Start of Content Area
face-to-face duration
faceless component
facilities characteristic
facilities manager
facility (FS-BA-AN-LM)
facility (FS-BA-PM-CR)
facility (FS-BA-PM-CR)
facility (FS-MCM-FAC)
facility (IS-B-RA-CL)
facility (XAP-EM)
facility business transaction
facility code
facility type (FS-BA-PM-CR)
facility type (IS-B-RA-CL)
fact (EHS)
fact (IS-PS-CA)
fact base
fact sheet (CRM)
fact sheet (XAP-OSP)
fact sheet summary
fact table
factor code
factor column
factor profile
factored quantity
factored-cost bidding
factoring indicator
factory calendar
factory gate pricing
factory layout
factory status
factory trial
facts capture category
failure frequency
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
Fair Labor Standards Act
fair market value
fair share distribution
fair share rule
fair share situation
fair value
fair value adjustments
fair value hedge
fair value principle
fair value production process
Fair Value Server
fair value server environment
fair value surplus
fair-share rule
false occupancy charges
family code
family income scale
family member grouping
family physician
family status
family type
fast customer creation
fast entry (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
fast entry (FS-CD)
fast entry (IS-A-DBM)
fast entry of characteristics
fast order entry
Fast order entry
fast pay
fast seller
fast status
fast-moving item (LE-WM)
fast-moving item (SCM-EWM)
fault message type
faulty queue entry
favorites (BW)
favorites (KM-KW)
favorites (PA-ER)
favorites folder
FCS Final Delta Patch
FCS Support Package
FDB hedge ID
feasibility check
feasible production plan
feasible solution
feature (AP-BE)
feature (CRM-MKT)
feature (FS-AM-CM)
feature (PA)
feature attribute
feature extraction
feature lock
features category
features class
features key
features list
FEBRABAN company number
Federal Acquisition Regulation
Federal Association of Panel Physicians
federal association of panel physicians certification
Federal Business Opportunities
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission reporting
Federal Procurement Data System
federal regulation for hospitals
federal state fund
Federal Supply/Service Code
federal tax ID
federal wage system
federalized CHN model
federated portal network
federated search
federated search and classification
fee (PE)
fee (PE-LSO)
fee (PSM-GPR)
fee assignment (PE)
fee assignment (PE-LSO)
fee calculation date
fee calculation history
fee item
fee recipient
fee schedule
feedback (CRM-BTX-SVO)
feedback (EP-KM-COL)
feeder production line
feeder system (FS-PE)
feeder system (SLL)
FERT generator
FI summary
FI totals records
fictitious cash flow
fiduciary funds
field (BC-ABA)
field (BC-XI)
field (EP-VC)
field allocation
field application engineer
field catalog (BC-ILM)
field catalog (CRM)
field catalog (EC-EIS)
field catalog (SCM-APO-ATP)
field catalog for condition key
field collector
field control
Field explanation
field force
field force employee
field group (BC-SRV-QUE)
field group (PA-PA)
field group (PLM-CFO)
field help
field instance
field label
field list
field mapping (MDM)
field mapping (SRD-BC)
field melting group
field modification
field movement
field name
field sales
field selection control
field service and dispatch
field symbol
field-dependent correction
FIFO consumption
FIFO layer
FIFO liability
FIFO price table
FIFO principle (LE-WM)
FIFO principle (LO-BM)
FIFO valuation procedure
FIFO withdrawal method
file (BC)
file (XAP-CQM)
file cache
file description
file export channel
file interface
file layout
File Monitor
file name extension
file plan
file pointer
file port
file transfer protocol with SSL
File Transfer Service
file-based storage
filed documents
fill list
fill time
fill-in item
fill-in owner
filler block
filling facilities
filling shrinkage
filling shrinkage rate
filter (BC-FES-GRA)
filter (BW-BEX)
filter (BW-BEX)
filter (EP-VC)
filter (FS-BA-RD)
filter (MP-APP-DPE)
filter (SCM-EWM)
filter condition
filter object (BC-MID-ALE)
filter object (SCM-APO-INT)
filter object type
filter pane
filter profile
filter value
filter view
filters folder
final action
final billing
final collateral
final configuration
final confirmation
final cost center
final costing
final delivery (IS-MP)
final delivery (MM-IM)
final delivery date
final destination
final determination
final document
final input tax distribution
final inspection
final invoice
final issue
final issue indicator
Final Preparation
final price
final processing
final processing of averages
final recipient
final report (BC-CUS)
final report (EHS)
final results analysis
final settlement (CRM-RB)
final settlement (IM)
final settlement (MM-PUR)
final settlement (RE)
final ship-to party
final shipment
final status
final storage type
final string
final test
final withholding tax
finally confirmed
finance and administration
finance insurance
finance project
financed unit
