-AM-OM-AC)
instruction date (SBO)
instruction key
instruction pointer
instruction text
instructional designer
instructional element
Instructional Element Editor
instructional element template
instructional element type
Instructor Portal
insufficient collateral
insufficient coverage
insufficient deposit coverage
insufficient funds
insurable event
insurable object
insurable value (FI-AA)
insurable value (FS-CM)
insurable value as new
insurance card number
insurance claims management
insurance dunning
insurance flag
insurance handling
insurance line code
insurance object
insurance object category
insurance policy
insurance portfolio
insurance provider
insurance provider type
insurance relationship
insurance settlement account
insurance type (FI-AA)
insurance type (FS-CD)
insurance verification document
insurance verification item
insurance verification master data
insurance verification processing
insurance verification request
insured object
insured person
intangible asset
intangible goods
integral profile
integrated accounting system
integrated attribute
integrated budget
integrated catalog
Integrated Communication Interface
integrated contract and order manager
integrated development environment
integrated planning
Integrated Product and Process Engineering
Integrated System of Retirements and Pensions
Integration Broker
Integration Content
Integration Directory
Integration Engine
integration layer
integration manager
integration matrix
integration object
Integration of SAP CRM and SAP APO-ATP
integration pattern
Integration Pattern Library
integration scenario
Integration Server
integration system
integration test plan
integration testing
intellectual property (CRM-IM-IPM)
intellectual property (PSM)
intellectual property management
Intellectual Property Management
Intelligent Drag&Drop
intelligent workstation
Inter-Agency Procurement Services Office
inter-client communication
inter-departmental bed assignment
inter-project link
interaction (BC-FES-GRA)
interaction (CRM-CIC)
interaction (KM-ITU)
interaction area
interaction center
Interaction Center
Interaction Center application toolbar
Interaction Center manager dashboard
Interaction Center profile
Interaction Center WebClient
Interaction Center WinClient
interaction component
interaction history
interaction object
interaction record
interaction statistics
Interactive Excel
interactive external systems integration
interactive form
interactive offline form
interactive online form
interactive planning
interactive reporting
interactive scripting
interactive user guide
interactive voice response
interbank recall
Interchange Acknowledgement
interchange file
interchangeability group
interchangeable part
intercompany billing (IS-U-BI)
intercompany billing (SD)
intercompany clearing account
intercompany data exchange
interconnected power grid
interest accrued
interest amount
interest base amount
interest calculation capital
interest calculation logic
interest calculation method (CA-FIM)
interest calculation method (IS-B)
interest compensation (IS-B)
interest compensation (IS-B-BCA)
interest compensation contract
interest compensation limit
interest earned
interest group (PA-ER)
interest group (XAP-OSP)
interest key
interest on arrears
interest paid
interest rate
interest rate guarantee
interest rate risk
interest rate spread
interest rate swap
interface (BC-ABA)
interface (BC-BMT-WFM)
interface (BC-DOC)
interface (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
interface (BC-FES-GRA)
interface (IS-R)
interface component selector
interface data structure
interface determination
interface element
interface floor plan manager
interface format
interface fragment
interface group
interface object
interface parameter
interface pattern
interface pool
interface report
interface sentence
Interface Toolbox
interface type
interface view
interface work area
interim account (FI)
interim account (SBO)
interim balance sheet
interim billing
interim limit
interim portfolio assignment (ICM)
interim portfolio assignment (ICM-PFO)
interim settlement
interim status
interim storage area
interim storage bin
interim storage bin location
interlinkage type
interlinked action
interlinking action
Intermedia Standard Press Code
intermediate asset
intermediate buffer
intermediate customer
intermediate directory
intermediate document
intermediate layer
intermediate representation
intermediate storage section
intermediate storage type
