Start of Content Area
D-building value
D-U-N-S Number
D&B Accounts Receivable
D&B Bankruptcy ID
D&B Cash
D&B Inventory
D&B Labor Surplus Gov indicator
D&B Minority Detail / Type
D&B Minority Owned ID
D&B Net Worth
D&B Number of Liens ID
D&B Number of Suits ID
D&B Out of Business ID
D&B Rating
D&B Small Business ID
D&B US 8A Indicator
D&B Woman Owned ID
dagger diagnosis
daily currency rule
daily lot size
daily package creation
Daily Production Costs
daily reference interest rate
daily route
daily work schedule class
daily work schedule for flextime
daily work schedule substitution
daily work schedule variant
damage category (FS-CM)
damage category (FS-CM)
damage descriptor (FS-CM)
damage descriptor (FS-CM)
damage type
danger label
danger label number
dangerous goods (EHS)
dangerous goods (SD)
dangerous goods check method
dangerous goods check schema
dangerous goods check schema determination routine
dangerous goods class
dangerous goods classification
dangerous goods documents
dangerous goods indicator profile
dangerous goods letter
dangerous goods management profile
dangerous goods regulation
dangerous goods standard text
dangerous goods subclass
dangerous goods symbol
dangerous goods-specific text
dark period
dashboard (CAF-GP)
dashboard (GRC)
dashboard (PLM-CPR)
dashboard (SRM-EBP-CON)
data (BC)
data (PY)
data archiving
data archiving process
data area
data aspect
data backup
data basis (FIN-FB)
data basis (FIN-SEM-BCS)
data basis (PA-CP)
data binding (BC-BSP)
data binding (BC-WD)
data binding (CRM-MT)
data binding (EP-VC)
Data Bridge
Data Browser
data carrier (BC-MOB)
data carrier (CA-DMS)
data carrier synchronization
data carrier type
data change event
data channel
data class
data cleansing
data cleansing case
data cleansing object
data cleansing tool
data cluster
data code
data collation
data collation document
data collection method (BC-CCM)
data collection method (PA-CP)
data collection period
data collector
data communication input
data communication output
data compression
data connector
data constellation
data container (BC-CCM-ADK)
data container (BC-FES-GRA)
data container wizard
data conversion
Data Definition Language
data determination
data determination handler
data determination in access
data determination profile
data devspace
data element
data element supplement
Data Encryption Standard
data enrichment (CRM-MKT)
data enrichment (SBO-INT)
data entry (EC-CS)
data entry (FI-LC)
data entry clerk
data entry form
data entry form group
data entry group
data entry layout
data entry period
data entry profile (CA-TS)
data entry profile (EC-CS)
data entry section
data entry view
data exchange definition
data exchange process
data exchange settlement unit
data exchange task
Data Extract Browser
data extraction run
Data Extraction Tool
data file
data filter
data flow
data flow management
data group
data integrity (BC-DWB-DIC)
data integrity (SAP)
Data Integrity Manager
Data Interface API
Data Interface Java Connector
Data Interface Server
data island
data item
data layer
data link
Data Load Layer
data management
Data Management Workflow
data manager (BW)
data manager (SCM-BAS-PSM)
Data Manipulation Language
data mapping
Data Mapping and Conversion Tool
data mart interface
data medium file
Data Merge Tool
Data Mining
data model
Data Modeler (BC-DWB-TOO-DMO)
Data Modeler (BC-WD)
data monitor (EC-CS)
data monitor (FI-LC)
data object (BC-ABA)
data object (BC-ILM)
data object (BC-MOB)
data object builder
data object model
data operator
Data Orchestration Engine
Data Orchestration Workbench
data origin
data overview
data ownership
data point (BC-FES-GRA)
data point (FS-BA-PM-HP)
data pool (IS-B)
data pool (IS-B)
data privacy statement
data processing storage
data provider (BW-BEX)
data provider (EHS)
data provider (PSM)
data provider - information
data reading group
Data Rebuild Tool
data record
data reference
data reference variable
data request (BW-WHM)
data request (CRM-MW)
data retention level
Data Retention Tool
data screen
data segment
data selection period
data series
data service
data set (BC-DWB)
data set (FS-BP)
data sharing
data sheet (BC-FES-GRA)
data sheet (LO-PDM)
data slice (EC-EIS)
data slice (PSM-FG)
data source (BC-JAS)
data source (BC-SEC)
data source (CA-GTF-IC-SAF)
data source (CRM-MKT)
data source (CRM-MT)
data source (EP-KM)
data source alias
data store
data stream type
data structure
data supplier
data synchronization
data tracking
data transfer (CA-GTF)
data transfer (EC-CS)
