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G/L account (FI)
G/L account (FS-BA-SD)
G/L account (PSM-FM)
G/L account contract
G/L account document
G/L account length
G/L account master record
G/L decrease account
G/L increase account
gain posting
gamma correction
gamma factor
Gantt area
Gantt chart (BC-FES-GRA)
Gantt chart (PS)
gap analysis
gap in roster
gap insurance
garage rent
garbage collector
garnishment number
garnishment type
gas allocation
gas allocation schema
gas billing
gas billing according to standard cubic meters
gas billing type
gas cycle
gas day
gas law deviation factor
gas procedure
gas statement profile
gas volume correction factor
gate expression
gateway host
gateway reader
gateway service
general business condition lien
general business methods
general commission contract agreements
general contractor
general contribution
general cost object
general costs activity
general costs element
general data
general download
general duty rate
general exemption
general expression position
general header
general inflation gain or loss
general inflation index
general journal
general label
general ledger
General Ledger Accounting (new)
general ledger group
general maintenance task list
General Methods
general numerical function
general overview
general position
general practitioner
general questionnaire
general recipe
general report selection
general request
General Schedule
general selection
general storage area
general task
general tolerance rule
general transitional collateral
general transportation cost profile
generated characteristic
generated hierarchy
generated hierarchy group
generated repetitive payment
generated setup matrix
generating program
generation (BC-WD)
generation (FS-PM)
generation (ICM)
generation bookkeeping table
generation of hypothetical derivative
generation rule
generation template
generic ABAP type
generic article
generic attribute (BC-ABA)
generic attribute (EP-UP-ES)
generic buffering
Generic Business Tools
generic data type
generic file name
generic foreign key
generic interaction layer
generic key
generic market data
generic market data class
generic material
Generic Modeling Language
generic name
generic navigation block
generic object selection
Generic Object Services
generic portal application layer
Generic Security Services API
generic service
generic service type
Generic Synchronization
generic transaction
generic typing (BC-ABA)
generic typing (BC-ABA)
genetic algorithm
geographic block
geographical area
geographical information system (BC-FES-GRA)
geographical information system (RE)
geographical segment
geographical unit
geppen form
German Federal Office for Information Technology Security
German Pension Reform
German Pension Tax Law
gestational age
getter method
GIS Business Connector
GIS link
GIS method repository
GIS service
global agreement
global agreement type
global assembly cache
global assignment
global cascading fonts data
global cell
global change process
global characteristic
global collateral (FS-CMS)
global collateral (IS-B-RA-CL)
global collateral provision
global company currency
global data
global data container
global data synchronization
global data type
global declaration section
global distribution system
global employee
Global Employment
global exclusion list
Global Fallback Code Page
global folder
global implementation program
global item
global key figure
global ledger
global limit
Global Location Number
global memory
global menu
global modeling
global outline agreement
global parameters
global percentage bidding
global portal
global product recommendation
Global Program Core Team
global purchaser
global reference system
global release
global release rule
global remuneration clearing agreement
Global Returnable Asset Identifier
global risk heat map
global rollback process
global rollout (SV-ASA)
global rollout (SV-ASA)
global rollout (SV-ASA)
global service
global service description
global service file
global service parameter
global standard
global template
global template project
global template team
global template version
Global Trade Item Number (CRM-MD)
Global Trade Item Number (LO)
Global Trade Management
global transfer policy
Global User Manager
global web deployment descriptor
globally unique identifier (BC-SRV-KPR)
globally unique identifier (XAP-OSP)
glossary definition
glossary entry
GLT0 conversion
glyph code
glyph identifier
glyph metrics
glyph shape
GM RIB object
GNI code
go live
Go Live & Support
go to
go up
going live
gold bullion held in own vaults or on an allocated basis
goods and services tax
goods and services tax return
goods at construction site
goods catalog
goods clearing account
goods identification code
goods in transit
goods issue (LO)
goods issue (SCM-EWM)
goods issue date
goods issue document