intermode communication
internal (FS-AM)
internal (PE)
internal (PE-LSO)
internal activity allocation
internal ARE-1 number
internal ARE-3 number
internal bank account
internal bond number
internal business transaction
internal calculation key
internal certification
internal certification period
internal claim type
internal collaboration
internal collateral agreement
internal comment
internal condition category
internal contract
internal contract apportionment
internal control for financial reporting
internal control over financial reporting
internal credit line
internal customer settlement
internal deployment decomposition
internal dispersion
internal event
internal event code
internal event code group
internal excise document number
internal funds
internal hierarchy
internal job title
internal leaf
internal license number
internal limit
internal link
internal node
internal order
Internal organisation
internal part number
internal payments
internal price (PE)
internal price (PE-LSO)
internal price determination
internal procedure call
internal processing status
internal processing structure
internal rate of return
internal rating procedure
internal reconciliation
internal reconciliation upgrade
internal sales representative
internal service charge settlement
internal service order with increase in value
internal service request
internal session
internal stock monitoring
internal subcontracting challan number
internal supplier
internal table
internal trading partner
internal usage (RE)
internal usage (RE)
internal usage type
internal value added
internal version
internally processed activity
International Air Transport Association
International Article Number
International Article Numbering
International Article Numbering Association
International Chamber of Commerce
international commercial term
international HR administrator
international Human Resources department
International Location Number (IS-R)
International Location Number (IS-R)
international purchase account
International Standard Serial Number
International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Rel
Internet Application Component
internet business collaboration
Internet Business Framework
Internet Communication Framework
Internet Communication Manager
Internet Communication Pages
Internet Customer Self-Service
Internet Engineering Task Force
Internet Graphics Server
Internet Graphics Server for MiniApps
Internet Graphics Service
Internet pricing and configuration
Internet protocol (IS-T)
Internet protocol (SAP)
Internet release
Internet scheduling agreement release
Internet service request
interoperation time
interpolation of profile values
interpolation of the default probability
interpolation procedure
interpretation algorithm
interprocess communication
interruption period
interunit elimination
interunit profit and loss
interval customer
interval distribution
interval document
interval end date
interval for limits
interval planning
interval reading (IS-U-EDM)
interval reading (IS-U-EDM)
interval start date
interval value
intra material
intra-community acquisition
intra-community supply
intra-European Union trade statistics
intracompany transfer
intraday costing
intraday reference interest rate
intransit receipts
Intrastat administrator
Intrastat configuration tool
INTRASTAT customs rate
Intrastat declaration
INTRASTAT declaration
Intrastat declaration editor
intrazone lane (SCM-APO-VS)
intrazone lane (SCM-TM)
introductory program statement
Invalid Language List
invalidate (BC-CST-IC)
invalidate (SCM-APO-VS)
inventory (MM-IM)
inventory (SBO)
Inventory Accounting
inventory adjustment
inventory adjustment posting
inventory alert
Inventory Audit Report
inventory balancing
inventory balancing area
inventory book
inventory card
inventory costing
inventory cycle
inventory data
inventory days of supply
inventory difference
inventory fixed point
inventory group
inventory level
inventory list for fire department
inventory location
inventory management (CRM-MOM)
inventory management (MM-IM)
inventory management of hydrocarbon products
inventory management on a material basis
inventory management on a quantity and value basis
inventory management on a value-only basis
inventory note
inventory object
inventory obsolescence
inventory of existing chemical substances
inventory offset
inventory offset decrease account
inventory offset increase account
inventory planning
inventory price