financial accounting
financial aid
financial analytics
financial assertion
financial budget (PSM-FM)
financial budget (TR)
financial budgeting
financial category
financial collateral
financial condition
Financial Customer Care
financial data type
Financial Database
financial document
financial document category
financial document type
financial group
financial hold
financial institution
financial instrument
financial investment, debt and foreign exchange management
Financial Management Service
financial object
financial object integration
financial operation tax
financial operations
financial period
financial position balances
financial position class
financial position class for funding
financial position date
financial position object
financial report
financial reporting currency
financial reporting data
financial reporting process
financial result
financial service
Financial Services Collection & Disbursement
financial statement
financial statement assertion
financial statement entity
financial statement imbalance
financial statement item (EC-CS)
financial statement item (FI-LC)
financial statement item (FIN-SEM-BCS)
financial statement item (FS-BA-PM-FC)
financial statement version
financial statements (EC-CS)
financial statements (FI)
financial statements (FI-LC)
Financial Strength
financial subinstrument
financial subtransaction
Financial Systems Integration Office
financial transaction (FS-BA-SD)
financial transaction (PSM-FM)
financial year
financials object
financials-based netting
financing (CRM-LAM)
financing (PA-PM-PB)
financing object
financing option
financing preference
financing product
financing product type
financing relationship
financing requirement (FIN-FSCM-CR)
financing requirement (PA-PM-PB)
financing rule
financing source
financing source type
financing status
financing variant
find document
Find form
finding (CA-QIE)
finding (CA-QIE)
findings report
fine control value
fine planning for picking
finish MSO
finish-finish relationship
finish-start relationship
finished goods inventory
finished product
finite capacity scheduling
finite resource
finite scheduling (SCM-APO-PPS)
finite scheduling (SCM-APO-PPS-RSP)
finiteness level
fire-containment section
firm demand
Firm Fixed Price
Firm Fixed Price, Level of Effort
firm receipt
firm receipts
firm zone
firm/trade-off zone
firmed input
firmed output
firmly book (PE)
firmly book (PE-LSO)
firmly booked (PE)
firmly booked (PE-LSO)
first consolidation (EC-CS)
first consolidation (FI-LC)
first in first out (IS-AFS-ARUN)
first in first out (IS-AFS-SD)
first page (BC-FES-GUI)
first page (BC-SRV-SCR)
First Productive Customer Program
first program grouping
First Report of Injury
first screen
first stockholding location
First Teach
first-stage dealer
first-time student
first-to-default credit derivative
first-year student
first/second levels of navigation
fiscal calendar variant
fiscal code
fiscal station
fiscal year
fiscal year information
fiscal year variant (EC-CS)
fiscal year variant (FI)
fit list
fix (LO-VC)
fix pack
fix selected assemblies
FIX value
fixed allocation of initial buy
fixed amount
fixed asset
fixed asset account
fixed asset balance sheet account
Fixed Assets
fixed bond
fixed characteristic
fixed cost
fixed date (PS)
fixed date (SCM-APO-PPS)
fixed defining characteristic for a position
fixed demand
fixed density
fixed depreciation
fixed exchange rate
fixed fee
fixed filler task
fixed folder
fixed holiday
fixed interest period
fixed lot size (PP-MRP)
fixed lot size (SCM-APO-CA)
fixed operation
fixed point arithmetic
fixed positions
fixed premium
fixed price
fixed price agreement
fixed price allocation
Fixed Price Incentive Fee
Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment
Fixed Price with Prospective Price Redetermination
Fixed Price with Retroactive Price Redetermination
fixed pricing
fixed quantity
fixed RFID device
fixed sales package
fixed season
fixed shift
fixed space
fixed stock
fixed storage bin
fixed value
fixed value allocation
fixed value date
fixed value for report
fixed-cost variance
fixed-date purchase
fixed-price co-product
fixed-price joint product
fixed-rate period
fixed-term deposit
fixing (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
fixing (IS-B-RA)
fixing (SCM-APO-SNP)
fixing indicator
fixing interval
fixing rule
fixtures and fittings (FI-AA)
fixtures and fittings (RE)
fixtures and fittings category
fixtures and fittings characteristic
flash point
Flat conversion object
flat fee
flat generic key date result
flat list view
flat payment
flat rate (ICM)
flat rate (IS-U-BI)
flat rate expenses
flat rate patient
flat rate per case
flat structure
flat-rate contract
flat-rate procedure
Fleet status overview
flex fund
Flexed Leave Quota
flexed value
flexible activity context
flexible balance
flexible derivation
Flexible General Ledger
Flexible Order Transactions
Flexible Payroll
flexible premium