goods issue interim storage area
goods issue interim storage type
goods issue processing time
goods issuing department
goods movement
goods receipt
goods receipt blocked stock
goods receipt date
goods receipt due date
goods receipt for Automotive
goods receipt interim storage area
goods receipt logic
goods receipt processing time (MM-IM)
goods receipt processing time (SCM-APO)
goods receipt purchase order
goods receipt/issue slip
goods receiving department
goods receiving hours
goods return
goods staging location
goods to man
goods traffic type
goods wait time
goods-receipt-based invoice verification
goodwill (EC-CS)
goodwill (FI-LC)
Government Electronic Tendering Service
government share above
government share below
Government Uniform Invoice
Government Uniform Invoice format
Government Uniform Invoice number
governmental fund
GPD material
GR/IR clearing
GR/IR journal
grace period
grace period for time deposit
grade (IS-H)
grade (IS-HER-CM)
grade determination
grade symbol
graduated lease-out
graduated rent
graduated rent adjustment type
graduated vesting
grandfathered plan
grant (BC-SEC-USR)
grant (PSM-GM)
grant type
granted right
granting reference
Grants Management
granularity (BC)
granularity (CA)
granularity (CRM-RPL-ICS)
granularity characteristic
graphic (IS-M-AMC)
graphic (SCM-APO-FCS)
graphic representation of the group structure
graphic type
graphical element
graphical element type
graphical event
graphical event monitoring
graphical Form Painter
Graphical Framework
graphical object (BC-FES-GRA)
graphical object (PP-CRP)
graphical object (SCM-APO-PPS)
graphical object type
graphical object type selection
graphical Screen Painter
graphical user interface
graphics product
graphics proxy
graphics tag library
graphics type
grassland quality indicator
gratuitous entertainment
green rating
grid (BC-FES-GRA)
grid (IS-AFS-BD)
grid (IS-U-IDE)
grid (SCM-APO-OPT)
grid (SCM-EWM)
grid control data
grid control editor
grid entry
grid history
grid level
grid level type
grid optimization
grid point (FS-BA-SD)
grid point (IS-B-RA-MR)
grid product
grid report
grid usage condition
grid usage rate
grid value
grid value assignment
grid value group
grid value sorting
GRMG application
GRMG customizing file
GRMG infrastructure
GRMG request
GRMG response
Groff reorder procedure
gross exposure
gross list price
gross payment voucher
gross posting
gross price (MM-IV)
gross price (SBO)
gross profit
gross requirements planning
gross tax rate and deduction tax card
gross total
gross unit of measure
ground rent
ground time slot
group (AP-MD-BP)
group (BC-JAS-SEC)
group (BW-BEX)
group (EC-CS)
group (EHS)
group (FI-LC)
group (LE)
group (MP-INF)
group (SRM-SUD)
group 'to be deleted' note
group appointment (BC-SRV-COM)
group appointment (IS-H)
group article
group asset
group attendee
group BOM
group box
group breakdown
group category
group code (IS-M-SD)
group code (SBO)
group condition
group contract (CRM-IPH)
group contract (ICM)
group contract (IS-M-AM)
group costing
group counter
group currency (EC-CS)
group currency (FI-LC)
group customer
group dimension
group folder
group formation type
group header
group hit list
group implementation program
group incentive wages
group investment
group investment value
group key
group key figure
group level (BW-BEX)
group level (SBO)
group list
group lock note
group master contract
group material
group name
group of accounting object types
group of alternative lines
group of delivery time intervals
group operation
group participant
Group Policy
group production costs (EC-CS)
group production costs (FI-LC)
group purchase organization
group reference system
group reporting
group requirement
group share (EC-CS)
group share (FI-LC)
group size
group table
group template
Group Template IMG
group term life insurance plan
group therapy
group transfer price
group valuation
group valuation view
grouped deliveries
grouped order list
grouped purchase order document
grouping (FI)
grouping (PS)
grouping (SBO)
grouping category
grouping characteristic
grouping horizon
grouping index
grouping term
grouping unit
grouping WBS element
Grouping, Pegging, Distribution
Groupware (CRM)
Groupware (EP-KM-COL)
Groupware Adapter
Groupware integration
growth rebate
GST number
GST registration no.
guarantee (FS-CML)
guarantee (ICM)
guarantee (SLL)
guarantee of payment (FI)
guarantee of payment (RE)
guarantee of payment (SD-FT)
guarantee rate
guaranteed advance
Guaranteed Delivery
guaranteed income
guaranteed interest fund
guaranteed value
guarantor (IS-H)
guarantor (IS-U-WA)
guarantor category
guarantor contract
guest user
GUI control
GUI registration number
GUI status
GUI time
GUI title
guided data entry UI pattern
Guided Procedures
guideline grouping
guideline matrix
guideline variant
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