data transfer (FI-LC)
data transfer (FIN-SEM-BCS)
data transfer (PA-BN)
data transfer (PM)
data transfer method
data transfer process
data transfer program
data transfer service
Data Transfer Workbench (CA-GTF)
Data Transfer Workbench (SBO)
data type (BC-ABA)
data type (BC-XI)
data type (SBO)
data type (SCM-ICH)
data type enhancement
data type reference
Data Universal Numbering System
data warehouse
data warehousing (SAP)
data warehousing (SAP)
Data Warehousing Workbench
data XML
data-providing partner
database abstraction layer
database commit
database connection
database cursor
database field attribute
database host
database initialization
database interface
database layer
database lock
database management system
database name
database program
database reconnect
database rollback
database selector
database server
database service
database system
database system check
database table
Database Unifier
database user
database utility
database view
DataStore object
date combination
date control
date controlling
date cost incurred
date cross-section
date field
date grid
date modifier
date of loss
date of service
date of services rendered
date profile
date range
date rule
date shift
Date Specifications
date type (BC-SRV-ASF)
date type (SCM-APO-ATP)
date type (SD)
date validity
date-based duration
date-based validity
date-dependent special price
date-specific booking unit
date/time alert
DATEV export
day assignment
day capacity
day clinic
day covered by flat rate per case
day hospital
day in arrears
day laborer
day ledger
day offset
day patient
day patient hospital treatment
day processing
day profile
day program
day schedule (PE)
day schedule (PE-LSO)
day schema
day segment (PE)
day segment (PE-LSO)
day type
day type exception
day value profile
day-end closing (FI)
day-end closing (PSM-FM)
day-labor employment
day-to-day activities (PE)
day-to-day activities (PE-LSO)
daybook number
days past due category
days' supply (SCM-APO-PPS)
days' supply (SCM-APO-SNP)
days' supply (SCM-ICH)
days' supply type
DB Capturer
DB connect
DBM order
DBM resource group
DEA address
DEA schedule
deactivated (MP-APP-BB)
deactivated (XAP-OSP)
deactivation reason
dead consonant
dead stock
deadline monitoring (BC-BMT-WFM)
deadline monitoring (PM)
deadline regulation
dealer network manager
dealer portal
dealing slip
deallocate (SCM-APO-PPS)
deallocate (SCM-APO-VS)
death benefit
death insurance
death status
debit amount
debit card (FS-AM-CM-CA)
debit card (SD)
debit memo
debit memo agreement
debit memo correction request item
debit memo procedure
debit memo reference
debit memo request
debit position (FI)
debit position (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
debit position (FS-AM-EP-MN)
debit position adjustment
debit position item
debit posting
debit procedure
debit-side down payment chain
debt arrears
debt deferral agreement
debt management
debtor (IS-U-MD)
debtor (SBO)
debugging operation
decentralized processing
decentralized shipping
decentralized Warehouse Management system
decimal digit
decimal floating point arithmetic
decimal floating point number
decimal number
decimal place
decimal separator
decision authority
decision document
decision group
decision loop
decision maker (PA-ER)
decision maker (PLM-CPR)
decision option
decision point
decision set
decision status
decision step
decision table
decision task
decision tree (AP-TTE)
decision tree (PA)
decision tree field catalog
declaration group
declaration key
declaration of origin
declaration of value
declaration section
declaration type (SD-FT)
declaration type (SLL)
declarative authentication
declarative keyword
decline comment
decline final
decline participation
declining multi-phase depreciation
declining-balance method of depreciation
decommission tag
decomposition (BC-I18)
decomposition (SCM-APO-OPT)
decomposition point
decoupled scenario
decrease in capitalization
dedicated commission contract for partnerships
deductible payable
deduction amount
deed of release
deemed export
deemed export license
deemed export license type
deep structure
deep table
default archive store
default attribute
default component name
default condition
default customer
default destination item
default document
default exception list
default group settings
default language
default layer
default macro
default maintenance provider
default method
default operating hours
default opportunity churn rate
default plan
default printer
default probability
default profile
default project
default rate
default risk