flexible spending account
flexible upload
flight (IS-DFS)
flight (IS-DFS)
flight operations
flight plan
flight status
float (PM)
float (PP)
float (PS)
float after production
float before production
floating average
floating backbilling
floating holiday
floating month
floating point arithmetic
floating point function
floating point number
floating roof
floor area ratio
Floor Plan Manager
floor plan manager application
Floor Plan Manager event
floor stock
floor-ready merchandise
flow (CRM-MW)
flow (FS-BA-RD)
flow (FS-BA-SD)
flow category (FS-MCM-CSL)
flow category (IS-B-RA)
flow category (RE)
flow chart mode
flow component
flow control (BC-ABA)
flow control (CRM-MW)
flow data
flow definition
flow file
flow list
flow logic (BC-DWB-TOO)
flow logic (BC-FES-ITS)
flow logic editor
flow manufacturing
flow process
flow result
Flow Service
flow source mode
Flow Step
flow type (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
flow type (FS-BA-PM-FC)
flow type (FS-BA-SD)
flow type (RE)
flow-based investor contract
flowed work
FLSA status
fluctuation in value
flushing (IS-OIL-DS-OGSD)
flushing (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
flushing quantity
FM account assignment
FM area
FMLA entitlement
FMLA event
FMLA guideline
FMLA reason
FMLA request
FMLA rule
FMLA workbench
focus (AP-PPE)
focus (PP-BD)
focus column
focus object
focused drilldown scenario
focused object
folder (BC-SRV-COM)
folder (EP-KM-CM)
folder (EP-PIN)
folder (EP-PIN-ROL)
folder (EP-UNI)
folder (MP-APP-CR)
folder (SBO)
folder access authorization
folder area
folder content area
folder name
folder object
folder settings
folder template
folder title
folio number (MM)
folio number (SBO)
follow-on document
follow-on item
follow-on license
follow-on requisition
follow-up (PE)
follow-up (PE-LSO)
follow-up (SBO)
follow-up action (PM)
follow-up action (QM)
follow-up activity (PA-RC)
follow-up activity (SD)
follow-up article
follow-up buffer
follow-up costs
follow-up examination
follow-up group
follow-up material (IS-AFS-PP)
follow-up material (IS-R)
follow-up product
follow-up time
follow-up transaction
follow-up visit
font (BC-I18)
font (IS-M-AMC)
font family
font page
font style
Food and Drug Administration
For Other Direct Cost Projects
For Overhead Cost Projects
for-period view
force element
force provider
forced move-out
FORCER framework
forecast (CRM-BTX-CTR-SCO)
forecast (MM-PUR)
forecast (PP-MP)
forecast (SCM-APO-ATP)
forecast approval
forecast cost
forecast date
forecast delivery schedule
forecast delivery schedule horizon
forecast error
forecast horizon (SCM-APO-SNP)
forecast horizon (SCM-FRE)
forecast model
forecast model selection
forecast of revenue
forecast parameter
forecast period
forecast profile
forecast requirements
forecast unit
forecast value
forecast-based planning (IS-R)
forecast-based planning (PP-MRP)
forecast/planning delivery schedule
forecasted demand
forecasting method
forecasting model
forecasting technique
foreign case
foreign currency
foreign currency account
foreign currency balance sheet account
foreign currency invoice
foreign currency valuation (FI)
foreign currency valuation (FS-CML)
foreign exchange position account
foreign exchange position posting
foreign exchange swap
foreign expense
foreign key
foreign key definition
foreign key dependency
foreign key relation
foreign key relationship
foreign key table
foreign name
Foreign Service Retirement and Disability System
foreign territory
foreign trade
Foreign Trade Journal
foreign trade organizational unit
foreman time ticket
fork (BC-BMT-WFM)
fork (GRC)
form (BC-SRV-FP)
form (BC-SRV-SCR)
form (CA-GTF-DOB)
form (EP-UNI)
form 1098-T
form 22-1999
form class (CA-GTF)
form class (FI)
form class (PY)
form definition
form design
form E111
form factor
form family
form field (BC-MID-ICF)
form field (PA-AS)
form I-20
form level
form of advice
form of appraisal
form of documentation
form of payment guarantee
form of procurement
Form Painter
form report
form scenario
form scenario step
form step
Form TD1
form transaction
form type (PA-BN)
form type (PP-CRP)
form view (BC-FES-GUI)
form view (SCM-EWM)
form-based publishing
form-fit-function class
form-fit-function subset
formal check (FS-AM-IM-IT)
formal check (FS-PM)
formal entry
formal error
formal error to which posting control can be applied
formal error to which posting control cannot be applied
formal parameter
formal start date
format (BC-CCM-PRN)
format (BC-SRV-SCR)
format (CA-GTF)
format group (FI-SL)
format group (FI-SL)
format key
format relationship
format strings
format structure
format tree
format version
format versioning
formatted search
formatting action
formatting setting
formatting variant
former supplier
formula (CRM-BF-CPE)
formula (IS-OIL-PRA-REV)
formula (PLM-RM)
formula allocation
formula and average pricing
formula assembly
formula award
Formula Builder
formula dependency
