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If large amounts of data are to be displayed clearly, they can be grouped into lists, which are structures set up like tables made up of columns and rows.

Lists are often used to display data that is organized into hierarchies. In the SAP system, lists display the following information:

     Report analyses

     Search results

     Possible input values (in some cases)

SAP List Viewer (ALV)

In order to be able to use a list optimally within an application, you need a number of functions with which you can adapt the display of data to your needs. These functions are provided by the SAP List Viewer (ALV).

With ALV, you can sort and filter data, make calculations and much more.

Depending on the GUI technology that your application is using, ALV displays the functions in different ways. In this way, working with lists changes slightly in the various applications. Documentation is available for the following variants of ALV:

ALV Version and Documentation

ALV Version


ALV for Web Dynpro

SAP List Viewer for Web Dynpro

ALV for SAP GUI (grid and tree structure)

SAP List Viewer for SAP GUI

ALV for SAP GUI (Classic)

SAP List Viewer for SAP GUI (Classic)



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