Default Risk and Limit System
default risk rule
default rule (BC-BMT-WFM)
default rule (CO-PC)
default score
default value (BC-ABA)
default value (EC-CS)
default value (IS-H)
default value (PA-PM)
default value (SAP)
default work rule
default working area
defect attribute
defect catalog
defect class
defect code
defect valuation
defective combining character sequence
defective part
defects recording
Defense Contract Management Agency
Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
Defense Forces & Public Security
Defense Logistics Agency
deferral (IS-U-CA)
deferral (RE)
deferral amount
deferral date
deferral installment
deferral plan
deferred amount
deferred expense
deferred income
deferred items
deferred payment (PY-KR)
deferred payment (SD-FT)
deferred revenue account
deferred revenue amount
deferred tax
deferred taxes
deferred wage fund
deficiency type
deficit order
deficit weight rating
define behavior
define customer link for business partner roles
define vendor link for business partner roles
defined benefit
defined benefits pension plan
defined benefits plan
defined contribution
defined contribution pension plan
defined contributions plan
defined length
defining characteristic
definite quantity
definition of application event
definition of event handler
definition set for IDs
definition subset
definition type of a credential type
definitive effectiveness indicator
definitive inflation index
definitive run
degree day coefficient
degree of compensation
degree of conversion
degree of disability
degree of processing
degree of requirement satisfaction
degree of screening effectiveness
degree Plato
degree qualifying exams
degree-seeking student
delay penalty
delay period
delegated administration
delegated user administration
delegated user administrator
delegation service
delegation type
delete bid
delete block
delete job
delete phase (BC-CCM-ADK)
delete phase (BC-ILM)
delete phase (CRM-BF-AR)
delete program
delete run
deletion flag
deletion indicator
deletion iView
deletion object
deletion process
deletion request
delimitation date
delimitation process
delimitation use
delinquency counter
deliver direct
deliverable (CAF-GP)
deliverable (XAP-PD)
deliverable action
deliverable document
Delivered At Frontier
Delivered Duty Paid
Delivered Duty Unpaid
Delivered Ex Quay
Delivered Ex Ship
delivered price
delivered value
delivering plant
delivering WBS element
delivery (BC-UPG-OCS)
delivery (LO)
delivery (SBO)
delivery address
delivery calendar
delivery category (CA)
delivery category (IS-H)
delivery category (QM)
delivery class
delivery completed
delivery component
delivery condition
delivery confirmation (IS-A-JIT)
delivery confirmation (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
delivery consolidation
delivery costs
delivery costs structure
delivery date (AP-TTE)
delivery date (MM)
delivery date (SV)
delivery date variance
delivery date/time
delivery driver
delivery due list
delivery execution
delivery for a stock transfer
delivery fulfillment indicator
delivery group
delivery group date
delivery group schedule line
delivery instruction
delivery list
delivery method (EP-KM-CM)
delivery method (PE-LSO)
delivery mode
delivery note
delivery on hold
delivery order
delivery package
delivery period
delivery phase
delivery policy
delivery priority
delivery processing
delivery program
delivery quantity
delivery quantity variance
delivery relationship
delivery request
delivery risk
delivery round
delivery route
delivery schedule line in purchasing document
delivery schedule split (SCM-APO-PPS-CDS)
delivery schedule split (SD)
delivery schedule splitting profile
delivery schedule splitting rule (PP-FLW)
delivery schedule splitting rule (SCM-APO-PPS-CDS)
delivery shift
delivery status notification
delivery system (BC-CUS)
delivery system (SV-ASA)
delivery time interval
delivery transport
delivery type (IS-M-SD)
delivery type (LE)
delivery unit
delivery viability set
delivery without reference
delivery-related billing
delivery-related trading unit change
delta balance sheet account
delta caching
delta Customizing
Delta Customizing
delta distribution
delta download
delta factor
delta index
delta link
delta link chain
delta link tracer
delta logic
delta mode
delta posting (CO-PC)
delta posting (FIN-BAC-INV)
delta pricing
delta process
delta publishing
delta queue
delta synchronization
delta version
demand (CRM-RPL-SRV)
demand (PE)
demand date
demand determination (PE)
demand determination (PE-LSO)