formula key
formula master record
formula planning
formula profile
formula repository
formula stage
formula summary
formula variable
formula-based excise determination
forward auction
forward contract
forward exchange
forward exchange transaction
forward order
forward rate
forward rate agreement
forward scheduling (IS-R)
forward scheduling (PP)
forward scheduling (PS)
forward scheduling (SCM-APO-SNP)
forwarded sequenced JIT call outbound
forwarding agent
forwarding system
foundation IRB approach
founding class
four-day-week work schedule
FPM view
fraction of nonconforming units
frame (BC-WD-CLT-BUS)
frame (FIN-SEM-CPM)
frame BSP
frame BSP application
frame chain
Framework for Object Assignment
Framework for Parallel Processing
framework ID
framework order
framework page
framework program
franchise contract
franchise fee
franchise fee group
fraud detection
Free Alongside Ship
free capacity
Free Carrier
free characteristic
free collateral
free contextual area
free entitlement shares
free external credit line
free external facility
free float
free goods
free line
free look period
Free On Board
free remuneration entitlement
free seating
free slot
free text
free text module
free text search
free trade zone
free variable
free zone
free-form search
free-goods rebate
free-of-charge delivery
freely-defined interchangeable materials
freestyle hierarchy group
freeze horizon
freeze reason
freight code set
freight document
freight exchange
freight forwarder
freight list
freight order
freight request
freight unit (SCM-APO-VS)
freight unit (SCM-TM)
freight unit building rule
frequency (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
frequency (ICM)
friendly name
front end statistics
front office
Front-End Editor
front-end printing
frozen (BC-CCM-ADK)
frozen (MP-APP-DPE)
frozen (SBO)
frozen horizon
frozen service
frozen zone
FRP cleanup
FS chart of accounts
FS item category
FS item hierarchy
FS item type (EC-CS)
FS item type (FI-LC)
FS Sales Manager
fuel direct
fulfillment analytics
fulfillment control object
fulfillment level
fulfillment level header
fulfillment level item
fulfillment level sequence ID
fulfillment level tool
fulfillment notification
full accrual
full authorization
full buffering
full charter
full device installation
full device removal
full disbursement
full import
full load cross-docking
full lot
full product (IS-BEV-LO-SR)
full product (IS-R)
full publishing
full settlement
full time dependency
full transport load
full tree view
full trust
full-page application
full-text index
full-text search
full-time employee
full-time equivalent (PA-OS)
full-time equivalent (PA-PM)
full-time equivalent budget
full-time student
fully interchangeable part
fully qualified hostname
function (BC-DWB-TOO)
function (CO)
function (CORPORATE-SPO)
function (SV-ASA)
function authorization
Function Builder
function category
function class
function code (BC-ABA)
function code (SCM-EWM)
function code profile
function group
function identifier (IS-AD-CC)
function identifier (IS-DFS)
function iView
function key
function library
function link
function loader
function module
function module exit
function name
function profile (BC-SRV-CM)
function profile (FS-CM)
function selection matrix
function text
function tree (BC-CUS-TOL-NAV)
function tree (PA)
function type
function variant
Functional Acknowledgement
functional area (BC-SRV-QUE)
functional area (CO)
functional area (FI)
functional area (PSM)
functional area group
functional component version
functional impairment
functional line item
functional location
functional location category
functional location label
functional rebate campaign
Functional Specification
functional unit
Functionality Release
fund (CRM-FM)
fund (CRM-MKT)
fund (PSM-FG)
fund (PSM-FM)
fund attribute
fund balances with Treasury
fund category
fund determination
fund equity account
fund group
fund management
fund physician care
fund posting
fund range
fund recovery
fund type (CRM-FM)
fund type (PSM-FG)
fund type (PSM-FM)
fund usage
fund usage item
fund-type defined benefits pension plan
funded account
funded program
funding account
funding category
funding center
funding financial position
funding ID
funding method
funding portfolio
funding program (FS-TXS)
funding program (IS-HER-CM)
funding transaction
funds block
funds center
funds from secondary sources (PA-PM)
funds from secondary sources (PSM-GM)
funds management
Funds Management
Funds Management account assignment element
funds overview
funds plan
funds plan type
funds precommitment (PA-PM)
funds precommitment (PSM-FM)
funds required
funds reservation (PS)
funds reservation (PSM-FM)
funds transfer pricing
future BOD
future change
future margin income
future remit
future standard cost estimate
future-dated unscheduled processing
fuzzy search (AP-CAT)
fuzzy search (BC-TRX)
fuzzy set
fuzzy similarity
FX exposure (IS-B-RA)
End of Content Area