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Collaboration allows you to communicate and cooperate with other portal users across time zones and geographical locations.




Virtual rooms for collaboration

You can enter, create, and edit virtual rooms for collaboration. A room is a virtual working environment in the portal. Members of teams can use rooms to work with teams and project groups across time zones and regardless of geographical location. Every member of a room has access to shared context-specific applications and information.

Through the room directory you receive access to all rooms that you are already a member of and those for which you can apply for membership.

Forums, discussions, tasks, and attachments

Collaboration provides functions for cooperation with other portal users by means of forums, discussions, task management, and attachments for tasks or documents.

Instant messaging and application sharing

Instant messaging and application sharing allow you to exchange information online and interactively with other portal users.

In addition, you can use services provided by third-party companies, such as WebEx sessions.

E-mail and scheduling

Since the groupware (Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino) used at your company can be integrated into the portal, the corresponding services for your e-mail and scheduling are available.



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