demand for copayment
demand from previous periods
demand group
demand horizon (SCM-APO-SNP)
demand horizon (SCM-TM)
demand influencing factor
demand influencing factor occurrence
demand management
demand meter
Demand Monitor
demand over replenishment lead time
demand package
demand percentage
demand period
Demand Planning
demand planning template
demand price
demand profile (CRM-RPL-SRV)
demand profile (SCM-APO-SNP)
demand program
demand window
demand-quantity-oriented rounding method
demilitarized zone
demo company
demographic information
demotic script
dentist fee catalog
department (IS-H)
department (IS-R)
department store
department tag
departmental assignment
departmental organizational unit
departmental per diem
departure state
departure zone
dependency (CRM-BF-CFG)
dependency (FS-BA-SD)
dependency editor (CRM-BF-CFG)
dependency editor (XAP-RPM)
dependency planning
dependency price
dependency quantity
dependency risk
dependency source quantity
dependency source type
dependency type
dependent card
dependent characteristic (EC-CS)
dependent characteristic (QM)
dependent characteristic (SCM-APO-FCS)
dependent commission case
dependent component
dependent coverage
dependent data reference
dependent demand
dependent depreciation area
dependent eligibility rule
dependent eligibility rule variant
dependent entity
dependent inspection characteristic
dependent object (BC-ESI)
dependent object (SRM)
dependent object manager
dependent operation
dependent order
dependent product
dependent project
dependent requirement (PP-MRP)
dependent requirement (SCM-APO-PPS)
dependent validation
dependent veteran
dependent vowel
Deploy Service
deployment (BC-CTS)
deployment (BC-JAS)
deployment (CRM-ISE)
deployment (CRM-MT)
deployment (EP-VC)
deployment (SCM-APO-SNP)
deployment (SCM-APO-SPP)
Deployment Action
Deployment Console
deployment descriptor
deployment indicator
deployment manager
deployment operation lock
deployment reservation quantity
deployment stock transfer
deposit (SBO)
deposit (SBO)
deposit article
deposit at notice
deposit contract
deposit credit
deposit date
deposit material
deposit number
depot (IS-OIL-DS-MRN)
depot (LO)
depot (SCM-APO-VS)
depreciated seal
depreciation (FI-AA)
depreciation (FS-BA-PM-FC)
depreciation area
depreciation area type
depreciation base
depreciation below zero
depreciation bonus
depreciation forecast for the year
depreciation group
depreciation key
depreciation meter
depreciation method
depreciation of tangible fixed assets
depreciation period
depreciation stop during shutdown
depreciation trace
depreciation type (FI-AA)
depreciation type (SBO)
deprival value
depth of a loading bay
depth-versus-time report
dereferencing operator
deregulation infrastructure
derivation environment
derivation module
derivation of characteristics
derivation rule (CO-PA)
derivation rule (FS-AM-PR-PR)
derivation rule (FS-BA)
derivation step
derivation strategy
derivation type
derivative (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
derivative (IS-B-RA)
derived accrual type
derived business transaction
derived characteristic
derived depreciation area
derived flow
derived nutrient
derived role
derived scorecard
derived values
descendant (BC-CTS)
descendant (CPM-BPC)
description file
description function
description relationship
descriptive characteristic (FS-BA-PM-FC)
descriptive characteristic (SCM-APO-CA)
descriptive characteristic for a position
deselect all
deselect indicator
design assembly
design bar
Design board
design due date
design element
design for manufacturability
design in
design item
design mode (BC-FES-ITS)
design mode (BW-BEX)
design mode (SCM-APO-SNP)
design opportunity
design project
design registration
design temperature
design template
design time (BC-XI)
design time (EP-PIN)
Design Time Repository
design toolbar
design win
designated account
designated relation
designation of a hedge
desktop file
desktop printing
desktop sharing
destination (BC-ABA)
destination (FI-TV)
destination (IS-A-JIT)
destination client system
destination code
destination host
destination item
destination location
destination of control instructions
destination of process message
destination organization
destination principle
destination region
destination state
destination storage bin
destination storage type
destination-specific target field
Destinations Service
detached order assembly
detached subdivision
detail area 1
detail area 2
detail list
detail log
detail maintenance
Detail Maintenance
detail mode
detail page