inventory price change document
inventory receipt
inventory reconciliation
inventory recount
inventory revaluation
inventory settlement
inventory surplus
inventory tracking
inventory transfer
inventory turnover
inventory valuation
Inventory Valuation Utility
inventory value
inventory-managed manufacturer part
inverse activity allocation
inverse posting
investee unit
Investigative Case Management
investment (EC-CS)
investment (FI-LC)
investment (PA-BN)
investment amortization (EC-CS)
investment amortization (FI-LC)
investment buying
investment center
investment director
investment group
investment measure
investment premium
investment profile
investment program
investment program position
investment project
investment reason
investment share
investment stop
investment structure list
investment support measure
investment tax
investment type
investment wages
investor (FI-LC)
investor (FS-BA-PM-CR)
investor agreement
investor contract
investor unit
invitation (EHS)
invitation (MP-APP-DPE)
invitation list (MP-APP-DPE)
invitation list (SRM-EBP-CON)
invoice (FI)
invoice (SD)
invoice (SRM-SUS)
invoice confirmation
invoice correction request
invoice currency
invoice date (AP-TTE)
invoice date (IS-M-SD)
invoice date (MM-IV)
invoice date (SD)
invoice deficit
invoice document
invoice document on hold
invoice for diagnosis
invoice group
invoice management
invoice posting
invoice quantity
invoice receipt
invoice reference
invoice selection
invoice split
invoice surplus
invoice value
invoice verification (AP-TTE)
invoice verification (LO)
invoice with PO reference
invoice without PO reference
invoicing (FS-CD)
invoicing (FS-CD)
invoicing (FS-CD)
invoicing (IS-PS-CA)
invoicing (IS-U-IN)
invoicing and contract accounting
invoicing base date
invoicing cycle
invoicing frequency
Invoicing in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
invoicing party
invoicing plan (MM-PUR)
invoicing plan (PS)
invoicing type
invoicing unit
inward delivery completed indicator
inward processing
IP right
iPanel assignment
IPI pauta
IPI tax law
IPO step
iPPE access object
iPPE line design
iPPE node
iPPE object
iPPE process structure
IpVerification Manager
IRB approach
irrecoverable debt
irrevocable unconfirmed
IS-U Error Monitor
ISDN access
ISF package
ISIC code
ISO currency
ISO currency code
ISO standard
ISO-OSI model
isolated iView
isolation method
ISR procedure
ISR scenario
ISS tax law
issue (FIN-CGV-MIC)
issue (IS-M)
issue (SV-ASA)
issue document
issue element
issue list
issue management system
issue of reserved material
issue sequence
issue storage location
issue variant type
issued seal
issuer risk
issues database
issuing agency
issuing bank
issuing plant
ISTAT code
ISTAT code of birthplace
ISTAT code of place of residence
ITD billing
ITD state code
ITD value
item (BC-CI)
item (BC-FES-GRA)
item (CAF-GP)
item (CRM)
item (FS-BA-SD)
item (LO-WTY)
item (SBO)
item (SBO)
item (XAP-OSP)
item assessment strategy
item balance
item category (FI-GL)
item category (IS-M-AM)
item category (MM-PUR)
item category (PP-BD)
item category (SCM-ECT-DLP)
item category (SD)
item category group
item category of document row
item class
item copy strategy
item cost
item counter
item data (SBO)
item data (SRM-EBP)
item file
item filter
item group (PE-LSO)
item group (SBO)
item grouping field
item hierarchy
item history
item in the future
item interest calculation
item invitation count
item label
item management
item master data
item number
item object type
item of initiative
item of material
item order
item overview page
item process batch
item property
item proposal
item proposal profile
item proposal strategy
item query
item recall
item selection list
item split
item status (IS-HMED)
item status (PP)
item status profile
item status-dependent screen modification
item stock
item summarization field
item text
item type (FIN-SEM-BCS)
item type (FS-AM-IM-IT)
item type (IS-M-AM)
item type (LO-WTY)
item type (SCM-ECT-DLP)
item type determination
item type of business transaction
item unique identification
item-dependent setup time
item-triggered correspondence
item-wise release
itemization (CO)
itemization (FI-TV)
items won count
iterative calculation step
ITF code
itinerary (CRM-MSA)
itinerary (IS-R)
itinerary (LE)
itinerary (XAP-OSP)
ITS Administration
ITS debugger
ITS Flow Logic
ITS instance
ITS Mapping Manager
ITS Process Monitor
ITS Watchdog
ITS Web template
IV type
iView Catcher
iView Editor
iView ID
End of Content Area