detail profile
detail screen
detail variant
detail view
detail view of document line
detailed capacity list
detailed data
detailed navigation
Detailed Navigation iView
detailed planning
detailed resource selection (PE)
detailed resource selection (PE-LSO)
detailed scheduling
detailed scheduling activity
detailed scheduling matrix
detailed scheduling planning board
detailed scheduling strategy
detailed transaction profile
details list
details of cascading font
determination basis
determination indicator
determination method
determination of approval authorization level
determination of participants
determination period
determination procedure (IS-B-RA-CL)
determination procedure (SCM-FC-PA)
determination procedure (SD)
determination rule
determination rule type
determination type (FS-BA-PM-FC)
determination type (ICM)
deterministic sourcing
developer trace
Developing ABAP Applications using Web Dynpro
development and test system
development class
development component
development configuration
development landscape
development language
Development List
development mode
Development News
development object (BC-CTS)
development object (BC-DWB-TOO)
development object (CRM-MT)
development plan (PA-PD)
development plan (RE)
development plan group
development plan item
Development Review
development station
development system (BC-CUS-TOL)
development system (SV-ASA)
development toolkit
development track
deviating confirmation
deviation (AP-CAT)
deviation (QM)
deviation account
deviation analysis (CRM-ANA)
deviation analysis (SCM-ICH)
deviation history
deviation profile
deviation quantity
deviation recording
device (IS-U-DM)
device (LE-TRM)
device category
device category description
device control record
device data access
device driver
device group
device information record
device installation reversal
device inventory
device location
device management
device modification
device profile
device recognition
device replacement
device requirements planning
device type
device type-dependent data
device-local data object
DGCI code
DIAG protocol
diagnosis (CRM-BTX-COM)
diagnosis (IS-H)
diagnosis assignment type
diagnosis catalog
diagnosis category
diagnosis class
diagnosis coding
diagnosis coding tool
diagnosis denoted by exclamation point
diagnosis group (EHS)
diagnosis group (SCM-APO-FCS)
diagnosis hit list
diagnosis key
diagnosis related group
Diagnosis Related Groups
diagnosis thesaurus
diagnosis type
diagnostic certainty (FS-CM)
diagnostic certainty (IS-H)
diagnostics and therapy
diagnostics log
diagram area
Diagram Explorer
diagram section
dial pad
Dialed Number Identification Service
dialog box
dialog flow
dialog group
dialog instance
dialog module (BC-ABA)
dialog module (BC-ABA)
dialog module (BC-DWB-TOO)
dialog owner
dialog process
dialog processing
dialog program
dialog segment
dialog step
dialog text
dialog transaction
dialog type
dialog user
dialog wage type
dialog work item
dialog work process
DIC number (FI)
DIC number (FI)
dictionary information file
difference (CRM-ANA)
difference (FI-AA)
difference (SBO)
difference amount for maximum subsidized premium
difference calculation
difference commission
difference determination
difference in cumulative quantities
difference procedure
difference valuation
difference viewer
differences log
different payment
differential invoice
differential reference code
differentiated attribute
differentiated charge
differentiating characteristic
differentiation (FS-AM-PR-CD)
differentiation (FS-BP)
differentiation (IS-B-BCA)
differentiation category
differentiation criterion
differentiation key
differentiation key-dependent mini-template
differentiation type
differentiation value
differently maintained area of validity
differing measurement
difficulty factor
Diffie-Hellmann key exchange
digital asset
digital asset management
digital certificate
digital envelope
digital signature (BC-SEC)
digital signature (PP-PI)
digital subscriber line
dilution discount
dilution risk
dimension (BW)
dimension (CPM-BPC)
dimension (EC-CS)
dimension (EP-VC)
dimension (FI-SL)
dimension (LO)
dimension (SBO)
dimension (SBO)
dimension attribute
dipping rod
direct access
direct alert
direct billing
direct capitalization
direct characteristic
direct child object
direct coinsurer
direct conflict
direct costs
direct costs of production
direct debit
direct debit order
direct debiting procedure
direct distribution (IS-M-SD)
direct distribution (SBO)
direct distribution rule
direct elimination of goodwill
direct entitlement
direct exchange rate
direct financing
direct input (CA)
direct input (CA-GTF)
Direct Input Monitor
direct investment
direct mailing campaign
direct material
direct method
direct order
direct outbound delivery order
direct overlap check
direct participant
direct partner
direct patient billing
direct pay
direct pay exemption
direct payer
direct payment
direct payment by insurer
direct payment rate
direct procurement
direct procurement requisition
direct production
direct purchase program
direct purchase value
direct quotation
Direct Rebate Agreement
direct remuneration
direct sales (IS-BEV-LO-RB)
direct sales (IS-M-SD)
direct search result
direct share
Direct Store Delivery
direction indicator
direction of change
direction of interchangeability
Directory Information Tree
dirty price
disability benefits
disability insurance
disaggregation (IS-U-WM)
disaggregation (PP)
disaggregation (SCM-APO-FCS)
disaggregation demand
disaggregation horizon
disallowed shift length
disassembly production order
disaster recovery
disbandment of account pool
disbursed capital
disbursement (FS-CML)
disbursement (FS-MCM-PDM)
disbursement date
disbursement method
disbursement obligation
disbursement procedure
Disbursements in Transit
discard merge
discharge date
discharge notification
discharge type
disciplinary measure
disclosure controls and procedures
disconnection costs
disconnection order
discontinuation (PP)
discontinuation (SCM-APO-MD)
discontinuation combination
discontinuation data
discontinuation group
discontinuation step
discount (FS-AM-OM-AC)
discount (IS-B-RA)
discount (IS-R)
discount (IS-U-BI)
discount base year
discount factor (FS-BA-SD)
discount factor (PY)
discount group
discount method
discounting (FI)
discounting (PY)
Discovery & Evaluation
discrepancy quantity
Discrete Industries
discrete validity area
discrimination net
discrimination node
discrimination ratio
discussion group
discussion thread
disk cache
disk mirroring
disk pack
dismemberment schedule
dispatch control
dispatch type
dispatcher (BC-CST)
dispatcher (BC-FES-ITS)
dispatcher (FIN-FSCM-BC)
dispatcher (SCM-ECT-LIM)
dispatcher (SRM-SUS)
dispatcher heuristic
dispatcher queue
dispatching of backlog
dispense prescription part
display (BC-FES-GUI)
display (BC-FES-GUI)
display (IS-R)
Display <-> Change
display ad
display attribute
display cell
display context
display currency
display field
display filter (BC-DWB-TOO)
display filter (IS-B-RA-CL)
display filter (PP-MRP)
display group
display horizon
display order
display pallet
display product
display profile (SCM-EM)
display profile (SCM-EWM)
display type
display value
disposal channel
disposal document
disposal method
disposal type
disposition at discharge
dispute case
Dispute Case Processing
dissolved customer
Distinguished Name
distributed circulation
distributed control system
distributed retailing
distributed retailing system
distributed session management
Distributed Statistics Service
distributed system
distributed transaction
distribution (CO)
distribution (FI-SL)
distribution (FS-BA-AN-PA)
distribution (IS-M-SD)
distribution category
distribution center (IS-AFS-SD)
distribution center (IS-R)
distribution chain
distribution channel (ICM)
distribution channel (SD)
distribution channel group
Distribution Controller
distribution deal
distribution demand
distribution dependency
distribution dependency rule
distribution factor (FIN-BAC-INV)
distribution factor (IS-U-BI)
distribution factor (IS-U-EDM)
distribution fee
distribution formula
distribution function
distribution grid (IS-U)
distribution grid (IS-U-IDE)
distribution item type
distribution key (CO)
distribution key (FS-PM)
distribution key (PP)
distribution key (PSM-FM-BU)
distribution key (SBO)
distribution key for component consumption
distribution list (BC-SRV-COM)
distribution list (MP-APP-DPE)
distribution list manager
distribution log
distribution method (BC-MID-ALE)
distribution method (FIN-BAC-INV)
distribution method (IS-HT-SW)
distribution model (BC-MID-ALE)
distribution model (BC-MOB)
Distribution Monitor
distribution object
distribution order
distribution order package
distribution plan
distribution plan business object
distribution plan template
distribution profile (IS-AD-GPD)
distribution profile (IS-AFS-BD)
distribution ratio
distribution receipt
distribution requirements planning (PP)
distribution requirements planning (SCM-APO-SPP)
distribution resource planning
distribution route
distribution rule (AP-TTE)
distribution rule (BC-MOB)
distribution rule (CO)
distribution rule (ICM)
distribution rule (IS-AFS-SD)
distribution rule (SBO)
distribution rule (SCM-APO-SNP)
distribution rule type
distribution status
distribution strategy (IS-R)
distribution strategy (PP)
distribution system operator
distribution table
distribution zone
distributive putaway
distributor (CRM-IM-IPM)
distributor (IS-BEV-LO-RS)
Distributor Reseller Management
district location
district tax office
disturbance date
divestiture (EC-CS)
divestiture (FI-LC)
divestiture accounting (EC-CS)
divestiture accounting (FI-LC)
division (IS-H)
division (SD)
division category
division declaration
division order sales allocation method
DME settlement unit
DMIS server
DNI number
document (BC-BMT-WFM)
document (BC-CUS)
document (BC-DOC)
document (BC-DOC-DTL)
document (BC-SRV-SCR)
document (CA-DMS)
document (CA-GTF-DOB)
document (CO)
document (FI)
document (FS-PM)
document (SCM-ECT-DLP)
document (SD)
document area
document attribute
document author
document base table
document billing structure
Document Builder Cockpit
document category (CRM-BF-CPE)
document category (CRM-ISA)
document category (FS-CD)
document category (SCM-ECT-DLP)
document class (BC-CUS)
document class (BC-DOC-DTL)
document class (BC-SRV-ARL)
document class (BC-SRV-COM)
document class (CRM-LOC)
document context
document controller
document corpus
document creation
document currency (FI)
document currency (SD)
document data
document data tree
document date (AP-TTE)
document date (CO)
document date (FI)
document date (FS-BA-PM-FC)
document date (SBO)
document date (SD)
document display
document distribution order
document distribution system
document draft
document element
document entry
document extract
Document Finder
document flow
document flow group
document format
document from template
document generation wizard
document group
document header
document hierarchy (CA-DMS)
document hierarchy (CA-GTF-DOB)
document history
document history comparison
document ID
document index
document info record
document item
document journal
document journal report
document key
document link
document linking
document management
Document Management Service
document number (CA-DMS)
document number (FI)
document number (SBO)
document object
document object model
document of a batch record
document part (CA-DMS)
document part (FS-PM)
document payment guarantee procedure
document pricing procedure
document principle
document printing
document profile
document reference characteristic
document schema specification
document section
document selection (CA-GTF-DOB)
document selection (IS-A)
document selection (IS-BEV-ED)
document service EJB
document services web service
document setting
document sharing
document space
document split account
document splitting
document splitting characteristic
document status (CA-DMS)
document status (CA-GTF-DOB)
document status (CRM-ISA)
document status (SBO)
document storage
document structure (CA-DMS)
document structure (FS-PM)
document structure group
document subtype
document summary
document template (CA-GTF-DOB)
document template (SBO)
document transaction link table
document type (AII)
document type (BC-DOC)
document type (BC-SRV-ARL)
document type (CA-DMS)
document type (CA-GTF-RCM)
document type (CPM-BPC)
document type (CPM-BPC)
document type (EC-CS)
document type (FI)
document type (FI-LC)
document type (FIN-SEM-BCS)
document type (ICM)
document type (PSM-FM-BCS)
document type (SCM-ECT-DLP)
Document Type Definition
document type determination
document vendor
document version
document versioning
document-based conversion
document-like object
documentary batch
documentation class
documentation object
documentation required
documentation type
documentation work station
documents for approval report
dollar offset method
dollar value method
domain (BC-DOC-TTL)
domain (BC-DWB-DIC)
domain (BC-SEC)
domain (CRM-BF-CFG)
domain link
Domain Name System
domain relaxing
domain revenue
domestic base
domestic expense account
domestic goods
domestic goods consumption
domestic tax
dominant object
dominant scenario
door (LE)
door (SCM-EWM)
dormant account
dosage form
dosage sequence ID
double document
double insurance
double taxation convention
double verification principle
double-byte character set
double-byte language
double-pass procedure
double-sampling inspection
doubtful receivables
down payment (FI)
down payment (FI-AA)
down payment (FS-PM)
down payment (IS-A-DBM)
down payment (SBO)
down payment chain
down payment for provisional premium receivable
down payment invoice
down payment request (FI)
down payment request (SBO)
download (EC-CS)
download (PT)
downstream (CA)
downstream (IS-OIL)
downtime (BC-UPG)
downtime (SCM-APO-MD)
DP production process model
draft beer
drag and drop
drag item
drag&relate menu
Drag&Relate navigation
Drag&Relate target
Drag&Relate target area
Drag&Relate Target Editor
Drag&Relate Targets iView
draw document wizard
drawee of a bill of exchange
drawer of a bill of exchange
drawing area
drawing balance
drawing-managing system
DRFO number
DRG code
DRG coding and grouping system
DRG discount
DRG grouper
DRG partition
DRG principal diagnosis
DRG secondary diagnosis
DRG service
DRG surcharge
drill down (BW-BEX)
drill down (EP-UNI)
drill down (SBO)
drill-down (CPM-BPC)
drill-down (CRM-RB)
drill-down search
drilldown list (BC-SRV-REP)
drilldown list (MM-IM)
drilldown reporting
drilling event
driver (BC-CCM)
driver (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
driver master
driver's license
DRM logical key
DRM lot
DRM profile
drop party
drop self
drop ship
drop shipment
drop zone
dropdown box (BC-FES)
dropdown box (BW-BEX)
DRP approval
DRP Matrix
drug allergy
drug category
Drug Enforcement Administration number
drug interaction
drug prescription
drug property
drug type
drugs report
DS heuristic
DTUC pool
DTUC shop paper
dual billing
dual classification
dual signature
dual tone multi-frequency
dual-host installation
due date (FI)
due date (FI)
due date (FI)
due date (ICM)
due date (IS-PS-CA)
due date (IS-U-WA)
due date document
due date for ATP check
due date for net payment
due date in arrears
due date period
due date scenario
due date schedule
due delivery schedule
due line item
due line item detail
due line item detail line
due list
due list line item
due visit
Duet Administration Control Panel
Duet business application
Duet for Microsoft Office and SAP
Duet Metadata Service
Duet Reporting
Duet server
Duet Settings Manager
Duet System Management
dummy claim
dummy division
dummy object
dummy operation
dummy profit center
dummy quant
dummy recipient
dummy service
dummy variable
dump analysis
dunning activities
dunning activity run
dunning amount
dunning area
dunning block indicator
dunning block reason
dunning data
dunning end run
dunning grouping
dunning history
dunning interest rate
dunning key (FI)
dunning key (FI-AR)
dunning letter
dunning level (FI-AR)
dunning level (FI-CA)
dunning level (SBO)
dunning procedure
dunning procedure level
dunning procedure type
dunning proposal run
dunning recipient
dunning variant
dunning wizard
duplicate (CRM-IC-EMS)
duplicate (EP-KM)
duplicate (FS-BP)
duplicate (MDM)
duplicate check
duplicate policy
duplicate recipient
duplication module
duration (BC-SRV-ASF)
duration (IS-B-PA)
duration (IS-B-RA)
duration (PM)
duration method
dutiable value (IS-OIL-DS-TDP)
dutiable value (SD-FT)
duty drawback system
duty station
duty suspension
duty-free permit
dynamic action
dynamic adjustment
dynamic alert
dynamic attribute
dynamic attribute administration
Dynamic Auction
Dynamic Auction and Dynamic Bidding
Dynamic Bidding
dynamic breakpoint
dynamic chart
dynamic content delivery
dynamic credit check
dynamic database
dynamic document
dynamic eligibility
dynamic empties return block
dynamic expansion
dynamic expression
dynamic function call
dynamic function text
dynamic hierarchy
dynamic item processor
dynamic item processor profile
dynamic items
dynamic line item
dynamic link
dynamic list navigation
dynamic lot size
dynamic menu text
dynamic modification (CA-QIE)
dynamic modification (QM)
dynamic modification criterion (CA-QIE)
dynamic modification criterion (QM)
dynamic modification factor
dynamic modification function
dynamic modification of surveys
dynamic modification rule
dynamic modification valuation
dynamic navigation
Dynamic Navigation Editor
dynamic navigation iView
dynamic opportunity analysis
dynamic period control
dynamic pricing
dynamic process step
dynamic scheduling
dynamic section
dynamic selection
Dynamic Server Page
dynamic stopping
dynamic storage bin
dynamic system configuration
dynamic system resolution
dynamic transportation planning
dynpro activation
dynpro attribute
dynpro control
Dynpro conversion
dynpro emulation
dynpro event
dynpro exit
dynpro field
dynpro flow logic
dynpro group
dynpro ID
dynpro load
dynpro number
dynpro processor
dynpro sequence
dynpro type (BC-DWB-TOO)
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